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150+ free mw3 rewards in season 3!

150+ free mw3 rewards in season 3!

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we're going to go over all the free potential rewards that you'll be able to get during the season 3 update. There's over 100 different rewards that you'll be able to unlock, and in this article. I'm going to section it off into all the different types of rewards so that way, when the season 3 update goes live, you're prepared and you already know what you're going to be grinding for.

Before we get into it, a quick word from our sponsor, {692}.

Free warzone gold ghost skin (claim now!)

Free caked up weapon blueprint (claim now!)

Free caked up weapon blueprint (claim now!)

Call of Duty This gives you the Caked Up weapon blueprint for the WSP Swarm. In order to unlock it, you simply have to go over to X or tweet at Call of Duty saying #, rebirthday.

How to get free stryker operator skin

With your action, If you want to opt into 511 tactical marketing, which is like a clothing brand, if you respond yes, they will end up sending you a code that you could redeem at {692}.

It will end up giving you this brand new Striker operator skin. The thing is, you're only going to be able to see it on War Zone Mobile, but apparently it crosses over into multiplayer, so with the season 3 update, it's going to be added to your multiplayer and your War Zone 2 account, and one thing I want to clarify is that the code itself is available for everyone worldwide.

The only thing that's for us is being able to text the number, so if you have a friend that can text that number for you and get you the code, you will be able to claim it on your account. No matter where you are now, you probably already know about those rewards.

Free season 3 sapphire operator bundle combat pack

Free season 3 sapphire operator bundle combat pack

Let's talk about something that's brand new. This is going to be the War Zone season 3 combat pack known as Sapphire, and this is going to be an operator skin that comes along with two weapon blueprints. Get things like calling cards, emblems, and decals. Pretty much all that, but the only thing that they show is this artwork right here, which is the operator skin as well as the weapon blueprint that she's holding on to, and it will be available starting on April 10th, so around a week after the season 3 update goes live, it's going to end up appearing in the PlayStation Store, and you will be able to receive it.

Along with that. PlayStation users will also get 24 hours of Double XP starting on April 18th and going until the 19th, so this is just a new combat pack that's coming in for season 3; we get one of these every season; it will be going away with the end of Modern Warfare 3, so the next Call of Duty will no longer be.

Free color blocked weapon bundle

Have this exclusive content if you want a free bundle for yourself and you don't have PlayStation, there is the Prime Gaming pack that's currently available. It is going to be replaced towards the end of next month, so in season 3, we are going to get a brand new bundle that is probably going to feature an operator.

This time around, unfortunately, doesn't it only have a couple of weapon blueprints? But nonetheless, it is free. If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can start a free trial and get this. I would recommend you start the trial on April 24th, the last day that this bundle will be available, so that way you'll be able to claim this one, claim the next one, and then cancel the trial, and you won't be charged anything. I will remind you guys when we have a new Prime pack that comes out just to let you know that there is a new bundle and what it looks like and all that good stuff, so you don't have to worry.

Free mw3 ranked play season 3 rewards

Free mw3 ranked play season 3 rewards

About that, the next set of rewards are the multiplayer and rank rewards. There's going to be three different categories of rewards you'll be able to get, for a total of over 50 rewards just from this area alone.

The first one is going to be the rank rewards; these haven't really changed, so they're not brand new. You can still work your way through the ranks, and towards the end, at rank 45, you get a camo, and at rank 50, you get an operator, a skin. Anyway, these haven't really changed, so they're not really new rewards, but the new ones are for season 3, and these are the ranked Challenge Rewards, so by getting five wins, you unlock yourself a sticker.

10 wins, you get a weapon blueprint; 20 wins, you get a weapon charm. 50 wins, you get what that is, like a decal or something like that; 75 wins, you get a loading screen; and finally, 100 wins, you get a weapon camo. These are the rewards that they showcased earlier on there's also the skill division rewards that get updated, and this is what they look like this time around unfortunately doesn't look like there's going to be any camo there was one last time but you can get operator skins so if you were to get to Diamond you'd unlock the diamond operator skin along with like the charm and emblem and the things that come along with it and this is just a photo of what they look like, usually not the best reward, from these if you already have the operator skin but anyways the next set of rewards are going to be for war zone and War Zone ranked is going to be changing to rebirth Island so you have rebirth Resurgence.

Rebirth resurgence ranked season 3 rewards

Rebirth resurgence ranked season 3 rewards

And that will also have its own set of rewards that are available. The first ones are the ranked ones that haven't really changed once again; it's the same exact thing you rank up for, and you'll be able to get these items; they don't change for the whole life cycle of Modern Warfare 3. You then have the season 3 rank challenges, and these are going to be Place the top 15 25 times, get the top five 25 times, and that unlocks the WSP weapon blue blueprint.

Before that, you get a large decal, then you get placed in the first place just once, and you will get a new weapon charm, and then it goes on. There's a loading screen at 100 kills or assist, and at 500 kills or assist, you get a war zone-ranked season 3 veteran weapon camo, and that's what you place.

It looks like there's skill division rewards, depending on your rank and what you place.

Season 3 free nuke champion quest operator & camo

There is a new Champion Quest that is available; this one's on Rebirth Island, and it's actually for Resurgence. So for the first time ever, Resurgence is getting new Champion Quest rewards to unlock a chance to do the new quest.

You can either get 30 Resurgence wins total for Rebirth Island in season 3, or you can get five wins in a row to activate. Once you complete the contract, you'll be able to get yourself this brand new operator skin. Along with that, there's a weapon blueprint, an animated calling card charm, and a sticker.

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