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Season 2 reloaded introduced a new warlord into the ekan named Caris, so of course we need to go and kill her. Well, similarly to other warlords, Caris is not particularly hard; that's only true with proper preparation, so let's get to what we need to succeed here in terms of weapons. All you really need is a good old RG.

Blue Rarity is sufficient, and Punch 2 is recommended. I have a punch three here in the article, but I did this multiple times, and even the blue punch one works well since you'll be using the RGL. You definitely need a PhD Flopper perk so that the splash damage from explosions doesn't hurt yourself.

Speed PO for quick reloads is also highly recommended since you'll be spamming grenades left and right. Apart from the pergs, you want a durable gas mask with you. It's not strictly NE, but the whole battle area is gas, and the gas is extremely toxic, so there's no point making it harder on yourself than necessary.

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If you cannot find yourself a durable one, you can buy one at any buy station in the red zone for 4, 000 points. The last piece of the puzzle is a dog, at least tier two but better tier three, so as you play around and collect all the necessities. Keep an eye out for chunks of meat on the floor, and once you pick three of them, go into the red and get yourself a dogo once everything is in place.

The fortress key, since it's only found in safes in the strongholds You'll need a stronghold key first. You can get it from any camp or mercenary convoy, but since I didn't see any on the map in the immediate vicinity, I just went to a buying station and got one there for two grand. Now hit any stronghold, preferably in the low thread zone, though your rgl should make it a non-issue in medium as well.

Unlock the stronghold, but don't open the door right away. Instead, wait for the reinforcement helicopter to arrive and kill it with your RGL as it approaches. That way, you make sure nobody hits you from behind as you're clearing the place, then storm the stronghold and spam grenades at any movement until it's clear, which won't take long.

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unlock the door and run straight into the middle area of the killhouse, which is covered with thick red gas, which is exactly where Caris is. Start spamming your grenades in that general direction. In my first several runs. I actually managed to kill Caris with the first couple grenades, never actually getting to see her, but even if you're not that lucky, just keep it up, trying to kill Elites that swarm you from all sides as well.

Don't worry about going down; your dog has enough survival ability to keep reviving you if you go down over and over. As with all other warlords, Caris is quite allergic to rogue grenades, and she's likely to go down pretty fast once she's dead. You get a reward rift that contains a nice MCW. Build a random item and a wonder weapon case, considering how easy it is to take her down with the correct prep.

This might be the best way to find wonder weapons if you ever need to. If you want to push Caris for the 7 Minutes calling card, I recommend doing a prep run first with the Fortress key card. Self-revive three plates, a large bag, and three chunks of flesh in your backpack. Get a tombstone perk and die in a convenient location, then infield with our ether tool.

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PhD Flopper and Pop Crystal, grab your tomb, grab a dog, and go for a kill in the trial run. I did that within 5 minutes from Infield, so it's definitely possible. That's all I really have for the Caris visit today. I hope this was helpful.

How to easily kill the new, Season 2 Reloaded Warlord - Keres - holed up on Orlov Military Base in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Easy solo guide.
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