News - Karachi Control Tips. Warzone 2 Ranked Play Inside The Mind Of A Crimson


Control on Ki with the new weapons; let's see how this one goes. It's going to be 850s on the map, or some hogers, some Rams. Let's see what happens here. Okay, so they end up not stunning me, and he pushes a bit late, but all is well. All good teammates get one, so right now, as I'm dead, I'm just kind of looking at the kill feed, trying to track the names and numbers just so I can see what's going on.

Here there's a big two there as soon as he gets that three piece, so that's a great three piece from them, by the way, but I now know they're going to be spawning on this left side, so I'm going to go through hold this angle as I'm pushing. I'm expecting a gun fight. There's one I'm going to back off because other guys are probably going to chase me because I'm weak.

I'm really weak once again; he might chase me into the hair so you could just see the other way, like we're kind of just shouldering getting information and just using it to get more kills there, so right there was like a perfect example of kind of using the kill feed using the mini map we're able to go through and get a few kills while I'm going to back away to the left here.


Just try to keep these guys trapped. As soon as I get one, I'm going to dodge the stun, go around again, shoulder it, and my teammate's there. He gets another one, so right now we're getting them in a bit of a blender. I'm not going to lie to you; I have a trophy as well. I'm playing for my streak, which is kind of heavy here, so one's going left, two are going left, and there, like I said, playing for that streak, I'm to back off and try to get those easy kills.


If the round ends without me getting a kill, so be it, but I don't want to die right now. I want to make my life as important as possible. I'm going to prioritize my life. Here I'm very happy with that so we finished that round six and one the first being at the start of the round and that is a perfect round for me, , so once we got them in a bit of a blender a little bit of a spawn trap we just kept the pressure on them and for me the most important thing there wasn't just to like overextend it was to really play for that streak, and I think scenarios like that is what can really give you that Advantage so when we got them in the blender right get that score streak cuz they can easily get us in a blender next round now that I've got the score streak it could just give us that next Advantage so let's see what we can do it off the break I want to try something different.

I actually want to try using the RAM, and I'm just going to go towards top red. Here, I will go back to the BP50 after, but I want to go towards top red here and kind of just cut that lane there and see what we can do. Eat my random Hey, what a name, man, with a subscription to Prime! Thank you, my man.

I appreciate the subscription, man. Welcome to the community, Man Legend. Thank you so much. So two people are there instead of fighting them right away. I know they're probably going to push my teammate, so I'm going to hold this off-angle. You see, we've read that really well. That's three down, so right there is just kind of map awareness changing your position, Not overextending now; they're going to jump up here, most likely this ledge, so no one is pushing this side.


What does that mean? It means they are all going through the back alley towards my teammates; it means they will kind of jump through the wall, right? So let's see what we can do here. This is obviously a sub, so it's not ideal in this scenario, but maybe if we can get one or two kinds of pushing up, okay, so they might not expect the push, let's see if they remain there's.

I tried my best to get something. Man, get a few shots of stuff. I didn't expect to kill him, but it was more to make him weak there. So again, if I'm in a situation where I'm probably going to die, at least get them weak to stop them from pushing, so St. That guy and them watch my left head because my teammate's got the back alley.

There's one; there's two. Watch the back alley. Now they're going to be pushing through. Try to jump on this hill as quickly as possible. There you go. That's a big point. Now let's get out of it. There Okay, so he's going to our side. I mean, I'm happy in terms of getting a B, right? B is the hardest one to get, so if it just comes out now for the next wave of kills, that's what I'm playing for.


So someone's in our spawn while he probably wouldn't expect me to pinch through our side, so there you go, take him, Out, let guy a head glitch again; let's take our time. Now that that's two down, although there's going to be people on there, other guys might push through the back here, so I'm just going to hold it for a second—not for too long here—just see if one of them pushes through.

He doesn't push through, okay? So he's probably going through the middle. Here, now to get on to a, okay, unlucky there to get on to a. I'm actually going to try and go through the top cuz if I can cut through that top middle area right that little like top jump up. I think I have so much map control there.

I do have the cruise, but I don't really want to use it. If we can win this round without it, it would be great. There's one; get some information; and there's two. Just like that, there's two people down; the third guy's going to be across the street; let's push through; we take him out; watch for the cuts here.


Now, that's unlucky good play from him; though good play from him, he kind of read that push through. At this point, 12 V8 man, I can still use my cruise, but again, I think I'm just going to rely on us to get out of this. Left, I'm going to try pinching again if we can go through different angles.

That'll be great. There's one more dead; there's two dead. We need to just get to the point now, so I'm going to flood the point. There's three down, so we can get like a two TI. Going, there you go. I'm going to watch the left there, 10, V2, and that is a perfect control run somehow. Somehow, we're 16 to 5.

I'm not going to lie; this is an insane game right now. We're doing really well again. Get a full diamond squad as well, who's basically Crimson. So we're playing really well right now, so we can keep up the pace for the next one. What can we do for the next round? So off the break, here, off the break, what should we do?

I want to keep the BP50. I feel like I'm playing pretty well with it. I mean, this gun's insane; it's really broken right now, but let's see what we can do. So, I'm actually going to try a little route to show you guys. I'm going to try a little route. This is my favorite spot to be in the When it comes to getting there, it's just about getting there, so I'm going to go through the top.

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