News - The Best Ar Warzone 2 Zombies With Mag Of Holding. Easy Solo Dark Aether


With the conversion kit, I've always been a bit hesitant because me and the MCW have never really just kind of seen eye to eye. Well, I brought it into Modern Warfare Zombies today, and I slapped on the mag of holding plus all the best stuff. We got a legendary ether tool plus a flawless crystal, and this thing actually blew me away.

Guys, we're going to test this thing out a bunch inside of the Red Zone, and then we're also going to go complete the Elder Dark ether completely solo. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. We just hit 14, 000 subscribers, and I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support lately.

I ended up setting a huge goal of 20, 000 subscribers that I would love to hit by the end of summer, and so far there's not a doubt in my mind that we won't hit that, so I really didn't want to waste any time here. Starting off, I just ran straight into the red-tier zone, and we got a contract doing an outlast.


Granted, this was before I got all of my perks, but even without them, like without Deadshot, this thing was still handling itself amazingly, just absolutely tearing through these tier three zombies like they were nothing. The great thing about this build is that we slapped on the purifier. So that way, if we ever run out of bullets, we can just switch to that thing immediately and delete whatever's in front of us.

Not too much out of this contract here, but this is when I decided to go and get my perks, and now this gun is starting to just be snappy as all hell. One of the things I've always loved about getting the Deadshot perk is that you can just sit there and spam your left trigger, like just aim in and out and fire at the same time, and it's almost like you have aimbots.

Just snpp into zombie heads even without the purifier. I'd say if you guys got the things to upgrade this thing, it does amazing in the red tier zone. I honestly think I've been absolutely sleeping on this weapon, especially with the conversion kit, because the way it is and with this load out, I'm just absolutely melting everything out here.


We ended up getting a weapon raid stash contract in here inside of the same building, and we're going to stand at the same spot, and we don't even have to move. Man, you're going to see me here. Like I said, once you run out of ammo, it's really easy to switch to that purifier, and then just tap it on these zombies.

I'm honestly so happy that they haven't nerfed this purifier, yet kind of surprised at the same time, but it's been really fun, and I don't think that it's going to get changed until season 3. Well, you never know; we might even get season 3, and they might not even touch it. I just recently did a article when I went around with a blood burner and a purifier, and I tried killing as many mega-abominations in a single match as I could, and we ended up killing 18.

I bet if you had a scorcher case, you could probably kill a bunch more. It's a great way to just kill these things in absolute seconds. Farm up some really good loot or just do the hardest things that there is to do in this game—just this flamethrower—makes it easy, not the greatest loot out of this contract either, and that's another thing, man.


I feel like I've been getting better things dropping from the mega-abominations than I've actually been getting from the loot out of the contracts themselves. Three loot lately is just kind of like booty cheeks to me. Look at these three mimics that tried to run up on me; they had absolutely no chance.


The third one did grab me, but he didn't live too long after. I would say if you guys got this conversion kit unlocked and you got a spare mags of holding, go ahead and throw it on here and try this thing. I think you guys will really like it. Look at this. I found this Mega Abomination just standing here, and I think he was glitched out because he refused to move at all; he didn't beam me; he didn't move; he didn't charge at me, which honestly made it quite hard to hit him right in that mouth where I needed to be just overrun with all of these zombies plus I had to cple on me and another Mangler, and like all this stuff, luckily this MCW is actually holding its own and I really didn't have to use the flamethrower too much honestly actually tried to avoid using it as much as possible unless I absolutely needed to yet again that's also what kind of makes this load out so op is that not only is just this MCW.

With the mags holding itself, but once you put the flamethrower with it too, you are unstoppable. Just like this Mega Abomination here, if you realize that you're out of ammo but you still have your flamethrower, you can deal with this guy in seconds, and look, this is exactly what I was talking about, guys.

This guy ended up dropping us an epic ether tool and a refined ether crystal. This is why I honestly think it's worth it to come in here and just farm the hell out of these things right now. I figured it was about time to head on into the Elder Dark Eternity, but we should do one more HVT. Before we go in there just to kind of see what this thing's doing on one of those, we ended up getting a Mangler now.


Mangler here inside the red-tier zone can be pretty tough, especially if you're not hitting him directly in the head or in that cannon. Now this MCW doesn't like to delete him instantly, but it also did a good enough job that I didn't feel like I had to bust out the flamethrower. Look at that—just another damn epic ether tool for me.

These things always ride on that line, and I'm not sure if I want to put them in my bag because I might get other stuff that I want to fill up. It's one of those things, plus we had all these straggler zombies that were running around, and this MCW handled all those guys with these. Now I decided to defeat one of these ether orbs, just to see if I could get a legendary ether tool out of here.

I ended up using up all of my damn ammo doing this, and I realized there was a mega Abomination right here, which kind of scared the [__] out of me, so I popped over to the flamethrower. And I just dealt with him right away with this gun as it stands right here, like with the mag of holding and how it's upgraded and everything.


This is just kind of like a take-care-of-all gun, and I'm absolutely loving it. Not only does the regular gun itself deal with things like the Red Zone really well, but if you're having trouble with any bosses or anything, you can just immediately switch over to the flamethrower. It's a win-win. So here we are; we are in the Elder Dark Eternity, and I'm going to grab my first contract here at our HVT.

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