News - Warzone's New Integration Is Adding Some Huge Updates

New warzone integration update revealed!

New warzone integration update revealed!

Ladies and gentlemen.

The warzone x warzone mobile integration update detailed

There's a lot of important stuff here as well, so squat up, drop in, and play War Zone anytime, anywhere. Here's everything you need to know about the launch, which is pretty standard. We know it's dropping on March 21st, and likely on the 21st. I'll have some gameplay and some general breakdowns.

If you're interested in the mobile side of things so be on the lookout for that, different symbols you need to know there's actually something pretty important here with the different designation for what's available in what now there is full-on crossover, content like I said so things from MW3 and MW2, right now and things that we experience in war zone right now are going to be directly available in war zone mobile and it'll be Tethered to your account so what you have unlocked now with your weapons attachments camos everything like that you can jump in with on mobile and vice versa you can unlock camos on mobile and then it'll be available for you in game when you jump back on your console or PC but there is specific content that's only used in MW2 only used in MW3, only used in Mobile so on and so forth there's connected tags so you obviously have that going on there pretty self-explanatory.

Here, I mean if it says it's designed for MW2. That should be about all the description you need. I'm not sure if all the paragraphs are necessary here, but regardless, into the War Zone Mobile Lobby, it's going to have a much cleaner UI. I will say, than standard War Zone's got now, so maybe we could get that updated for the console version and the PC version.

Cross progression content updates for warzone & warzone mobile

Cross progression content updates for warzone & warzone mobile

That'd be pretty cool if you've never played Call of Duty before or you don't wish to link your Activision ID, and I don't know why you wouldn't do that. Obviously, if you link your Activision ID, that's how you get all the content across all games, and that's what's really important here with the crossover.

But regardless, if you don't want to do that, you can still have BR in your hand. Simply start playing the game, leveling up, unlocking things, and so on and so forth. So game prep all players important that you log into your Activision ID to war zone mobile when you log into the game on the 21st, it'll let you do that there accessing your account it's important that you log into your Activision ID account the first time you start playing it look for the login rather than play now don't set up as a guest or anything like that pretty self-explanatory.


This is a pretty cool thing that I think will ultimately affect General War Zone as well, just because of the crossover content, daily login, and calendar. So even before you begin your first War Zone mobile match, you are rewarded with a free item. Thanks to the Daily Login, expect a variety of instantly accessible content available daily, including skins and blueprints.

So what this context refers to is that once we start logging in and seeing these daily rewards, the designations are for use only in war zone mobile are things like the XP tokens which are Universal available across the board, and basically, just by logging into war zone mobile, you can actually access across the board and basically just cheese-free content like crazy, just for simply opening up the app on a day-to-day basis, so that is a big W across the board for mobile and for general war zone as well.

modern warfare 3

So the term parody in this context refers to the content that is connected across MW2. MW3, war zone, and war zone mobile, so you've got your standard profile, which is very self-explanatory. Here there will be a full combat record here with Battle Royale and multiplayer, including time played matches played, KD ratio wins, win-loss ratios, and multiplayer.


More granular details regarding your favorite loadouts and other information are also going to be available, so fullon combat record right at launch. Something Call of Duty has not done in some time there cross progression of course we've talked about before MW3, and War Zone players who link their Activision IDs to war zone mobile should expect everything to transfer over player progression is now linked to all three games regardless of what you're playing for instance the battle pass here fully connected across all games so if you need to get an extra tier real quick you can hop on your phone and get it done or you could hop on your PC or console and get it done as well so really cool really convenient, there for sure, war zone mobile content and parody so new players can purchase one of the new battle passes and spend the time remaining within season 2 to unlock this until the start of the new season on April 3rd so we do get a full-on confirmation.

Season 3 across the board for all three games connected now is dropping on April 3rd. That's going to be our next major update within War Zone, and we should have official details on that in the coming days and weeks, after which any locked content becomes unavailable. Of course, it's designed for War Zone Mobile specifically.

Players can expect five additional items within the season 2 battle pass: a new blueprint, a new emblem, a new large decal, a new calling card, and then a secondary new blueprint, once for the M16 and once for the SO4. So if you are a specific War Zone mobile player, there is some exclusive content you can earn there that will not cross over.

Obviously, the standard version of the game Modern Warfare Zombies contains zombie-related items within the battle pass that are not in war zone mobile, since zombies are not available through Cod mobile or war zone mobile that's connected to this game there with the cross progression. If you already purchased season 2's battle pass and unlocked some of the items contained, you'll find those in the game itself.

Moving forward, you'll have full battle pass cross-progression, meaning the purchase of season 3's black seller battle pass offering in any game will unlock for all games regardless of which one you play.

Easy free rewards for warzone explained

Easy free rewards for warzone explained

War Zone Mobile, which you'll find here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications.

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