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In the previous article, we unlocked the second dark ether Rift, so it's time to actually dive into it. If you are not sure about the previous steps, check out the countermeasures. The new Rift is identical in layout and contract between the regular and Elder versions, with the Elder having half the time to complete everything due to enemies and better rewards.

I will show the walk-through for The Elder version regular is the same in principle, just easier. Before we begin. I have to stress that though the dark ether is not designed to be done solo, it is possible, and I will show you how, but it's just a much better experience as a team and is significantly easier than solo.

So don't hesitate to look for a teammate, even if you are in the field alone. It makes sense to just send the chat to the server, asking them if someone is planning to go to the dark and then team up with people. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the preparations. As of now, the most sensible weapon to take for this run is a flamethrower or Jack purifier attachment.

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It fits into any assault or battle rifle, so the exact weapon is a question of your personal preference as long as it has the purifier attached to it. I have no idea whether the purifier is going to be nerfed in the future, but I really hope not since it's not only very OP for high-tier content; it's also a great font to use.

If you don't have the purifier unlocked yet, set it as a priority item in your armory unlocks; it's well worth it if it does get nerfed. Or if you don't want to use the flamethrower for any reason, your usual top-tier weapons Choice applies lock with 680 dual swarms. Hay Maker has all these great options for this.

You want your rarity as high as possible, legendary preferred or epic at the very least, and of course, punch three, brain The Rod Ammo mod is highly recommended too. Secondary weapons are optional, but if you have a Scorch line around somewhere, it's a good idea to take it for mobility purposes. For your equipment, you do want to bring all the good stuff—Golden Blades ether blades.

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All of it makes your life infinitely easier. These are not strictly necessary, particularly when you run in a squad that knows what they're doing, but for your own first proper solar run, you really want those items. Things get intense in the dark. Make your life a bit easier next. You want to take three or four kazmi grenades, which can be bought at the Bu station in the red zone for 5, 000 points each, and at least one sentry gun more.

If you are not taking the flamethrower, definitely take a dog with you, as dogs are not helpful in countermeasures. Mission: They are a necessity in the dark ether. Tier 3: A dog is enough, so get three chunks of flesh in the round and get a dog in the red zone. If you have a dog bone just in case, as a spare in case your dog gets killed, buy all the perks, or at the very least get a Jugger knock.

Speed Cola stamina up, quick revive, and PD Flopper Tombstone is a good idea so that if you happen to die, you at least get to keep whatever you found by that point. Feel the rest of your inventory with yourself, just in case, as you can see, the shopping list is quite long and you really want to be fully stacked when going to Solo.

Don't forget about Seil. If you want to venture into regular Rift, you can farm the seil from contracts in the red zone right in the match. If you want the elder, you'll need to get one in the regular duck beforehand and bring one into the round.

Big bounty hunt contract

Big bounty hunt contract

Ready get up the hill in G4 grid slot the sigio into the portal, and off we go. Once you spawn in the first contract, HVT Hunt is located right behind you in the big warehouse building.

Run in, use the containers in the middle to jump through the window of the raised office area, and you'll find the bunny to your right in the corner of the kitchen area. The target location for this contract is randomized, as is the target itself. You can get a Mangler disciple or Mega Abomination.

This is also the hardest of the contracts and potentially takes the most time, so that's why it makes sense to do it first while your dog is still alive and your stock of self-revivals is untouched. Similarly to Alpha Rift, the S City Dark Eternal has three contracts total, with a scord being replaced with a hunt while Outlast and extractors are the same.

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There is a notable difference, though, in Bura; you really only needed a single full run to acquire every schematic it has to offer. This is not the case here; you guarantee at least one schematic, but you never know which one, and it may only be one in the whole run, so unless you are extremely lucky with the loot drops, you'll probably need multiple runs to get all three plans.

available here Also, know that all classified items do drop as loot here, so you have a good chance to get dog bones, gold plates, and the blaz as an acquisition. Rewards: once you make your way to your contract, Target disposes of it by any means necessary. The flamethrower kills anything except Mega Abomination in no time at all and takes Mega most of the way down too, if you do hit Mega Abomination.

Place one of your sentry guns down; it will help in the fight significantly. If you go down at any point, rely on your dog to revive you. Not only does it save you a selfie, but it also makes the dog teleport to you, taking it out of any pickle it could be in at the moment. Once Target is down, don't forget to grab your rewards.


The next contract I usually do is an Outlast, though the order doesn't really matter and is mostly dictated by where you end up after dealing with HVT. The contract is located in E7 GD on top of the tallest building on the front, the roof. The contract location is in the round cafe, just past the amusement park.

On your way there, you may want to hit the amach located just outside the park wall on the east side of F7 GD. It's a rare opportunity to refill your flamethrower, and I totally missed it. Yeah, it's a bit of a tight environment here, so make sure to constantly move. Don't try to kill everything yourself; let the Sentry and your dog do the bulk of the work.

Use your ether blades energy mines and only their weapons while keeping mobile at all times. Brain Rod Mode comes in very handy here. Try to target bigger zombies when you feel they're about to activate. Having a manager do part of your work is very helpful. The easiest way to get there is to use one of the ether tees.


There's one arm in the middle of the frontal gate structure, but there's also one at the back of the police station in the i7 grid that's equally convenient. The strategy here is exactly the same as in Al Bagra's case: run up to the rocket while avoiding a necessary confrontation, drop a Kazmir, and immediately push to Overlord.

How to go into the Elder Dark Aether in Sa'id City solo and get the classified schematics for the Mag of Holding, VR 11 and Blood Burner Key in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies.
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