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A way to pack and punch your guns to Tier 4 and literally be able to make them like 10 or eight times more powerful. I think it's like 10/20. Actually, I know it's crazy that you can make it extremely powerful with this glitch, but yeah, I will be showing you more than one glitch in this article, so watch till the end.

Now shout out to good pexi for finding this glitch. I never thought that this would return, but good Pexi found a way. You want to get a moving cocktail, then get yourself a primary weapon and then a secondary weapon, and then you want to put on a wonder weapon in case because this is more useful for wonder weapons and not really useful for anything else.

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best glitch

Get yourself a jug suit, which is just 10,000 essences. You just need to do about. I think, four, like tier 2 contracts, which are really not too hard, and once you're done with that, you want to go to tier three and then get it because you guys can only get it in tier three. You guys want to find a safe cracker contract, and it does not matter what tier it is; I definitely recommend tier one.

You need to make sure you have a self-revive or a hellhound, and make sure you put on tap to interact in your settings, like you see me. You will see that if you have done everything right, you should see that this happens on your screen. You have a glitched-out kind of screen where it pulls up nothing.

Because it's trying to open up the drill, but you die, you do not want to see the drill actually go into the safe that will make it, so it just doesn't work at all. Also, if you just don't press the button and do it way too late, then it won't work; you just have to time it perfectly. It's not too hard to be honest, though it definitely won't be too much of a struggle, but once you guys get it, you will see after you're done getting revived.


Now that you have three slots for weapons, you have the meal kick perk. You are going to be going over to the blank slot, where you have nothing in your hands, and activating your wonder weapon. At this point, you are almost done. You want to take the legendary tool into your rug. Sack or a green or purple tool doesn't matter, but legendary, of course, will make it, so the wonder weapon is the strongest, and you want to put the legendary tool on your secondary weapon, which, after this point, you are chilling.

The next step is to take that Juggernaut and simply throw it on the ground, then take out your wonder weapon, which should be the third slot you're going to be activating, and you guys are going to see that after the Juggernaut is done going through, which it takes about a minute, you'll see that literally.

It will replace the secondary weapon with the wonder weapon, and it will now be a legendary wonder weapon, legendary-tier tool wonder weapon, or just whatever tool you put on legendary tier 2 will of course make it the strongest, and you guys have now done the Pack-A-Punch tier 4 wonder weapon glitch.

glitch after patch

What you want to do now is add the Pack-A-Punch tier three crystal, or just go ahead and pack-a-punch it yourself in tier three, and it will be unstoppable. Beast is literally a beast; you will not die with this gun at all; it's that good, and if it's the vr11, it takes about one to two shots in Tier 3 to take out any bosses, which is absolutely game-breaking, and if you have the score, it takes about one or two scorcher bullets to take out bosses.

Now, if it's a mega-abomination, it will take a little bit more, but overall, it is absolutely broken. You're going to love this glitch. This glitch is the only way to do this Pack-a-Punch Tier 4 glitch. There is no other way to do this, and again, shout out to good PEX. This is like, I just can't believe that it's back.


It's finally back. I did try to find it myself, but I couldn't, and like I said, good Pexi came through and did it, so definitely awesome, and that's that glitch. Now we have another glitch. This one will be a way to get easy XP, and with these OP Wonder Weapons, you guys can use these Wonder Weapons to get XP and kill these zombies really easily.

So if you want to find an Outlast contract in tier one or two, you can use tier three. It's completely up to you if you have that Pack-a-Punch tier four scorcher. It will take out Tier 4 really easily, i.e., Tier 3. I don't know where I got tier four, but you know, yeah, anyway, once you get the Outlast contract, you want to go into the Outlast Zone and then activate the actual thing in the Outlast Zone.

You're going to be looking at the percent that you've progressed through, and once it hits about. 90%, that is, when you guys want to cancel this Outlast contract, you will see that there will still be crystals and zombies spawning. The game thinks that you're still running the LS contract, but you're not, and you're going to have an infinite zombie spawn, and you can use these OP Wonder Weapons with the scorcher to just melt zombies and get easy XP, so yeah, definitely overpowered.

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