News - The New Real Easy Xp & Gun Xp & Camo Farm After The Season 2 Update Warzone 2 Zombies Glitch


Watch the full article so I can show y'all how to get your' guns this fast in under 30 minutes. All right, let's get into it. Yo YouTube, it's your boy. Li is here with a article, and today I'm going to be showing you how to do the new XP glitch to get your guns upgraded in Modern Warfare 3. The only thing you're going to need to do to do this glitch is have the full game so you can unlock zombies.

So today in the article. I'm going to be using the Ram 9 SMG that just came out of the new battle pass, which, as y'all can see, is a level two, and it's not upgraded at all; it's a level two, so I'm going to be showing you all how to get this gun all the way upgraded to max level 24 in a couple of minutes.

So let's get straight into it. Right now that we loaded in. I'm going to suggest that y'all load in with the Pack-A-Punch. Perk, and some perks, like the Juggernaut and Speed Cola, because when you're doing Outlast, it's going to be a little hard, but now you see I'm popping the perks to do this stuff.

You want to go on your map, and you want to look for this icon; it's called Outlast. You want to look for it. I'm going to get back with y'all when I get to the place with the Outlast. All right now that we got to the Outlast contract, you just want to go pick it up, and once you click receive, you're going to want to go to the part where they pinged at on the map.


And when you get there, I'm going to get back to you. I'm going to get back with y'all when I get there. Now that we're here, you just want to activate the PN, and once you activate the PN, you're going to want to sit inside. Here, like this area where you see how your screen is kind of purplish, you're going to want to see on that little on the top left of your screen that it's going to say Outlast.

On 177%, you're going to want to wait until it hits. 95%, because when it hits 95%, that means more zombies are going to spawn, so you are going to get back to y'all when M Zone hits 95%, and now that y'all can see my thing hits 94% out, you're going to want to hold your d-pad or cancel the contract.


Just like that, and it's really easy; all the zombies are doing is spawning. Respawning, and this is why I said y should pick a pack-a-punch, with the or the dark ether crystals to help you out because this the hell hounds are a little much, but if you keep killing them, your guns should keep going up, and if a lot of what I seen a lot of other people want to do to make your gun upgrade 10 times faster, is pop a XP coin, which I'mma do right here for y'all, let me kill these zombies real quick, let me kill all these zombies real quick, and I'm want to pop.

It's all right; let me pop it. Now pop the five-minute XP coin, and now you're going to see your gun level up a little bit quicker. Because when I wasn't recording, just now my gun leveled up; it leveled up to level three, but all you have to do is just let the zombie stack keep killing. Then your gun should just keep leveling up every time; it's just going to consistently level up; see, it just went up to level four.


Like this, it actually helps this part. This Outlast really doesn't do any justice because this Outlast kind of stinks, but if you can find the other Outlast places, they should do the same. Better And now that we are done, y'all are about to see how much XP we got and how much weapon XP we got, so this is really like an XP and gun XP glitch at the same time, because look how much XP we just got from just sitting in that little Outlast.

Soon, look how many kills we got: 2, 000; we got 55, 000. This is like one of the best methods you can use right now, but if y'all really mess with the article, y'all can leave a like.

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