News - Fast & Easy Tier 3 Rare Schematics Farming Guide (how To Get Rare Schematics - Warzone 2 Zombies Red Zone)


This is the guide for you if you want a crazy easy tier three schematic farm that you can do now in the new season as opposed to all of the old methods that have already been patched by now and that you don't need a crazy amount of prep work in order to do like you can do this on a completely fresh character.

It also doesn't take a huge amount of setting up in the game itself, so you can spend most of your match on the actual farm, and if you'd be interested in even easier strategies for this as the year goes on, then drop a like on the article and maybe even consider subscribing. So let's begin with what you're going to equip in the menu.

Your insurance weapon is going to be the RG8, Grenade launcher, and this is actually going to kind of act like equipment. I know it sounds weird, but it will make sense when we start doing the strap we're also going to equip throwing knives here because they are crazy op still to this day and decoy grenades now in theory, this does all work without decoy grenades it used to be that we could carry three decoys they load that to two and so here and there naturally, you're going to find yourself running out of them at times and that's why in this article we're going to be doing it as if you don't have the decoys.

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It's pretty much essential for this strategy, so if you don't have it unlocked as an acquisition here, we will be going to buy it in game and then jug. Quick Revive for faster health regen. Speed Cola and Tombstone are all nice to have as well. Finally, if you've got a schematic for a craftable, purple ethereum crystal just to get to Pap level one, that could be really handy for this as well and will save you about 5 minutes, but once again non essential when the game begins if you have brought any perks or crystals in pop those right away and you can fire it at the zombie that are around you while we do these next steps, because it's going to give us a chance to get some chunks of flesh, so kill zombies as you go check for chunks of flesh, but your priority really is to look for an ACV.

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Escort contract, so I'd recommend jumping in a purple Rift if you spawn next to one, grabbing all the points, and looking for a contract you can fly to, or just grab a vehicle that's near you and drive over to that escort. You don't want to dilly-dally too much here, so be as fast as you can, and then once the contract begins, you want the ACV.

To run over as many zombies as possible because it's going to drop chunks of flesh at a really high rate, your grenade launcher kills will also have a chance to drop flesh here, but the ACV contract is just a Handy Backup because it's a bit more consistent, and once you've got three chunks of flesh from doing this, you can cancel the contract, or if it's near completion, you can just finish it off just to get that money, and while that's all going on, or just after you've canceled the contract, if you have the opportunity to run past a Merc.

Camp, you can spam your rgl at the Merks and then just quickly run in and open up the Merc box to grab the two-plate armor vest that you'll find as a guaranteed spawn. Inside, once you've got your chunks of flesh, it's time to head into the Tier 3 Zone, and I know that might be a bit intimidating for some of you, but it's okay.

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Don't worry, I'm going to give you a couple routes in here that make this really easy for you, so the easiest way in is by parachuting. Out of an ether tear one of those Rifts that I talked about earlier, but if you can't find one of those nearby, you can also jump off of the cranes, or alternatively, you can just teleport into Tier 3, and if you want to be guided on that.


You could just climb this wall here and run over to the area that we need to get to but this is definitely a bit more fiddly if you don't have decoys, but if you manage to find an ammo refill cache when you spawned into your match and you've hit that then maybe you do have some to use here or you have found a vehicle on your travels and you can just use that to drive there instead go up to the dogghouse and deposit three chunks of Flesh all at once to spawn in a tier Three Dog this dog is a big bonus in Solo in Co-op you may not want to spend the time on this but in Solo I really recommend you do cuz it's going to distract zombies, it's going to distract manglers and mimics and disciples and special zombies.

It's going to distract Bounty bosses as well it's going to revive you if you go down it will teleport to nearby you if you teleport out the area for some reason and overall, all of those benefits only cost about I don't know 3 or 4 minutes of your time getting all this done at the very beginning of your game so it's 100%, worth it now at this point if you've already got some points as well it's a good opportunity to just quickly run over to wonderf and grab your self PhD for the love of God and then remember the perks after that we're going to be prioritizing are stamina up and then jug Quick Revive Speed Cola and Tombstone, so your next objective is to look for a deliver cargo contract they changed the tier three cargo contract spawns.


After season 1 launches, you can't just cancel an ACV escort and insta-respawn the deliver cargo contract like you used to be able to do; however, if you see an ACV escort contract inside tier 3, it is still important to run over to it and cancel it wherever possible, because that's going to affect the rest of this strategy.

So back to delivering cargo. This is where it should be located on your map and if it's not there you have to either complete other contracts or cancel other contracts in the tier 3 Zone we'll talk about that more in a moment but first i'm going to explain what to do if it is there for you so when you see it on your map run over to it and pick it up and it will have moved into this little shop thing here by the way so grab it and run over to the left, side and go towards the gas station where it's going to spawn in your cargo if there aren't many zombies there you can just shoot the rgl, a couple of times to knock those zombies down and ideally, you'll do that right next to the garage doors and that will allow you to open the garage doors and hop into the vehicle however if there's a bunch of zombies you can kite them away a little bit first before firing the grenade launcher.

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Or this could be an opportunity to throw a decoy, and I recommend throwing that decoy as far away from the doors themselves as possible while still attracting the zombies so that the zombies don't run straight into the vehicle and damage it once they lose interest in the decoy. Once you're in the vehicle, stop driving right away and follow my path.

This is how to get all RARE schematics SUPER FAST AND EASY METHOD in MW3 Zombies TIER 3 ZONE red zone. Get your Zombies Merch.
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