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And let it lock in. Though we have a subbase hard point, this guy's already getting violent chat; he's already talking [__]] on the right-hand side. I don't know what he's saying, but he's not happy already. Let's go to the top pair. My teammates are with me, so I'm going to try and play from a different angle.

That guy's absolutely up there, so I'm going to try cooking the nade down up, top, big kill right there. All right, let's keep going. There's two guys on the left, so once I take out the first guy on the top, third right, I don't need to overcommit there because we have map control there. The second we take out the guy up top, we're in a good spot, so I should have played a bit of passive there.


Another guy up top; he's going to jump. Down, they're going to know I'm here now, so I've got to play my life a little. Bit, I feel like P2 is really hard to break from the front, to be honest with you. I want to wait for my teammate a little bit. Here that nade might have been the worst nade I've ever thrown, but we move, so my teammate's not in the hill, so he has to watch over me, but yeah, you can see they're just they're coming from every single angle right now, and the guy's not supporting me, so I mean, he's not in a bad spot, but I wish he was kind of pushed out a little bit more there, straight away, right in this scenario, okay, we're on P2, the spawns, we do not want to be spawning back of snow right now, okay, why, because P3 is coming up and there the other side of the.

Map, so you can see straight away with 10 seconds left I'm already rotating they probably think I'm going for the flank here so I'm going to go to top third and kind of watch top snow, cuz for me top snow is so valuable this guy might jump up, here get big kill now we can play for the back for a second and you can see now we kind of have 2/3 of the map cover we can break the hill this is how you want to break Hills you want to get map control first and then push.

Through a guy our level here, there's two right: get rid of the trophy because my teammates decided to use their equipment, and now there's no trophy there to help them out. A bit—that's some good shots there. I don't know; I overcommitted a little bit, but I was kind of confident I'd win that gun fight, but unfortunately, I didn't know the same thing.


25 seconds left. You know what? We had a good time there. I'm actually okay to kind of leave this and rotate; that's a weird spawn on this actual map. That spawn happens quite a lot, and you both end up spawning there. It's really strange, but yeah, that happens quite a lot, so it's something you can just kind of read.

It doesn't make sense, but because it's quite repetitive, it's easy to read. Now look at the mini-map again. There's a guy out there, and my teammate should kill him. I'm going to watch the tunnel for a second. I expect them to be coming through the left and right tunnels, just standing in a tunnel for a second while I watch the left.


Then there's another guy who's weak, and another one is dead. The same thing left their tunnels open, and he actually ends up sneaking through the left, so as soon as I get that first kill, maybe back off. We do have the spawn here, so we can still hold it, but they're going to put a lot of pressure on us, so right now I'm just trying to get the next wave of kills.

That's what I'm trying to do. We have the spawns right now. The guy's up top. Where is he? Again, that guy is literally one shot there, but with 25 seconds left, we're just in control right now. We're not doing anything crazy if you look at the kills my teamm on one kill, but what we're doing is we're constantly out rotating them.

We're constantly in control now; whether that's us rotating or them just failing to rotate, it doesn't really matter the effects. The same thing is behind me, so we let my teammate hopefully take care of him. He's going to watch this area. I'm confident at least one will push through, and I think they're going to be behind me here, so let's go.

Weakness is the same thing; we go through it by ourselves. Air Trophy goes in now; no one's really supporting me on the hill, so going to Chu Aade there, that's just a bad play for me. I overcommitted; he didn't even come from that area, but I didn't look at my mini map; nobody was watching snow, so right there, if I'm going to sit there.

I need someone to watch my tunnel right there. Good kill again. That guy was so weak because I was one shot, as you can see right there. I obviously overcommitted slightly, so I'm not doing anything crazy. I'm 9 to 8, so very standard, but we're absolutely frying them. My teammates on 12/11 overall, we're not even outslaying them.

This is a really good kind of rotational performance, so if you want to learn how to rotate, I think this is a good one right now to go through. Same thing; this guy on the hill made him a bit weak. The second guy on the left doesn't have a lot of map control, so right now, what we're going to do is play for map control right away.

go to the right I don't mind going top snow here, but I'd actually prefer to go to the right and try to flip it; no one's there perfect going to jump across, so the guy in the hill is going to be on my right hand side, so we're going to go through before we get in the hill, so that's why I don't get on the hill because then he doesn't see his contested, and it's just an easier way to get there without getting SE.

There's two guys down the third going to come through the front, and there you go, so right there's a perfect way to kind of flank the hill when you need to. Same thing on top of that P2, my teammate's on that side, so I'm not really worried about that. That, weak again. Teammate spawn there that tells me they're going to spawn tunnel side and P5, so we straight we go through, we need the tunnel going to watch it from a different angle now, they should be coming P5 and tunnel.

So that's exactly what happened. They came through P5, they came through tunnel 1, they did come through the server, and yeah, they pushed through. We have the spawns for P2, and again, the same thing: we want to hold these spawns for about 20–25 seconds, and then we want to flip. It's one shot, there's another, one big two-piece right there, 30 seconds left.

I could probably have helped them out a little bit more. They rotate straight away and watch the tunnel. I think they're going to come through there. No one comes through the tunnel, so that tells me they're coming through P5. There's one the second guy's going to be up top, so we're going to slide across the big kill, turn around the last guy's P1, and tunnel.

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