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best glitch in mw3 zombies

We have three more days till the next season, and you probably only have three more days to do this Tombstone glitch; they will probably patch it. Don't worry, though; I'll try to find an after-patch. I got you covered, so subscribe and smash a like for that, and I just want to show you guys the best way to do this glitch and all the ways to do it to go to the dark ether to get the schematics so you guys can do all this before the patch on Tuesday.

I think it's a Tuesday. stack up your character on OP Loot, put it all in your stash, and get a schematic. So anyway, let's move on to the first glitch. The first glitch is going to be the basics of how to do the tombstone dup. Then I'll get into how you guys can go to the dark ether and still dupe your tombstone and keep it.

best glitch in mwz

But with this first one, you want to, of course, grab Tombstone, then grab the items you want to duplicate. If you guys do not have any items, join my Discord, and somebody will probably drop your items in there. It's only cases and all that; there's no schematic. Now we're going to be using the water tower teleporter, because it is definitely the best, and you're going to start all the way in the act for mission one, and you're going to be simply using this portal this is the only portal that is the way you can do it without a scorcher or a ether bike so keep that in mind this code is by far the best code to use there could be a Merc camp that spawns here but if you just rush quickly and do this glitch then you don't have to clear the Merk camp at all.

At this point, you want to activate the portal and drop your weapon, so you only have your fist out and can instantly unlock schematics for a cheap price. Check out silent services. We also offer bot lobbies where you can get Interstellar, camo, and hard camo unlock and nuke skin services. We now have war zone and multiplayer rank play bot lobbies, so for season 3, you can fill up on those Max ranks all the way up to Brimson.

Run over to the ACT portal, then you want to run through the portal and activate it at the last second. Make sure you have tapped to interact in your settings. To make that possible, now you want to run towards the portal as fast as you can. To make this as easy as possible, try to have {697}int on in your settings.

mw3 zombies

That will make it so you don't have to press the buttons to sprint, and it will do it for you, and it'll be faster now that you guys want to continue to run and then go up these stairs. Then go to this portal and enter it. You guys should be able to enter it in around 11 to 12 seconds. If you follow what I do, then just do a run jump parachute.

Over this warning barrier, you will see the timer on the left of your screen. You want to open up the map and then hold the button to accept, going into the act for the mission. Once you're here and you want to look at your screen, it's going to count down from 10. You want to stay just behind this rock because this rock is where the warning barrier is.

When it hits 6 seconds, move forward, stay in the warning barrier, and what's going to happen is that it is going to teleport you, but it's also going to kill you. At this point, you will see an elimination screen. Close the app at the elimination screen, and the dupe will still work. At this point, when I load back into the game, it will still dupe.

mw3 zombies best working glitches

Just go back to your game. When you're in the game, you will see your gear, and all of those items that you had in your game are still there. Now your tombstone will be in the game if you get eliminated at this point. Duplicated, the item is now yours to rinse and repeat. If you want to rinse and repeat, just go into the game and get your Tombstone.

Then it will have the items that you filled with, but it will also have the items that you had in the last game, so you want to simply get the tombstone. Perk, then go through the portal. You know, dive with the warning barrier exactly as I just showed you a second ago. Do that so you can duplicate them over and over and over, and use this to stack up your items in your stash before this glitch is patched because it will probably be Pat tomorrow or just whenever season 3 comes out.

mw3 zombies glitch

So now here's how you guys go into the dark ether and keep your Tombstone. There are two ways you can do this: the first way with the scorcher and the second way with the bike, and I'll show you guys both ways. The first way is to be with the bike; now make sure you get Tombstone. Before you do this next part, I recommend you guys bring in two blood burner keys.

when you guys do this glitch, but you absolutely don't need two; it's just better to set it up that way so you always have one in every game and you don't have to keep on crafting them because you always have a duped one in your stash. So you want to go to the top part of the map, then call in your blood burner and bike, and now you are going to be jumping on it from this land.

You want to drive onto the water at this point. You are going to follow exactly where I go. You do not want to touch any land whatsoever. At this point, you are going to be starting from here, following all the way along on top of the water all the way over to the new act missions. Like I said, do not touch any land; only drive on the water.

mw3 zombies tombstone glitch

Eventually, when you get to this point on the shore, you are going to be parking in this simple spot. You do not want to park anywhere else because you probably will not hit this glitch; it's very, very sensitive. Glitch now once you guys put your bike right here you want to exit, this is the best spot now you guys can either go into the regular act War Mission or go into the Elder sigil doesn't matter whichever one you choose you are going to go into it then quickly, rush, back to the bike I chose the regular act for Mission because you want to make sure you have your fist out so you run the fastest, and then when you're at the bike, you're going to be backing up into the water.

You want to make sure that you have taps to interact with in your settings, then you are going to be tapping the button to exit the vehicle, then quickly tapping the button again to get back on the vehicle. If you have done everything right, you should instantly teleport to the warning barrier. If you want to exit the vehicle, if it goes underneath the map, that's fine; you will not fall underneath the map when you exit the vehicle.

mwz best glitch

If you're going to be waiting right outside the warning barrier, then you are going to hit yes to teleport. And as soon as it hits 6 seconds at this point, you're going to get the elimination screen. Now, make sure that you have Tombstone before you start this glitch, so you guys can go into the dark ether and keep your Tombstone.

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