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New warzone update & modern warfare 3 update now live!

New warzone update & modern warfare 3 update now live!

Ladies and gentlemen.

New update patch notes & changes in warzone & mw3

Of this account but also a couple of other things they have revealed in the recent days, so initially here is a pretty big one for Modern Warfare Zombies. An update was released earlier today that addressed an issue where some players were unable to progress through Modern Warfare 2 weapon camo challenges.

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After the Modern Warfare 3 season 1 update, this has been an ongoing issue for a lot of MW2, especially for those who are going for their bioluminescent. Mastery camo grind on those weapons probably found that as you're going through certain ones just straight up do not track whatsoever now it's convenient in the sense that you don't have to do every single MW2 gun to get bioluminescent, you can sort of pick and choose what weapons you want to go for so if you do find one that's bugged you can always move on to a different one and it won't like necessarily halt your progress by any means but it is a significant problem that's been on going so according to the Cod updates Twitter account that is now updated that is now fixed, that said there are still some unlock issues with a lot of MW2, weapons in specific like I know for instance the iso 9mm, it's unlock criter IA challenge for MW3.

Just doesn't work, so as an alternative, just a heads-up little PSA here. If you want to unlock an MW2 gun that is not currently tracking correctly, you can always go into zombies and try to find it from a wall, the mystery box, or ground loot, and if you fill with that gun, just like back in DMZ.

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It'll then unlock for you, and you don't have to do the actual unlock challenge for it that applies to anything you don't have, you know, unlocked here in MW3, or MW2, so a little heads up there, but yeah, ultimately, the camo challenge on MW2 guns should be working as intended. Now Call of Duty updates has also previewed another new fix inbound here for war zone they say they're investigating an issue causing some melee hits to do more damage than intended so we know melee spam in war zone is always kind of been a wonky thing sometimes we see crazy lunges that are way too overpowered, or randomly it'll feel like you get to hit melee when it shouldn't be that quick of a death so nice to see that they are looking into this and updating that melee mechanic so it's not as easily abused or random and ends your you know gameplay because you just happen to get unlucky and that melee hit did do more damage than it was supposed to do and then this update is particularly surprising, because it's actually not MW3.

And it's not a war zone; it's a DMZ. I wasn't expecting this tweet at all, but CAU updates did say, Hey in DMZ, we've released a small update that temporarily removes disguises from the loop pool while they investigate an issue. I'm going to be honest; I didn't know they were actively investigating things with DMZ. Obviously, we know it's not getting any new updates or any new major changes because it's not a part of MW3, it just simply exists, so you can play it if you want, but it's nice to see that they are still actually going through and fixing some issues, or at least looking into some issues, here and there, so if you're still going back and playing DMZ, you do have some good news there.

Where is the new warzone meta update & interceptor nerf?

Where is the new warzone meta update & interceptor nerf?

Now I know what a lot of you are probably wondering, Zach. What's going on with this weapon update? This meta update that's coming that Raven previewed and said. Hey, next week we've got a weapons update coming; it is next week now, and they guaranteed an MTZ Interceptor Nerf was coming well as of right now still not live, which is kind of inconvenient to say the least.

Wednesday, or tomorrow. Thursday, and if it's not live today. Obviously, we didn't go live yesterday. The process of elimination will begin tomorrow. On Thursday, we should see this update go live, and another curious thing to look out for is the PlayStation. The game-side Twitter account did post that a new title update has actually been added to the database, so the 1.37.

Title update could potentially be coming alongside this weapons update tomorrow. We actually have, like, a physical download for this. We did see a weird-like gig and a half update go live on PC earlier this week, back on Tuesday. But there weren't any patch notes or changes associated with that, so we're not too sure what that was about, but we could apparently have a title update going live with this, so something to keep an eye on there. It is also It's possible that maybe this is just the early season 1 reloaded title update, but for that, we're just going to have to wait and see, obviously, but we do know for a fact that yes, this meta update is still coming, and if it's not today, it's got to.

New aftermarket update in warzone & mw3

New aftermarket update in warzone & mw3

I wanted to give a shout-out to my friends over at Gfuel.

Start your 2012 off-right feeling energized and focused. You already know when I need that quick and easy boost. I'm going right for a fresh cup of g-fuel right now; my go-to flavors have got to be hype sauce. Now, as a part of today's update We also ended up getting our new weekly update, the new aftermarket update, which features a new aftermarket part this time for the AM9.

It's called the Eton aftermarket part, and this is actually a double barrel mod, so it's like in a Kimbo AM9. In a sense, obviously, it says that this is the final week listed currently with week six, but know that next week with season one reloaded, we're still going to have week seven and week eight drop, obviously, so you can go through and complete the coherence camo, but of course, with week six, we now have a bunch of new challenges to complete.

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You only have to complete five to unlock this aftermarket part between multiplayer, zombies, and Battle Royale, so you can mix and match however you please, but for multiplayer, you initially get 30 operator hipfire kills with a recommended weapon. Get 10 operator double kills with the recommended SMGs.

That's especially easy, and like hardcore, Get 15 operator-point blank kills with the AR9, so you have to be right up in their face. Get three operator kills without dying five times with recommended SMGs; get 30 operator kills while moving with the AR9. Get 10 operator double kills with recommended lmgs, then get five operator kills after reloading with recommended lmgs, so a couple of these you might be able to double up on, but for the most part, these are relatively individual challenges this week for zombies.

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For this one, you need to get 500 hipfire kills for a recommended weapon, which is pretty straightforward. Get five rapid kills 15 times with the recommended SMGs. Get 300 kills with the AR9 while using five attachments, obviously fully loaded there. Get 10 consecutive kills without taking damage with the recommended SMGs.

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