News - Warzone 2 Ranked Play : How To Perfect Hardpoint Rotations As An Ar


Starting off, I'm going to go through the right-hand side here, and I'm just going to look at the mini map. Nothing really crazy here so far; my teammate comes with me. I'm going to try pinching through the dark. Him so as soon as I see three down I know they're going to be spawning by Palace so there's one the rest should be coming through the street, here there's two once going to go to the right here kind of Center over there you go so right there's about reading the spawns and just making it work for you so unfortunately the palace spawns aren't very consistent in this game so like you saw there as soon as we get a three piece it end up switching now that's a big problem with the spawns on this specific map and why they don't work so I wanted to actually trap them in Palace just didn't work out there go, through I don't want to overcommit and die here cuz that would be pretty bad for the setup so I'm going to go through try to get away and just try to play this broken area try to play a bit of an off angle let them challenge, me, there you go there's two down teammate should be able to get that, kill.


No way I so I messed up the first point me messing up there was overc committing the second I realized I messed up I almost kind of camed him and got the kill now one thing we're doing really well is we're getting the kills but we're just not getting the time on the hill here which we need to get and I do actually want to flip the hill here I would prefer to be spawning broken side where they are simply because for the next Hill you want to be here, there's one the resling is sp behind us which is fine, there's two the guy sted on the left corner so we're going to go through get an angle on him take out the Third reposition and there you go so as soon as my teammate gets the next wave of kills we should be in a good spot here so that's why in my opinion you want to be breaking through broken and not through Palace cuz now they're going to be spawning Palace hopefully we should be able to get the new, rotation relocating.

Stand there and go! It looks perfect. They're spawning palaces. They're out of the game. Truck a nade over to the hill. That guy's weak, so we're just going to push him with a pistol and relocate the target. Area, one I am by myself; I'm quite close to a streak as well, so this is where you have to like to play your life well and value your life.

I'm trying to play a bit of an off-angle so that if he comes on my right, at least he'll get contested right now. It seems like we're doing a good job, though I hear someone on my left. Right there's one now. If I had reloaded efficiently there, I probably could have gotten the second shot. I'm just going to play my life a little bit, so they have to be coming from my right logically, so that guy's weak.


Go for the TR; there you go. There's a, two—I mean, we're doing very well right now—12 and two in this pretty good Lobby, so we're doing pretty well, man. Keep keeping of course, I have my streak as well. Now this guy stunned me from my perspective; he's probably going to push me. Yeah, in that scenario.

I have two options. One is to go for the kill, and two is to put the controller down. Both are going to have the same result when you get stunned like that. You might as well put the controller down because you're not going to get out of that one, which is fine because we're going to push through and we're not going to get trapped in a palace.

Here, there be one pushing me; probably there you go, so right there, you just baited him in the second, and I shot the second guy in the back. I knew this first guy would probably push me to go through a different angle; there's a guy on my left. Take my time. Good shots from him, man. Great shots from him.


He's up by 65 seconds. We have the we have a we have a what's it called cruise missile as well. What you don't want to be doing is you do not want to get trapped in the palace, so every time I get out, I'm trying to run. Another one down; that's two; there you go. You almost got him with a melee.

Not bad, though we're actually kind of frying right now, like 15 and 5. I believe yeah, 15 and 5 3 KD. Although they spent a bit of time there, we probably could have stopped that, but it's not the end of the world. This guy's probably a G-up top. Just get away; let this guy chase me if he needs it.

If you go there again, we'll take him. We're frying, so right there, what do we do? We get into cover; there's one; there's a second; there's a third guy behind me. Just let him go. Just leave him. Let him chase me if he needs it. Play through a different angle where they're going to spawn, probably Palace based on the mini map where my teammates are.


Perimet, there you go. Let's hold it from this angle. Trophy goes down because once they spot me here, they're going to try to take me off the next point stand. There's another one, and you can see we're just constantly playing ahead of the game, taking the game to our opponents, and don't give them too many opportunities to get back into.

The same thing: this guy's weak. We CH him. I'm one shot, and he's going to charm me to play. My life if I feel like he wasn't expecting the reach out there, which is good for me to go through. Go through all the way around, and there you go back on the hill about taking your opportunities and trophy systems coming up right there.

The same thing goes through. Right, they are going to expect this; probably not, so we go behind them. I mean, I don't know what to say to that one man. That's just a good read on the mini map. Go through, get another one, and we're done. We are PCing right now. Chat has 15 seconds left. What I want to do is keep them trapped back in the back palace, okay?


So I'm going to make a decision here to use my cruise missiles 23 and 5. It cannot get much better than this, right? Now there's this guy who should be dead there. You go, and just like that, we should be okay. So the problem we have now is that my teammates decided to push Palace. If they had the perfect trap there, we could have actually had them trapped in the palace there, but instead we're kind of splitting spawns all over the place.

Let this guy go behind me. This might be one of our best games this season. Chat for, sure, for sure, 40 seconds left. I wish I had my second cruise there, but unfortunately, I didn't use my first one when I got there. Again, bigger picture right now. What's the bigger picture—giving them the 30 or setting up for the new?

For me, it's going to be setting up for the new Hardo, guaranteeing 50 to 55 seconds on the new Hardo. It's exactly what we're going to do. Look at the mini-map. I can't really tell where they're coming from because we're a little bit all over the place, so I'm going to cover both angles. I'm going to cover both sides.

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