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What's good everybody it's ducko with gso game time in this article we're going to take those four purple items or the three purple and the gold that we got on the last article and we need to turn them all gold now so the first thing we got to do is we're going to head over to the cemetery that's located right here and this is where we're going to do the mirror it's over you know beneath the Orville, military base so we want to go around the corner and behind that building in front of us is where the stone is where we're going to put it down so we're going to go up to the stone we're going to offer our Relic and when we do a special zombie is going to appear that zombie is going to have an element on it ours is fire it may be any of the other ones, and we need to put on a ammo mod that matches that in order to kill them and you get those ammo mods right from this building right here up at the top so we're going to go ahead and climb the stairs go in here we need to find naop.

Ah we found it right away cool, put it on our gun we're going to fight our way down and we need to find that special zombie again he's right in this area, wait there he is he's off to the right so we kill him he explodes, and he's going to drop the gold mirror for us come on get out of my way and there it is the gold mirror so that one is done our second is that Target the perforated Target and that's over, by the shooting range right in that area there so we're going to go ahead and pull up there and this one is pretty easy you just you got to find the right targets that you're going to attack so this is the four table over from the left you're going to place your Relic there as an offering.

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And there's going to be that kind of explosion. And now that the targets are glowing that bluish red, we need to shoot them. There are eight in total, so we're going to go around and find them. Yep, there's another one. I don't know if that's four or five. Whatever we got here, now the last two that we're going to do, well, got to get that one behind us, and we got to go around the corner here.

Okay, here we go. We're going to go around the corner here, and it's just sitting right in this area here, so we're going to take that one. The very last one that we're going to do is always behind the containers, back there, so we're going to go ahead and run back there, and we're going to shoot it now.

When we shoot it, it's going to have another special zombie, and we need to kill this zombie. I think it's just with head shots; that's what I had to do, so I switched weapons, did the head shots, boom, and did that, which gave us the perforated gold. Target, and our last one that we're going to do is the MMA gloves, and that's in the boxing ring right here, so you need to enter the building and you need to go into the ring now.


This is where you're going to give your offering, but I want to drop my other weapon because I want gloves. This is boxing, and it's only natural for me to have my little Mike Tyson moment, and as soon as I place my thing, these punching bags are going to be over there, and we need to go to them. Punch them till they light on fire, so there's three in total, so we got one, we got two, we got three.

That's going to bring us the special zombie, and we need to fight him in the ring. He's already there, so we're like, Hey, where are you going? Man, we got to lure him back in here. Get your ass back in this ring. All right here, slow. We're going to go sock him up; you know what I'm saying, boom.

Mike Tyson, we are good. There's the gold MMA glove. At this point, we have all the items we need in gold. Gold the four items now we want to go to this tornado, right here in red, and we want to place them down on these stone mantel, and they show you symbols on the side that tell you which one goes where I didn't see him right away, and Blindside had to tell me so you can see right there that is a drum.

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I believe I went ahead, and I laid like a mirror there because I didn't see it right away. And yeah, that's what I did, and that's okay once I'm able to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I was able to just go right up to it, take it back, and then place the right ones, so let's get this party started properly.

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This is the target; put it there. Boom, it turned red. I know it's right, but now this one is wrong; it's not the drum. Let's take the drum back, and let's put the MMA gloves on there because that's what it wants. Okay place them there you go, now on to the next one that we're going to do and that's over here and that's the drum so we're putting the drum in the right place one more left which is kind of hidden over in the back over here so we're going to do that and that's going to be the mirror, so we're going to hit F throw the mirror on there and once we have all four placed it's going to start building the portal that you see right here, out of this portal is going to be kind of a mega boss if you will and this is the mimic but he's Lightning Charge, so me and Blindside are going to have to chop him down where you at where you are okay so we start shooting him we're taking care of him cuz you got to burn him down all the way.

Hey, he's okay; he's just running at me. That's cool you grab me, and we're going to throw me down the hill. Blind Side I'll be there in a minute. I'll be there in a minute. Stay alive i'm GNA help you out. You have your dog, okay? Come on, come on, Come on come on we got him. We got him. We got him.

We're burning him blindside down. I'm on i'm being electrocuted. Is your dog going to help you? Yes, no, maybe for $5. Good poie dog, okay, what did we get? We got a sigil, so these are the same sigils that we use in the other big portal, so you have your sigil and your elder sigil, and the same thing, it'll turn it yellow or it'll turn it red.


Now that you've done it, it's open for you and anyone who's in your group, and now you're ready to go into the big portal, so if you like articles like this, please go ahead and subscribe, do the thumbs up, and hit that bell so you're notified when we drop new items. And remember, this is just a game; don't be frustrated; have fun when you're playing it; it's such a better game when you're having fun with your friends; and be on the lookout for our next couple articles that we're going to release.

Here we are going into that dark ether, and we're going to try to, I think, get the schematics.

This is a complete walk through for how to turn those purple items to gold and how to open the large dark aether portal in the red zone. This is a step-by-step guide. i.
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