News - Easy Dark Aether Strat Anyone Can Do Warzone 2 Zombies For Legendary Loot


Today we're going to be doing one of my favorite things to do whenever I'm running low on legendary items, and this is something that absolutely anybody can do. We're going to be completing the dark ether without a weapon. For those that have been around the channel quite a while, we've done this through all of the dark ether several times, and this is just a really good, easy way to build up that stash again.

The mind right now is looking pretty bare, so we're going to be hunting down some elder sigils for sure. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. We just hit 15, 000 subscribers. I cannot thank everybody enough for all the insane support lately. Right now, you can see me duplicating these decoys at the buy station, and don't worry about this automatic GS.

I wanted to bring it in here and just kind of try it out, and honestly, I'm not a fan. We're going to get right into this dark ether strap, but really quickly. I do want to give a huge shout-out to today's sponsor, Dam Mods, for sponsoring today's article. Whether you're tired of getting Shadow banned on War Zone or you really want to unlock that Bor Alis camo and Modern Warfare Zombies, damn mods has completely got you covered.


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Use code Ghost to check out for 5% off your entire order. So here we are guys we're in the dark ether and after suffering, quite a few crashes over the last couple of days I've missed out on a lot of really good loot mustache is looking pretty low so I wanted to show you guys this really easy strategy that you can use to build back up some of those legendary, items again and maybe get yourself some Elder sigil, just show you that completing the dark ether even without having some of that best stuff can be pretty easy now there's only two main things that you guys got to do to set up this strategy, and you're going to have to get enough Essence to buy yourself a jug then the other thing you're going to want to do is find yourself a couple ammo crates and duplicate.


The hell out of those decoys, and if you find some monkey bombs or cashmir, along the way be sure to stash those cuz those will definitely help you out as well cuz the zombies in here man they did something to this dark ether and there is a lot more zombies in here now you used to be able to come into the Elder dark ether and when you get the hvt on the mega you could throw down the Jug suit and while you're in there just stay aimed at him and there wasn't enough zombies to actually put you down but now, yeah, you can get taken down really quickly by just a sheer horde that's around you.

I'll knock you right out of that jug suit quickly, as you're going to notice here. I actually tried to lure him up out of the fog so that way I can at least tell where the majority of the horde is going to be coming from and I can at least try to take them out quick while I'm trying to aim at him at the same time.


At first, he was being stubborn, and he didn't want to come up here, but eventually, I was able to get him to follow me. He just had too many anuses. Lately, going down inside, that fog just because there's way too many zombies down there and you just can't see them, at least not until it's too late anyway.

Honestly, you guys don't know how much that means to me, and just thinking about how far we've come since the launch of Modern Warfare 3. I mean, we started Modern Warfare 3 with 5, 000 subscribers. That's right, guys. 5, 000, we gained 10, 000 subscribers. Since the start of Modern Warfare 3, you guys are just blowing my mind, and we may not be blowing up big like some of these guys quite yet, but we are on a really nice steady crawl, guys, and it really cannot be understated.

How much does that actually mean to me? Like I said before, my life has already started to change for the better, and I really have you guys to thank for that. We're in our jug suits here, and we're absolutely laying waste to this mega-abomination, making sure we take out a lot of these zombies that are coming towards us at the same time, because I don't want to go down in here.


I'm pretty sure I only brought myself in to do this too, so we only have one chance to go down with this guy. Finally, out of the way, he ended up dropping us an epic ether tool, we got a blood burner key, we got an eler sigil, which that's what I really needed, and then we got another self-R, so I think I'm going to pocket that just in case I even thought about leaving that blood burner key behind just because I've had so many of those things in my stash lately and I keep on destroying them just because they're either taking up space, or when I do bring them into the match, they either end up glitching out or bugging out, and it's just not really worth the hassle you really need to figure out that bike too because it is pretty cool if it actually worked right.


I'm not kidding when I say, guys, I had one time, and this might have just been a sheer coincidence. But I don't know; it seemed like it was just too perfect. I'm pretty sure it was tied to the blood burner in some sort of way, but I started a match and everything was fine. I ended up popping all the stuff in my bag, and then I ended up using my blood burner key.

As soon as I popped that blood burner key, my fov, like, shrunk down to 60; everything got all like laggy and pixelated for a minute, and then it just all of a sudden kicked me out that it could just be the Call of Duty servers being the Call of Duty servers. I'm pretty sure we all know how that goes, but I don't know, man, it was just too coincidental.

It all happened, like, right at the snap when I popped that blood burner key. Speaking of bugs, last night when I was playing this, beware when you're doing the dark ether as of recently, because I had it twice before when I was trying to activate the p&. As soon as I activated the PN over here in this holdout mission that I'm actually running to right now, I got stuck on the P&.


I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything. I was just stuck until the zombies put me down. Luckily, I did have a self-recess, and I was able to get back up and move around, and I was able to get out of the dark ether. But it ended up happening to me again when I was doing the ether extractors. It happened to me on the second one as soon as I finished with the ether extractor.

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