News - Warzone 2 Zombies: All Side Easter Eggs & Hidden Secrets Updated For Season 1 2024


Rule waffles here. Now that the new season is out for Modern Warfare Zombies, I'm doing a new list of all the side Easter eggs in the mode. We'll cover stuff that was in the game at launch and stuff that was added in patches and in the new seasons. And I'll obviously be covering any new site Easter eggs that get added in the future, in upcoming articles so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss those our first side quest Easter egg is one of the most powerful ones in the game actually and it's the friendly hellhound to do this you just need to grab chunks of Flesh which you can get from one hit killing zombies with things like sniper rifles, or from the ACV escort when it runs over zombies that's a really good way to get the drops for this too and then you just need to bring the chunks of Flesh to a dog Canal there are canals all over Tier 1 tier 2 and tier three and depending on what tier you're in you need to bring a corresponding, number of chunks of Flesh so in tier three to get a tier Three Dog you need three chunks so pop the chunks of Flesh inside and out will pop your friendly hellhound this thing will revive you if you go down it will attack zombies for you and distract them it's crazy useful for distracting more powerful enemies as well like this disciple.

I can't do anything because it's just stuck sucking my dog. Wait what and so this Easter egg is great if you're in corp, but it's absolutely essential if you're playing solo and definitely worth doing in your game. Next up is the chess Easter egg. This is also known as the secret vault because there is a vault under Shaheen Mana that tells you that it is locked unless you complete the following steps: first, you need to go to this corner of the map and send a transmission to another area of the map, which is all very mysterious.

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Then you need to take down a named boss called The Rook, and again, you'll be able to send another transmission. Then you do the same thing with the Knight, and again another transmission from that and finally there's a named boss called the bishop and he will also drop a transmitter, that you need to send a signal from with all of those done you'll be able to go back to the Vault Under Shaheen mana and open up the Vault itself it will allow you to unlock it inside you'll find a whole bunch of loot but you'll also find a mimic in there called the king who you'll need to take down, or you'll pay with your life next up the blood burner this can be found all over the map actually it's got a whole bunch of different spawn points and this amazing website actually has a bunch of the spawns figured out so you can check them in your games and try and find the bike for yourself when you find the bike you'll discover that it can drive on water, which is insane.

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It self-heals, so it's not going to get destroyed super fast like the other vehicles. And if you run over zombies with it, it charges the bike up, and after about 15 kills, you'll get access to a pulse blast, which will kill anything in your immediate area, so this thing is crazy powerful, and I also didn't mention yet the bike talks to.

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It's nuts now this one's a real stretch but there are also radios that you can find around the map I wouldn't really call these side quests or Easter eggs per se but I've seen some people speculating, about them and so I wanted to just include them that yes there are a whole bunch of audio logs like 50 plus that you can find around the map next I wouldn't call this an Easter egg per se but it's very useful, if you find these ether tears around the map go into The Ether tear and then hold forward on your analog stick and pull your parachute straight away and after a couple of seconds you should notice a points canister in the sky that you can grab and once you've grabbed that first one keep going forwards and you'll see another one spawn in and you can get like 2, 000 to 3, 000 points from this every single time now something that is definitely an Easter egg is a reference to infinite Warfare Zombies that's been found in the mode I couldn't really believe my eyes when I found this because this means that the chaos story from Black Ops 4 and the infinite Warfare story are somehow.

Both canons are in the same universe now. It's very strange, but I guess it's pretty cool. Next up is an Easter egg that I actually found on stream. I was really shocked that I discovered this. Basically, if you go into Tier 3, you can find a little grave. For a fallen dog, it seems that a dog has passed away and a little shrine has been set up for it, but if you sacrifice your weapon to the grave, it will spit a couple of rewards back at you, and it will give you your weapon back without any Pack-a-Punch or weapon rarity left on it.


This means that you can recycle. Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch and stuff like that at the end of your game and get some crystals from it to use in your next match, so definitely worth doing if you're about to exit Tier 3 to xfill. Next up, there's a way to get every single perk for free in a kind of extended perkaholic.

Easter egg and I'm going to run through the method for each perk now in all of these you're going to need to copy locations that I'm showing you on my map I'll refer to grid squares but I'll also give you some recognizable landmarks so you know exactly where you're going I'll also show you a map with all the location on it at the end so you can quickly navigate between them all first of all though we're starting with Juggernog, pull up your map look for C3, and in the center of the grid Square you should see a little square building where I'm standing right now and just outside that square there are a few parasols set up and a few chairs around an old bonfire, where someone was eating garbanzo.


Beans aside, you need to bring a thermite or a Molotov to this location, or just something that can ignite fire and throw it at the remains of that bonfire. That's going to reignite the bonfire, and the little blue bunny rabbit that's sitting on the chair who's called Mr. Peaks is going to disappear.

That's an indicator that you've done this successfully, and you'll see a rift spawn, which will contain your free Juggernog. Now, a quick note on this: your teammates won't see that Rift portal; it doesn't work the same way as the reward portals from the mission contracts, so keep in mind that this is an Easter egg for you and not for them.

Next up is stamina; we're going to be in the top center of the D7, Grid Square, for this one, and you're going to be looking for this massive skyscraper. It's absolutely enormous; you can't miss it. Enter the skyscraper, head straight on, and then take a left after the elevator shaft to find Mr. Peaks waiting for us once again.

ALL the side quests, easter eggs, and secrets, in MW3 Zombies - INCLUDING all the new content added in Season 1.
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