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It's here by nwarqualy, and welcome to my best settings article for Modern Warfare 3 season 2 update, and I do want to reiterate real quick that this settings article will be perfect for anybody, whether you're on console or PC. I'm going to give you guys the best settings to pretty much optimize your game so that you can go crazy and do your best here within Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer as of the most recent update, and like I said in the intro, there are some secret settings that were added into this game that I want to talk about a little bit as I go through my controller settings, so watch the whole article so you guys don't, you know, lose sight of that purpose.

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Best mw3 controller settings season 2

Best mw3 controller settings season 2

And the reason why I play like this is because I play on a regular PS4 controller or PS5 controller if I'm my PS5, right now on my PC. And with this controller, I can jump using L2. Aim in with L1, shoot with R1, use my lethal R2, and then stim shot or heal, use a tactical X, and then drop shot or slide with R3.

And this just makes it so that I don't need this bias-specific controller to use anything like crazy and just get used to jump shooting and drop shooting way more effectively. That's all that matters, so adjust. You know, whatever you want to need, if you need more, you know to adjust for you know put it higher, if you don't need as much, you know to put it lower; and then my right trigger is actually on 50, because I tend to press my right trigger a lot, which is my lethal button, and I accidentally throw my throwing knives and grenades on accident, so I have it on 50, so I have more control over that, but if you use your triggers to shoot, make sure these are as low as possible.

aim response curve type mw3

Aiming sensitivity here is both eight and eight; it's not too fast and not too slow. If it's a little too on the low side, then I'm able to have better accuracy, but I won't be able to turn on people, and the opposite is true: if I put this to like 20, then I'll be able to turn on people very easily.

But I might not have the best of both worlds, so I have it in the middle, which is the best of both worlds, but at the end of the day, use whatever sensitivity you're comfortable with, and if you feel like you're going to have the best aim with AdSense multiplier here is locked because there's a setting further down that kind of nullifies this sensitivity multiplier is all one, vertical a Max is all standard.

best aim assist settings mw3

Tactical stance sensitivity multiplier leave it at one you can adjust this if you if you playing tack stance a lot I don't really do that aim response curve type I recommend Dynamic, the pro players have been playing like this since the start of mod for 2019 it's been proven that this gives you the most stickiest aim assist, and of course if you're going to use the aim response curve slope scale just leave it at one you don't really need to mess with this of course if you want to play on standard or linear you can go ahead and do so but Dynamic has been proven to be like the best setting essentially for aim response curve type all of this you guys can kind of see right here custom sensitivity per Zoom is on, and then I put low zoom and 2x/ 3X Zoom at 0.9.

best aim settings mw3

So I can have a little bit more sticky aim with these types of zooms, but if I'm using a higher zoom optic, then I use it at 1.20. Because it drags a little bit and I want it to drag a little bit faster so I can obviously destroy my opponents if they're a little bit farther away or up close Target aim assist on you know I'm a controller player got to have my aim assist on to have the sticky aim and get these keyboard and mouse players mad, aim assist type is default, default is usually the best cuz you don't lose any aim assist in any sort of situation, if you put on Precision or focusing, you are going to lose aim assist in certain situations so I wouldn't really recommend either of them, and then Black Ops is pretty much the same as default there's like no difference between them so you can use either one and see whatever feels better for you third person ads correction type just use assist motion sensor aiming I don't really use that gyro Behavior stuff so if you want to use it go for it but you're not going to see that on this channel automatic Sprints off I don't like having automatic Sprint on people always tell me why do you have it off just because I'm in more control of my character.

best controller settings mw3

I don't want to automatically sprint. Because you know campers going to have a better hand you know upper hand than me and be able to camp on me and with this I have more control and be able to turn on them if needed, and the same thing could be said a move forward it's the same general concept I have it off for that reason tactical Sprint Behavior double tap grounded mantle on automatic Airborne mantle off automatic ground mantle hang off slide SL dive Behavior, now as of this most recent update they added a little secret setting known as hybrid where you tap only the slide, and tap while holding Sprint and put to dive So you you're a little bit in more control of how you dive and how you slide in this game person L I use this.

And I try to, because this is perfect for the war zone, especially on Vand Del. If you're trying to jump from the roofs, if you slide from jumping off a roof, you get a little bit more momentum when you're parachuting. TX stance activation: you can even turn TX stance off if you don't want to use it at all to interact.

best mw3 controller settings

SL reload behavior: this is very important right here. I use tap to reload in multiware, but in war zone for my war zone enjoyers, use prioritize interact because this is going to allow you to loot immediately at the press of a button instead of holding down a button, so keep in mind tap to reload for multiplayer and prioritize and interact for war zone armor plate behavior apply all ads sck swap off backpack control directional buttons.

And then I think all of this here is default, and this is new. Freaking controller setting as well as the aimo behavior, which is going to help your aim technically once I tell you guys what this does, but basically you can either choose to shoot both pistols or both SMGs or whatever you're Kimbo, independently, so use L1 and R1 or L2 and R2 independently to shoot each pistol, or you can just do it paired.

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