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It'll have whatever numbers that it will have here; that's my monitor number, so that's the number that it does show display adapter, like I was saying my 39 DTI. My monitor refresh rate is going to be 240 Hz; basically, I'll get to that in a second, and also, my display resolution is 1440. But if you are not playing on 1440 and you're still playing on 1080, you need to get a 1440 monitor.

The difference is just how smooth the game is, especially if you have a lot of horsepower like I do. The game is a lot smoother, it looks a lot better, and there's a difference. Once you go to 1440, you'll never go back to 1080. I can guarantee you that it's a little pricey, but it's definitely worth that price, so I definitely suggest that you guys invest in a 1440 monitor.

That's just me, though the aspect ratio is going to be automatic. The reset Traders—that's like a default kind of setting that came with the game. Nothing too special here; the display game is going to be on 2.2. And minus set to 100, it's going to show 1440. For the upscaling and sharpening, a lot of people go through these sets and put on the wrong one, but the best one you want to put on is going to be the philadeli.

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FX Cash is the best one that you can do, and then once you do that, you crank this up to 100, and it makes the game look absolutely beautiful. Okay, I'm telling you this right now. Just take it from me: path tracing and R construction or reconstruction. Turn this off right here; it makes the game lag extremely hard.

best aim assist settings mw3

I've definitely had this on before and realized that it was making my PC lag, so we turn that off with the vram scale target. We set that to 70. Same thing for this variable rate shading we have that off that's pretty much set to just default, for the detail and textures we basically set everything to low because it's Call of Duty you don't need to have everything cranked up to the max so you have this set to low you have the texture filter that's going to be normal depth of fi make sure you turn that off because at a certain range the game will get blurry if you do have this on so make sure you do turn it off so you can definitely, be more viable at long range gunfights the detail, quality level we set that to low same thing with the particle resolution that set to low as well the bullet impact this is like a personal preference kind of thing I just turned them off because I really didn't care about that and that just kind of brought down the frames a little bit.

Precision effects, we also turn that off as well. You share the quality; we set that to absolutely low. I don't think there's a huge difference when you set this to high. Or at least it's not a difference I've ever seen before, but I said it's a low-keeping that as is, we have on-demand taxes right here, which allows the games to download things in the background but also does not affect your gameplay or like make the game lag at all; it just makes the game look a lot better.

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Just as is the case for the local texture streaming quality, set that to normal. Now for the Shadow and lighting Shadow quality and Screen space Shadows are both on to be set on low for the ambient a collision we set that to both the screen space reflection we set that to low static reflection quality is also on low, environment for testation we set that to absolutely near volumetric we set that to low same thing with the Deferred physic quality that's I'm low, same thing with this weather grid volume and water quality set that's low and basically off honestly with these settings right here you don't need to have these crank it's just basically water and just how the game looks in terms of like the sky stuff like that you don't want that crank too high to make your PC lag or just have less frames just because of water, for the view tab now of course for the field of view we set that to absolutely 120.

The ad's speed field of view is going to be unaffected; 120 is the best thing you can run in the game. In my personal opinion, it also does eliminate any sort of visual recoil that you could have possibly had on any gun in the entire game. The weapon field that's also set to Y also just allows the weapon to be a lot smaller, which, in my personal opinion, also does remove visual recoil as well.

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For the third person field of view we set that to 90 that's default same thing with the vehicle field of view that's also set to default as well now for this camera tab right here this is kind of a important tab right here want to make sure you have world and weapon motion blur set to off when if you have any of these headings on no matter what you do, at some point the game will look absolutely blurry so make you have both of these off so your game does not look blurry same thing with field G as well it also makes the game look a lot more staticy we going to set this to off so your game does not look staticy at all it makes it look a lot more clear, and for these last couple settings right here in terms of first person first person and third person these all set are just default, only thing I did change on here was going to be inverted flashbangs.

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For this audio for the audio tab right here, I'm going to go through this thing pretty quick because a lot of these settings right here are just based on what's plug into your PC. The only thing I really changed here was the audio mix. As I said, a headphone base boost is the best one that you want to run in the entire game; it literally allows you to hear everything.

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That's going on in the game so make sure you set that to headphone base boost for the master game audio of course set that to 100 so we can hear every single thing in the game and a lot of these other settings I just turned down because I just didn't care to hear them Extremely Loud or just didn't care to hear them at all, voice chat volume that's pretty much set to default a lot of these like I said are set to just default, into what you want to hear and what's plugged into your PC so I'm just going to just scroll through all these as much as fast as possible and only thing I did change on here as well is going to be the hit Market sound effect set to Modern Warfare or you just change it to Classic to like basically whatever you find more satisfying, you can do that so for the interface tab right here like I said a lot of these are also default to how you want your game to look I'm going just scroll through these right here only thing I did change on here as well is going to be the custom color my colors are, the custom, the custom.

Color, the color customization. In this game, a lot of people tell me that they don't like my colors because it just confuses them, but I'm going to be honest with you: I really don't care because this is how I want my game to look, so you can literally change these colors to whatever you want. To however you want, you can even create colors on here as well.

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