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Max frames and looks great!

Max frames and looks great!

My Modern Warfare 3 settings received rave reviews, and I've already tested them inside of Urzikstan. I got my first win using these settings, and I'm going to give you the best settings for all things war zone, including the keyboard and mouse controller, graphic settings, and even a way to make your game.

best console settings mw3

Look even more bright and vibrant, like you see in the background if you guys want to stay up to date on all things war zone tips tricks and guides you came to the right place make sure to subscribe so you find out before your opponents do without further Ado let's go ahead and run into it so I've mentioned this in the past I have ran all of these settings on the zombies map I've you know tested all of these as well not just kind of like a clip and ship give you the fastest graphic settings I went through and I tested these individually, over the Modern Warfare 3 engine and it's ported over to the exact same engine here inside war zone so we're going to go and start with keyboard and mouse first okay for keyboard and mouse I always say for Sensitivity I just set my sensitivity to whatever is one flick is a full 360°, turn for me for me that's at, 1600 DP DPI is 2.6 but in general as you see in my hand cam when I do one flick that for me is a perfect, 360.

Mouse & key settings

Okay, from there, I don't mess with anything else in here. Some people have suggested changing the monitor coefficient. I personally don't; I'm going to be giving an advanced guide in the future. There are some settings in here and in the config file that you can change that make things better, but.

best controller settings mw3

I haven't fully tested those yet and I don't want to give you any bad advice so just stay tuned for that for keybinds I have everything set here I'll kind of point out some things keybinds are a lot of personal preference I have Auto move forward set to G my prone and dive is set to the back button on my mouse so that way when I press that back button I can basically be aiming while I drop shot, control is my slide, open parachute is set there and then also a lot of this stuff is more for my Envision controller but we'll get to that here in a moment Interac I set to F open parachute is set to jump, fire weapon is all pretty much standard I have next weapon and previous weapon set to one and two so that way if I press one or I press two it's always swapping my weapons, fire mode is B.

Trying to think of anything else significant here, you guys can pause and take a look. The only other one that I would suggest is lethal equipment if you click your center mouse wheel, which allows you to aim and then throw it at the same time. I can't imagine why we would turn that off, so we'll just go to Ahad and try turning that on.

best fps settings mw3

We're going to have a movement guide coming in the next day or two as well, and I'll break into that setting there. I have a single tap run that will bring us straight into attack Sprint Clos backpack on Sprint will help you save your life if you're stuck inside of a backpack, some other key ones here, all of this turn off for your movement that's going to prevent you from auto-managing onto things you don't want to auto-managing on for slide dive activation for the mouse and key we want to have that set to Independent so that way we can slide or dive independently.

Because we have the luxury of having independent keybinds for it as well slide dive Behavior I have set to standard it doesn't really matter because once again we have independent key bindes make sure we turn off that auto deploy and for movement advance settings, everything here I just have set to mantle only so that way you're not doing the pull-up thing and then everything else is set to free sprinting door bash you want to have you make sure that it's on, as well combat Behavior one will have hold change Zoom activation for me is melee but you can change that as you see fit the only one that I would really suggest changing in here is depleted ammo weapon switch cuz that way if you run out of ammo and you try to switch your weapon.

And then the game switches it for you; it kind of causes a double switch for war zones. This is huge; make sure you have applied all armor plates on so that way you don't just put in one plate at a Time Stop One Plate at a Time stop. I still don't know why single or apply one is the default setting because that's probably horrible for a lot of players, free look activation I have always enabled, and then.

Everything else is a vehicle camera I have off, so if I'm looking over my shoulder as I'm driving around, I don't want that camera to pull me forward. I think that's a really obnoxious thing.

Controller settings

Controller settings

Outside of that, everything else I have set to standard. All right, let's go and move over to controllers. So you guys know I use the scuff and vision. There are some special settings that I'll mention here in a moment, but outside of them, they're for every controller player, so the controller is set here.

For my controller layout, I just have the default controller vibration. I would suggest turning off the dead zone. This is a big one; it defaults to like 15 or something. Set that as low as you can so you don't get stick drift. Okay, for me, it's 33. I can set it even lower if I want to, but I like to have, you know, zero stick drift.

Some players, like a lot of pro players, will put it on Z00 so they get intentional stick drift, so that way they're always getting rotational aim assists. It's kind of a little aim hack that I might mention in a future article, but for me, that's all I use for aiming. I use 66.8. If you don't know what your sensitivity is, I suggest starting there.

best graphics settings mw3

A lot of pro players use that, and most casual players are around there. That's a really good starting point. Okay, from there, we're going to make sure we have our dynamic response curve set, which is so key. You get so much rotational aim assist off of dynamic because it allows you to have fine, small movements and also wicked fast turns, so definitely have that set to dynamic.

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