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I kept track of my last 100 contracts that I completed in the Tier 3 Zone and the results. They may surprise you. The gameplay you're going to be seeing in the background is from the Tr76. Gist, it is an MW2. AR, and I'm just going to tell you this gun is absolute trash, so do not use this weapon under any circumstances.

I took this gun into the dark ether this game and was struggling so hard against the Bounty Mega Abomination that I just aborted Mission and went an X filled so that I did not lose my containment streaks because you know they work like a third of the time, so those are important to have, but let's get into the data first.

When it comes to the data, out of the 100 contracts we completed, we got a total of 296. Separate rewards, so that's basically three rewards per contract, is a pretty safe average when you're completing these tier three cont contracts before we start presenting all of this data. I think it is important that we talk about what we didn't get, and we did not receive a single Flawless Crystal during these 100 contracts.


Now I do have a bit of a theory on how all of this all ties together and when it comes to the long run as to what rewards you're going to get inside of the rift, but we'll get into that a little bit later. I'm going to present you with the raw data, and then we'll kind of go over my theory of how some of this stuff works.

Yeah, we did not get any flawless crystals in this run, so you're not going to see that on this list, but one thing that did surprise me is that the most common thing that you get inside of a Tier 3 reward rift is ammo mods in 32%. Of the contracts we completed, we got at least one ammo mod. In six of those contracts, we got two ammo mods, so we got a total of 38 ammo mods over 32 contracts.

I honestly thought the rare ether tools were going to come in at number one, but at last it was the ammo mods coming in at number one and coming in at number two. This is probably no surprise to anybody, but sigils do come in at number two. 31% of the contracts we completed did contain a sigil, so sigils are obviously very common.

You need them to get to the dark ether, so you have a very good chance of getting a sigil anytime you're running contracts in Tier 3 Zone, basically one and three. You're going to get a sigil coming in at 34 and five, which are perks, kill streaks, and epic tools, respectively. Perks dropped to 29% of the contracts that we completed.

Hill streaks were dropping in at 28% of the contracts that we completed, and epic tools were dropping in at a whopping. 27% of all of the Tier 3 contracts that we completed during these game plays, I got to say that was probably the best change that they had made to this game. One of the contracts contained a rare ether tool.

I'd really like to see this number lowered to a whole lot more rare ether tools inside of the Tier 3 Zone. I don't see them in the dark ether anymore; they were dropping in the dark ether when we first started getting those ether Rifts, but nonetheless, those tools just aren't enough to really survive for long periods of time inside of these higher threat zones, so I'd like to see this number start to drop, but I am glad that it is below the Epic total at least for that, so we'll take that as a win.

These next three items are the self-revive, the raw ethereum crystal, and the medium rock saac. I'll give you about a one in five chance of finding one of these items inside of a Tier 3 reward rift; they come in at 20%, 19%, and 18%, respectively. So there is a solid one-in-five chance of getting one of those items as we near the end of this list.

these three items are the last three that 8%, and we got more than a 10% drop rate on a three PL vest the large Rex in the two plate vest came in at 133%, 12% and 11% respectively so just over a one and 10 chance and getting these three items which brings us to the rarest items inside of the tier 3 Zone schematics dropped at a rate of 8%, now over the course of these 100 contracts we were able to obtain all of the tier three schematics in that 8%, we did obtain every single one of them refined crystals dropped at a rate of 7%.

Wonder Weapons dropped at a rate of 6%, and legendary tools dropped at a rate of 3% for us across these 100 contracts inside the Tier 3 zone. I'm going to go and put this chart on full screen for you. I think one very safe assumption that we can make with these numbers is that since 100 contracts is a very small sample size overall.

I think it is safe to say that all of these numbers are probably skewed just slightly lower, so for instance, an ammo mod probably has exactly a 33% chance of dropping a Sigil and probably has a 33% chance of dropping legendary tools. Flawless crystals Wonder Weapons: all of those items probably have roughly a 5% chance of dropping; refined tools probably have a one in 10 chance.

I think if we kind of just round those off, I don't think that there's some really heavy, in-depth algorithm. When it comes to this game, I think the numbers are probably pretty rounded off and pretty straightforward. Overall, when it comes down to it, given the sample size that we have here and everything that we've gone through, I think those are some pretty safe assumptions that we can make.

If you're tired of looking at bar graphs, here's a nice pie chart. This kind of breaks the data down just a little bit differently; this is giving you the percentage of total rewards that were dropped, so for instance, a medium rucksack accounted for 6% of the total rewards. Epic Tools accounted for 9% of the total rewards for Ammo Mods; at the top of the list, 133% of the total rewards were Ammo Mods three-plate vests, 4%, and so on and so forth.

You can take a look at that pie chart. Feel free to pause, take a screenshot, and you can have a look through that. As a promise. I'm going to give kind of my theory on how these schematics are calculated, so you generally have four separate reward boxes: box one, 2, 3, and 4, as they're laid out whenever you complete a contract, starting with box one and working your way to box four.

If you group all of these different rewards into three separate categories, we'll call them tier-one rewards like kill streaks, perks, sigils, and epic tools. Revives rare ether tools Tier 2 rewards will be like three plate vests, large rucksacks, and refined crystals. Two plate vests, medium rucksacks, and then, like your tier, three higher loot items.

Your Wonder Weapons, your legendary tools your Flawless crystals and your schematics, if you kind of break those down into three separate categories, and then you go look at your reward boxes, so starting in box one, you have like the highest chance of getting a Tier 1 reward. Almost 100% of the time, you're going to get one of the Tier 1 rewards now.

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