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The Lockwood shotgun is no longer the best weapon in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, so today I'm going to give you an updated list of the top 10 best pack-a-punch weapons in the game. You should go ahead and click on it. At number 10, we have the Hulga 26, and you need to make sure you set this up in the right way because when we do so, we're going to get a super fast fire rate, like it's crazy fast, and if you build the load out with some intention here and you put a 100-round mag on, you can fire those 100 rounds really quickly, but then also.

If you use the 100-round mag, you're going to end up with just under 1, 000 rounds total, and so if you use the MAG of holding, you can spray and prey on all of that stuff with a crazy gun kick. Admittedly, this thing is pure comedy to use, but it's nuts, like this thing is just a total powerhouse, and the key to making all of that work is to put on the season 2 reloaded battle pass conversion kit called the Jack Burnout Kit, and that's unlocked by killing five special zombies with throwing knives.

Number nine on the list is our fallen king, Lockwood. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this because we've covered it before. It's still powerful, right? Don't get me wrong, it's still decent. It's just no longer the best weapon in the game, and the reason for that is that previously, if you put on sludge rounds, you'd see 10 individual sludge rounds being fired out of the gun whenever you fired once.

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You' pack-a-punched, whereas now it's been reduced to only firing six sludge, so that's technically a 40% Nerf per shot, which is pretty aggressive, and it will mean that in Tier 3, now sometimes you'll shoot enemies and you won't on-shot them in the way that you could before, and that's pretty sad for a pump action shotgun, but hey, it is still strong.

At number eight, we have the TAC Evol., and this gun is just really damn fun to use, and there are three things about it that I think you should pay attention to or tweak in the load out to make the most of it. First of all, it's got 1,500 rounds in reserve, so if you're looking for a good weapon to use in something like the Red Worm Boss fight, I think this is a great contender.

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The second thing is that while 5.56 ammo is fine for farming zombies, it kind of struggles against special and boss zombies, and so I think it's a better idea to swap out to the 762. Ammo, and that overall is going to really boost your damage output, and the third thing is that if you equip the 200-round mag, it's going to take away those 7-62 ammo bullets that we just put on, so I would say it's a better idea to limit your mag, keep it to 100 bullets, and then just make sure that you pack-a-punch the gun in game as fast as possible because that will then double your mag to be 200 bullets as if you had the 200-round magazine on, and so you'll get the same effect there, but you'll also have the 762s, making you even stronger.

Our next gun is the RGL. It's made every list I've made about Modern Warfare 3 zombies so far, and it's not going anywhere because of its utility. This is not a damage weapon. It's a utility weapon, and it's especially nice because you only need one Pap Crystal to make it sort of max effective, and that means that it's a really useful weapon to switch to in games where you've run out of Pap Crystals in your Acquisitions or your schematics, and then you can just switch to another regular bullet-based weapon in your next game after that.

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Speaking of bullet weapons, our next gun is actually two guns; it's the retti, but a kimbo. Now I think burst weapons are very underrated in Monare 3 Zombies. And once it's an lmg it's going to have 100 rounds per mag when papped and as you hold down the trigger the fire rate is going to increase, over time and you might think okay well that that's nothing new right but what's new is the mag of holding so this is now one of the best mag of holding weapons in the entire game because you can just shoot super fast and for as long as your heart desires, and it's going to be crazy powerful when you're doing so for bosses for example like the red worm or other bosses that are going to stand still and just let you shoot them this thing is insane it's just kind of terrible if you need to run around and be very Nimble but we have the retes for that right now the key to getting this load out specifically.


Is to get the weapon to max level okay that's your first step and then you need to go over here in the menus and look for the conversion, kit and it's that kit that is going to turn it from BR to lmg, next up is the hay taker which you might be a little surprised by because if we're saying the Lockwood's been knocked off its pedestal surely we're leaving the shotgun meta now but the heaker actually survived, that little round of Nerfs and it still shines amongst all of the other guns the reason for this is that the sludge count of the haaker, has not been reduced in the same way that the lockwoods, has so whack your sludge on make sure you've got a 20 round mag on it as well and when you do this you can basically just mow down entire hordes of zombies all at once even if you're in tier three for example and if you recall like with the Lockwood you'd have had to stand there and pump through each individual enemy whereas with this you can spray and prey which is really nice and it also means that this is perhaps, a little easier to use against bosses and just in general, it doesn't require.


The finesse and precision that the loquid did previously, so for me, the Haaker is my favorite shotgun in the game right now, and I think it's one of the best weapons, and because of that, it's the gun that I chose to record. My new dark ether-classified schematic farming articles with So if you want to see the best way to farm some of those new schematics from the new dark ether.

Now our next weapon is a real quick one; it's a fan favorite from previous seasons as well. It's the wasper Kimbo, and it's still super duper good. You can run the new Eldersigil with ease with this thing, and part of why I love it so much is just that it's fun. Like, who doesn't like a Kimbo SMG with a bunch of ammo?

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It's just a good time, so the Kimbo is definitely one to check out if you haven't already. Next up is another fan favorite. This is something that has come back plenty of times. Since it's buff at least and it's the VR 11 now. I didn't really want to include Wonder Weapons in the list, but it's just so incredible against the red worm and any special zombie, and now that you don't need to reload it when paired with the mag of holding, it's easily one of the top weapons in the game.

The new MW3 Zombies update in Season 2 reloaded NERFED the lockwood so there are NEW better upgraded guns to use.
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