News - Warzone 2 Zombies: New 10 Best Overpowered Weapons (op Loadouts. Best Papped Guns)


R waffles here today, we are back with the top 10 pack-a-punch guns in Modern Warfare Zombies as of 2024. The game's changed a lot since launch, so I am updating my list, and when I say updating. I mean the Lockwood shotgun that previously was King is no longer my number one pick, so you're going to want to watch through the whole article to see what's claiming the top spot now.

Let's get started. In season 2, they made a big change to the ray gun. This previously sucked ass. In my opinion, it was a gun that I pretty much avoided at all costs. I would give it away to randoms, but its base projectile speed has been buffed, as has its damage, and it is now significantly Better to the point of actually making the list, it's good for hordes now, despite the fact that it does feel a little clunky still to use; it's absolutely viable, and I think the reason it's not high on this list predominantly is the fact that it's still not fantastic, against special zombies, in Tier 3 especially, and so I'd mark it down as absolutely a solid choice, and if you just find it in the world, hell yeah, but not something that I would sell a kidney for by any means now, the power boost to the ray gun puts some of the other Wonder Weapons in kind of funky territory.

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So if we just compare back to our good old friend the vunda, this wasn't a buff this season, and so, as I'm sure you're all familiar with, it can kill manglers really fast. It's useful because you don't even really need to hit the zombies; it can just chain to them, but ultimately, it's not that crazy good, like it's decent.

I would say, but it might be a wonder weapon, and it's just kind of eh compared to the other stuff that we're about to go through on this list, starting with number nine, the BP50. This is the new battle pass assault rifle, and I know some of you are probably thinking it's not the battle pass, and I agree with spending any money on this game with the way they're treating zombie mode.

Pure insanity, as far as I'm concerned, but still, the gun's good, so it's made the list. It's got a high fire rate and a 60-round mag, but one of the downsides is that it doesn't have a huge amount in reserve. Still, it's a pretty fun one to use, and I'd be really curious, actually, what you guys think the best attachments are for this.

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Just leave a comment, and who knows, maybe I'll do something like a load-out article at some point. Number eight on our list is none other than wacky mwac, also known as the very first ever silly sausage. Yep, that's right, it's the to. This thing's been powerful since day one, but it really still continues to excel today.

Its third hit is a guaranteed crit, which I actually didn't realize until really recently. I always knew it was strong, but I didn't realize it was critting in that way, and it kills tier three hits at just Pack Level 2, so if you're broke because you spent all your money on the battle pass like a fool and you can't afford that Tier 3 pack a punch, it's all good, baby, because this thing is still super strong.

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It's also really good for special zombies and bounty. As well, especially in the early game, you can just whack wack aoo and earn yourself that Bounty money really damn easily, and it also works on the red worm. This gun. I feel, has gone back and forth a bit in the community for being powerful and then being worried that it was going to be nerfed and then being powerful again, and it's been a bit all over the place regardless, though one thing that cannot be denied is that it is damn fun to use, and it's none other than the WASP akimbo.

You so desire, put 100 rounds into each mag on this, although I don't always run 100 mounds in each rag, just because I find that with 60 I still have absolutely plenty to be using, and it means that I can keep a little bit more of my mobility, but the option is there to each their own, and regardless of whether it's 100 or 60 or whatever, it's going to mow down hordes of zombies, it's going to be great for specials, and it's just fun, highly recommended.


That's B kimbo the next gun, though, is not a single gun. I know that sounds weird; this is a list of 10 guns, and yet we are talking about something much more mysterious and existential. Okay, today we are simply talking about the color gold, and the reason for that is that I really, strongly believe that rather than starting with the perfect loadout weapon, a lot of the time your best bet in the game is genuinely to just jump into tier three as soon as you start and go and buy yourself a gold lmg off the wall.

Rarity, so go buy yourself a gold weapon, and we'll move on to numero. This thing is very dangerous; it's a master of deception, cunning, and explosions. And it's none other than the RGL. This thing is really a utility weapon first and a damage weapon second, in my opinion, and specifically, it's a utility weapon once packed and punched.

So once you pap it, it's going to stun zombies no matter what zone you're in, tier one, tier two, or tier three, and you also don't really need to bother papping it more than that first time because once you get the utility here, it's kind of going to do its job; you don't really need to go any further, and I would treat this the same way that I might treat something like the ballistic knives, for example, in a bo3.


Or the explosive crossbow, in like a bo1. Right where I utilize the weapon in the scenarios where the utility is required, but then I stay the hell away from it at all other times because there's just no need to use up the ammo basically, so in those scenarios where I want to stun all the zombies around me, it's amazing; it's so good for that, and to give you an idea of the sort of breadth of utility that it has when you're in a worm boss fight when the worm starts doing its little worm wiggle underground.

I'm pretty sure you can fire the rgl at it, and it will actually wake the worm up and bring it back above ground for you to keep firing. I think and like that sort of stuff is crazy; this is a very unique weapon, and so I feel like it's really worthy of its number five spot now, speaking of utility.

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I did mention Wonder Weapons at the start of the article, right? I also got a buff in season 2, and that buff totally changed the utility of the scorer. In my view, it used to be that I would exclusively use this thing as a movement weapon. I e I was basically riding it like a vehicle, and don't get me wrong, that is still very much there; in fact, it's there even more so now that it's easier to fly around much faster.

They removed one of the delays on its charge-up stuff like that so you can fly around super fast and infinitely. It's great, but it also got a pretty fat damage buff, and that means that you can actually take out hordes in Tier 3 now, for example, which it just really wasn't capable of before, so if you need crowd control utility, it's actually a viable option too, but it's just a bonus.

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