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Warzone has seemingly forgotten about battle royale

Warzone has seemingly forgotten about battle royale

ladies and gentlemen. In Battle Royale, when can we expect this?

Battle royale updates have slowed down a ton in warzone␙s recent seasons

modern warfare 3

That way, you'll never miss that need-to-know information. So I mean since the launch of War Zone 3 here the Modern Warfare 3 integration, obviously, the focus has kind of been split amongst a handful of things initially it was ö stand being the main focus our next big battle royale map and for the most part I feel like it's a pretty good map it flows well there's a lot of diversity in the types of fights you can get into whether you're fighting in downtown, or up at power or on a random Farm or something right like there's a lot of different types of engagements there some of the ltms that they've done whether it be Resurgence on ersan or the mini Royale stuff it's been pretty enjoyable up until this point it's not my favorite map it's not my least favorite map it just kind of is what it is but then pretty quickly into the in season content in the in-ear content with Season 2 Season 3 now a lot of the focus has shifted away from ekhan, and from Battle Royale even towards Resurgence.

Season 2 was a heavily focused Resurgence season with the reintroduction of Fortune's Keep. A lot of the main season 2 launch updates and even the mid-season updates were based around. Resurgence and primarily Fortune's Keep this season; obviously, it's Rebirth Island that's got all the focus and all the hype behind it, and we know that in the coming weeks leading up to, you know.

Season 3 Reloaded, it's going to be even more Resurgence-based stuff, adding in the infill strikes to change the map around then. Season 3 Reloaded is going to introduce several new features and updates based around rebirth gameplay, so a lot of this focus is on Resurgence, whether it be the week-to-week playlist updates or the grander, seasonal content, which is unfortunate if you are a primary Battle Royale player or fan of Ersan, as opposed to standard Resurgence gameplay.

And so if you're waiting for updates, maybe you want to see things change around on ö. There are some empty spaces where the POIS could be updated, and it would probably help with the overall flow of the map even by adding in new modes and new LTMs. That stuff seems a lot more focused on Resurgence so far and not nearly as much on Battle Royale.

Battle royale ranked play & the state of ranked in warzone

Battle royale ranked play & the state of ranked in warzone

A big thing recently that I've seen a lot of complaints about is the updates to ranked play this year, obviously dating back to War Zone 2. A ranked play was played in Battle Royale on Al Mazra on the big map, and that was it, and that's sort of what we always expected ranked to be, and of course, just recently with season 2, we saw the reintroduction of ranked play within War Zone, but this time it's for Resurgence.

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Yet again, avoiding that Battle Royale update and bringing it to Resurgence instead. And ranked play initially started out on fortunes, keeping it there for season 2, and it was what it was again, maybe good to you or bad to you depending on how you feel about it. This season now they've shifted over to rebirth ranked and a lot of the questions so far have been well what about Battle Royale ranked are we going to see ranked on the big map I'd much prefer, that style of gameplay there where it's a more standard ranked rule set the death penalties aren't there you know it's just that standard ranked gameplay that we had before, well I've been a part of various different Dev calls over the course of the year so far dating back to just prior to season 2 dropping when ranked was initially talked about and then most recently, also prior to season 3 dropping, and actually Battle Royale ranked was brought up in each of those calls in initially prior to ranked dropping at all in MW3 war zone we were told that ranked was going to have its main focus on Resurgence to start, however big map Battle Royale ranked was going to be coming quote unquote.


Later this year, so that's obviously very ambiguous; that could have meant season 3; obviously, it didn't mean season 4 could mean season 5. I'd be really disappointed if it were season 6, meaning we'd only have one season before the Gulf War integration would take place, right? But that was the initial, you know, tease there later this year; we'll have more information to share at a later point in time, so it was asked about again prior to season 3 dropping.

Okay, we know ranked is coming to rebirth in season 3; anything to share about Battle Royale ranked, and again, they just said we have plans to talk about Battle Royale ranked at a future point in time at a later date, so once again, kind of a non-answer, just a very ambiguous teaser. Battle Royale ranking is going to happen at some point during Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone's lifespan this year; it's just a matter of when, but at this point, it's starting to get to that concern where the Battle Royale players.

Want to stick around for that long? I guess that's the best way to say that there's already been a lack of interest in Battle Royale from an update standpoint, where not much is changing on Zigan. We're not seeing map updates, and we're not seeing POI updates. Okay, well, what about modes on that?

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Well, again, there's not much going on there ranked play to be determined; there's no real ETA there, so it's just a long waiting game, and it seems like really Battle Royale has been pushed to the side, sort of forgotten about in several ways, in favor of resurgence, and that's happening because resurgence is holding more players; we don't obviously have the exact data in the player base.

You know totals from mode to mode or even just in general outside of steam charts, which isn't super relevant, but it's pretty clear that Resurgence caters to the majority of players the more casual play style. I know you're going to say, but all my Resurgence games are super sweaty and it's constant, you know, yys and slide cancels, but ultimately.

Resurgence is where the vast majority of the player base lies, and that's why they're catering more to that now, but Battle Royale is still the core of the war zone, and these updates are as forgotten as they have been the past couple of seasons. Should be coming at some point in time, and part of this, especially with the ranked play The focus here has me wondering what exactly they're going to do with the evolution of Battle Royale long-term, especially when it comes to big maps.

Battle Royale, obviously. Now we've seen the reintroduction of several older war zone maps, of course. Resurgence this year launched with Ashika Island and Vonell from War Zone 2. We've seen the reintroduction of Fortune's Keep and now rebirth.

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