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Best controller settings mw3 season 2

Best controller settings mw3 season 2

In today's YouTube article, guys, I'm going to be showing you the new best controller settings here after the mid-season update here in season 2. Now, I do guarantee these settings will make you unstoppable, have a higher KD, win more gunfights, get those 100 kill games, and just see improvement overall.

Maybe you're new to my channel, maybe you're new to this article, and you don't know if you can trust my builds and settings. Here are my stats as of right now, here in season 2. Out of 85, 000 kills, I have a 7.49. KD, or my highest gun streak or kill streak, whatever you want to call it, is 98 without dying, and also, my highest kill game right now is 246.

best controller settings mw3

So far here in Modern Warfare 3 with the builds and the settings, I have a huge part in my settings here, and everything is my controller, which I run as an aim controller. I do promise so now getting into my settings guys for the first thing that we're going to be talking about here guys is going to be the controller vibrations, and you guys know me already I'm not going to go through every single thing here in the settings, we're only going to go things that you need to change here in Modern Warfare 3 as of right now which the first thing here is controller vibration now I'm sure a lot of you guys have controllers that have vibrators in them for me I have mine custom made which I don't have the vibrators in them so I have them removed so does help out a ton but for you guys you need to turn this off it is going to help out a ton and like I've said in my recent articles and everything and even on streams, the smallest things here in Call of Duty can get you killed.

Vibrations different lighting and everything—just small things like that can get you killed. Vibration needs to be turned off; it may take some time to get used to it, but I do guarantee that having this off and getting used to it is going to make you a better player, so 100%. Go ahead and turn this off here next guys we have our Dead Zone input which I think is really important for the last month since my last settings article I went ahead and tested out as many things as I can here and I do believe right here are the best Dead Zone settings here in Modern Warfare 3 your controller is very sensitive, you don't have to press down on your controller hard anymore like that it's not going to hurt the controller you're going to keep it healthy, you get to use the same controller for as long as you need here and if you don't have these settings your controller is going to wear down, it's going to break you'll have to get a new one and everything like that and you don't want to do that especially if you have an expensive controller like an aim controller.

Or anything like that, so having this on is going to make it more sensitive; you don't have to wear down your controller as much, and it is going to help out a ton, so of course you need to copy these down.

Best controller sensitivity & aim assist settings mw3 season 2

Best controller sensitivity & aim assist settings mw3 season 2

Next guys : We have our vertical and horizontal stick sensitivity under our aiming settings. Here now, this is going to help out a ton. You know, it's not too fast, it's not too slow, and I actually dropped it down from my last settings article, and I've actually realized a lot of these settings are actually faster than they normally feel like with 77.

Before then, I raised it up to eight to see if it was a little bit faster. I tried it out for a little bit, but it was actually getting too fast for me. I was kind of overlooking people, and I didn't want to do that, so I went ahead and dropped it down to 77. It did make me a little bit better. Also, with my ad sensitivity multiplier, I went ahead and dropped it down as well, from 0.95 to 090.

best modern warfare 3 settings

For me I do like Dynamic which I still think it is the best so of course we are going to be keeping it on now down here we're at our a assist settings here which I have changed a few things now we are going to keep Target a assist on if you have it off go ahead and turn that back on you're playing Call Duty wrong, just to let you know make sure to have this on you are going to be better if you're playing it off if you're trying to prove something I don't know what it is you know I know how keyboard mouse players can get saying you use Target aim assist or whatnot but hey I mean I like aim assist it makes me better so of course I am going to have it on here and for the aim assist type I actually changed mine from default.

And I actually went to Black Ops, although I did get nerfed in Modern Warfare 2 last year. I don't really know if it got rebuffed. Or, you know, reverted to the changes, but I have to say that with Black Ops, my aim has actually been better at those longer-range gunfights and everything else that you've seen in my rank-play articles.

best mw3 settings

The streams, the game plays, and everything. Black Ops a assist type is actually pretty good, so of course we are going to keep it on. Now, jumping over here to our gameplay settings, there are a few things that we need to change here, and the first thing that we're going to be talking about is going to be the automatic Sprint, which we have automatic tax Sprint now.

best settings modern warfare 3

This is going to help out a ton if you're just trying to be a little bit more aggressive now. It really just depends on your play style—if you're just kind of a slower, campy player or if you're just trying to get as many kills as possible. Level your guns up whatever you may be doing and just need a lot of kills if you're trying to play aggressive you want to have on automatic tag Sprint but if you don't really want to have that aggressive play style if you're more of a slower player, here in Call of Duty which is's nothing wrong with that you don't need to have this on but if you're watching this I'm sure you're trying to get better trying to get more kills and everything so you are going to put on automatic attack Sprint it is going to help out a ton especially if you're running like entry vest lightweight boots and everything you're basically going to be moving around like you have roller blades on no kidding it is going to help you move faster around the map which is really good.

Modern warfare 3 best settings Mw3 best controller settings Modern warfare 3 best controller settings. Stay Connected.
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