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Best controller & aim assist settings mw3 season 3

Best controller & aim assist settings mw3 season 3

Maybe you're new to the channel, or maybe you're new to this article and don't know if you can trust my settings or builds. Here are my stats out of 97, 000 kills right now. I do have almost an 8K here in Modern Warfare 3. My highest kill streak is a 98-kill streak of 98 kills without dying, and my highest kill game is 246.

One thing that does help me out a ton here with my settings, though, is my controller, which I use as an aim controller. If you want a new controller, you may need one and want something better than a Scuf or a battle Beaver. If you buy one, I guarantee a first 100 kill game and a first MGB nuke the day you get it.

Make sure to go buy one now. Getting to my settings, guys, we are going to start with the controller settings here, which is obviously the most important thing here in today's article, and the first thing that we're going to be talking about here, guys, is going to be the controller, vibration. Now, next to me, people may think this, but this is actually pretty important.

best controller settings mw3

A grenade exploding, a door bashing open—just about everything here in Call of Duty can cause a vibration. When you get into a gunfight, your controller starts spazzing; it can throw your aim off, and like I say in my articles, the smallest things here in Call of Duty can get you killed if it's a setting.

If it's something in the game, something can happen 30 minutes before your aim gets you killed. It does happen all the time, so 100%. You have to get used to it; it may take a couple days or so, but having the controller vibration. Off is going to help out a ton, so make sure to have that off. Next, guys, we have our Dead Zone inputs.

best modern warfare 3 settings

I went ahead and redone all my settings here for my dead zones, and I do believe these are the best dead zone settings here in Modern Warfare 3 for a controller player. Now for my left stick, I do have it at zero, so I don't have to press down hard on my analog stick to run. It's going to make it a little bit more sensitive, so my analog sticks aren't taking as much of a hit, which is going to help my controller be a little bit more healthy.

Here, we are going to keep our left stick and our right stick's maximum input at 99. You don't want to change anything on that, and then we're going to put our right stick minimum input at two. I wouldn't go any lower than this, just because you're going to start making it's going to start aiming for you and you don't want that you still want to have full control of your analog sticks and everything, and then we're going to be doing for our left trigger and our right trigger is put it at 0, so this can help just be a little bit more sensitive on the triggers; maybe you have a new controller.

best mw3 settings

And this is going to be very helpful if you have a controller that has trigger stops in it and everything, but if you don't have anything like that, you can use a plain controller. These are some really good settings, so make sure to go ahead and copy them down. Next, guys, we have our aiming settings here, and my horizontal and vertical sensitivity here is 77.

I'm not going to change anything, and I saw on my last article on my settings article that a lot of people were saying they're like in 2020 or 1919. I just think that's too crazy. I'm going to keep it a buck with you, honestly. I feel like you're overlooking your targets. You're overmissing your shots and everything, and it may be just because you're on that high sensitivity.

I would recommend a 77; if you're running things any lower, I would bump it up to a 77; it's not too fast, and it's not too slow. You're not overlooking; you're not underlooking; it's just perfect in my opinion, so if you want to try this, I do recommend 77, which in my opinion is the best sensitivity here in Modern Warfare 3.

best settings modern warfare 3

Now for the ad sensitivity multiplier, I have mine back at 95. I had mine at 090 for a little bit, and I felt like I was moving a little bit too slowly, so I went back up to 095. You could even go back to 1 if you really wanted to, but I feel like 095 is just perfect. You know, it's not too fast, and it's not too slow.

It's kind of perfect, in my opinion, so I would run this. I do recommend 095. I wouldn't go any lower than 0–85. If you do, if you do change anything like this, and this is like advanced changing here in my opinion, 095 is in that sweet spot. I feel like it's a sweet spot here now for the aim response curve.

We have a dynamic, and we're not going to change that. I tell you every settings article I have uploaded here in Call of Duty. I mean every single Call of Duty article setting. Dynamic aim response curve type that has this setting Dynamic is by far your best option here in Call of Duty. There's nothing to change about it.

best settings mw3

Dynamic is the best, so make sure to have this on. Now we're going to jump down to our aim assist settings here next, and we have our target aim assist, and we have that on. If you have this off, I don't know what you're doing. You're playing this game wrong. Go ahead and turn that on. No, we don't have to talk about any longer aiming to assist.

Make sure to have that on your mind at all times. We're going to have it back on default. I've seen a lot of people say that Black Ops was nerfed. They actually buffed it somewhere. In at the late of Modern Warfare 2, just a little bit, nothing too crazy, there's a lot of pros that still run the Black Ops aim assist type, which is still good, but I went back to default a little bit before.

Season 3 dropped, and my aim has been fire; it's been spot on, and I have heard a lot of you guys say that my game plays have been phenomenal. My aim's on point and everything, which default aim assist is going to be your best go here, so make sure to have this on as well. Now we have our gameplay settings here, and there's only a few things that we need to change here, but the first thing very important that you change is going to be the automatic Sprint, which we're going to put on automatic tax Sprint.

cod mw3

Now that I have this on, I have to say personally, for me and I'm sure a lot of other people as well, that this helps us get more aggressive. We're moving faster around the map. We're not doing those light jogs; we're not sprinting; we're tack sprinting; we're just going crazy, full-running around the map that's going to help us be more aggressive.

And if you're starting to learn how to be aggressive and get that run and gun type of play style, this is going to be your first thing that you need to start getting used to automatic tack sprint. You got to know when to stop running when you can run when it's safe to run and everything, but automatic tag Sprint is going to be very helpful if you're trying to be aggressive.

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