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Mw3 best controller settings season 2 reloaded

Mw3 best controller settings season 2 reloaded

In this article, we're going over the new best settings here in Modern Warfare 3 season 2 reloaded. There have been a lot of great changes to improve the way we approach long-range gunfights, and these settings are going to help you guys out 10-fold. If you guys are looking to improve your aim accuracy as well as your gun skills, I have some settings that are going to transform your game play for the better.

You guys are running now. I can guarantee you that some changes are going to be made. As you guys can see here, I am playing with an Xbox lead controller on my PC with one paddle on the back set up for jumping. Now I am going to add that these settings are going to work no matter what controller you are playing with or what console you are playing on; they are universal, and they work now.

best controller settings mw3

What you also want to go ahead and adjust is your button layout. You want to play tactical, which is going to be the absolute best button to play on no matter what controller you have. This is going to remap your Crouch and Prome buttons so you can press down on the right thumb stick, perform a drop shot, and get in and out of cover a lot faster because of all the movement changes we've had within the last couple of updates.

Running and gunning are now viable in Moder Warfare 3, luckily, so you'll be able to. Engage in close-range gunfights and win. A lot more of those are going to be to your benefit when you are playing tactical, and that's exactly why I run it now. What you also want to do is turn off your vibration.

I have not played with vibration since Call of Duty: World at War. If you are struggling with long-range engagement, which I know a lot of people are struggling with, this is going to allow you to have as little stick-play controller movement as possible, and it's going to allow you to focus on winning those longer-range gunfights.

I don't want my controller moving; I don't want any unnecessary play that could potentially throw me off, and if you guys are really struggling at those long-range engagements, try turning off that vibration. It's going to be a set that you either turn off and never turn it back on or turn it off, and maybe you like the vibration, but I feel like a lot of people are going to benefit from shutting it off now.

The Dead Zone inputs Luckily, here in Mod War 3, they do have a system where you can track your controller stick drift. Luckily, with a lot of the Xbox Elite controllers, we don't suffer from this, but if you are playing with a controller that you have used for a couple of years, this is a nice way to see if you need to make adjustments and compensate.

Mw3 best aim assist type season 2 reloaded

Mw3 best aim assist type season 2 reloaded

For stick play , Now, under the aiming category, you guys can see I am playing on a six-foot horizontal as well as a six-foot vertical. I have reduced my sensitivity back down after they went ahead and made a lot of Chang changes, improving the long-range performance, so I am even more accurate if you are looking to drastically improve your aim and gun skill.

I recommend you play within the 4 to 6 sensitivity window. This is going to be very important because anybody can take somebody out at close range and long range, where a lot of people are going to struggle, and I can guarantee you that after all the changes made and with the introduction of the Jack Glassless, this 4 to 6 window is going to be amazing.

best modern warfare 3 settings

You're going to be able to take out people at longer ranges and perform a turn-on if somebody is coming up from behind you or if somebody spawns behind you, which happens a lot here in multiplayer. Now, to go ahead and compensate for the higher sensitivity within the window, we are going to be playing on 055.

sensitivity in multiplayer; now this is one by default, but 055. Six 66 is going to be incredible, removing a lot of your thumb stick, specifically the right thumb stick, so you can be laser accurate at longer ranges. I highly recommend you guys playing on 055. With 66, if you guys are playing within the four-to-five window, you can go ahead and bump this up to 65; you're playing on five; and.

75; you're playing on four. You want to go ahead and compensate it by 10 every time you increase your sensitivity, but I do recommend you stay at six and keep it at 055. If you are playing on six and obviously adjust it accordingly, these are going to be some great settings in order to drastically improve your long-range performance.

best mw3 settings

After all the aim and accuracy changes, now what you also want to do here is play on linear; I am back to linear. I have not played on Dynamic since all of the changes have been made. I like to have the stick aim kind of match the aim rate, so you're able to go ahead and be as accurate as possible at longer ranges.

I do not want my iron tights or crosshairs to drift onto a different target that I'm not necessarily trying to take out first, and this is going to drastically improve your long-range performance overall. I highly recommend you guys switching to linear, especially if you are going to try out that four to six window, with, 055, up.

75 8 sensitivity in multiplayer, and then finally, you do want to go ahead and adjust your aim assist type to Black Ops. Black Ops is going to be the absolute best, giving us a little bit of an edge over default, which is a little bit more sticky. Aim so you can overall take a lot easier and honestly any and all ranges and obviously longer ranges here, which is what we're trying to go ahead and accomplish within this article.

These are going to be the best aiming settings you can run here in Modern Warfare 3 currently. Now for the game play settings, all I have done is switch to automatic tactical sprint, just so I can get around the map a little bit faster. I don't like to sit at the back of the map a lot. I like to go ahead and maneuver from position to position. This is overall going to speed some things up and make things a little bit more fluid, which, in my personal opinion, is going to be a massive I don't think anybody here likes to camp at the back of the map, so having an automatic tactical sprint is going to be incredibly important.

Mw3 best graphics settings season 2 reloaded

Mw3 best graphics settings season 2 reloaded

Now under the graphic settings, I highly recommend adjusting your fov within the 100 to 120 fov range.

I play on 120; I've been playing on it for a couple of years, but 100 is going to be a good setting as well. This is going to give you a bigger picture, and also, once you adjust your ad field, you will be affected. Guys, I'm telling you this right now. So many people I see play independently. Being independent is not what you want to do.

Modern Warfare 3 - Best MW3 Settings Season 1 Best MW3 Controller Settings in MW3 Season 1! Use these Best MW3 Best Controller Settings PS5XBOXPC to Improve Aim Accuracy in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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