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New mw3 & warzone update is now live!

New mw3 & warzone update is now live!

It is once again update day here in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone.

General update details for warzone 3 & modern warfare 3

As far as today's update actually goes , it is just more so than that standard routine weekly update, so that means you shouldn't require any major downloads for this one or anything; it should just be that the whole update requires a restart.

When you boot up your game, the update requires a restart; your game goes through its automatic restart, and you're good to go. Everything will be automatically applied there. That said, there will be a major upcoming update that will be a title update that everyone's going to have to download with, of course, season 2 reloaded next week, so just be on the lookout for that.

New mini update patch notes & compensation from call of duty

modern warfare 3

As for today's update, we have some new content and some new gameplay changes. There are quite a few things to break down, starting first with a couple of new posts from Call of Duty. One is again in response to the major outage and server problems that we were having later on last week, and Cod says this: We appreciated everyone's patience as we worked through server issues last week.

1 hour of battle pass XP and 1 hour of double weapon XP as well, and that'll automatically be applied to your inventory, so a couple of makeup things We got the double skulls on the horde hunt, we got some bonus Double XP as like an event, and some tokens are still nothing all that crazy. Know, I'm just saying 13, 000.

Cod points would have been pretty cool, but hey, that's just me. Regardless, those are their quote-unquote compensation things for having basically a whole day where Cod was down. Now we also have a brand new post from Cod Updates in regards to a pretty big thing changing in the game. They say a new update's now live for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer war zone and Modern Warfare Zombies.

modern warfare 3 new update

The underbarrel launcher attachments have been temporarily disabled while we investigate an exploit allowing players to fire unlimited projectiles. You might have seen in some recent cheating clips that players found a way to make it so that their underbarrel launchers, like, for instance, the underbarrel grenade launcher, can fire infinitely at a ridiculously fast fire rate without having one limited ammo or two, or, like, cool down on the reload; it kind of just automatically refills.

And you can just spam it, so aimbots and hackers were using this to absolutely decimate lobbies, and people are even able to just exploit it and make it like it's a whole cheesy thing, so they just went through, and you can't use any under Barrel launcher attachments for the time being. Now they will put out an update that somehow addresses that exploit, and they'll be back at some point in the future, but there's no ETA for that, and I mean, let's be honest with how Ricochet works.

It's probably still going to return at some point in time now that cheaters have figured out they can go through and do that with their various different hacks, so we'll have to wait and see what exactly the full fix for that is in the coming days and potentially weeks, but as of right now, no underbarrel launchers are available across the board in any mode.

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New aftermarket part update in warzone & modern warfare 3

New aftermarket part update in warzone & modern warfare 3

Now, per usual, with our weekly updates, we do have a brand new set of weekly challenges now live, so if you go into your submenus here, the week four challenges are now up, and with this, we've got a bunch of new challenges to go through between multiplayer zombies and Battle Royale. This week's ultimate reward is going to be a new aftermarket part.

This is the Jack Glassless Optic, so just a basic universal optic that you can use across the board, and of course you also get one more tier progression towards the rotten Inferno, Camo, as well. If you go through and complete any five challenges between multiplayer zombies and BR, you could do two in one category, one in the next, and two in the next.

modern warfare 3 patch notes

You can do all five in one, but it doesn't really matter so long as you do five in total for multiplayer. Our challenges This week, get 20 operator Aikimbo kills with a recommended weapon. You also have to get seven operator close call kills, which I believe are just near death kills. No attachments equipped to a recommended weapon; get 15 operator-clean kills with a suppressed recommended lmg; get three operator kills with one magazine five times with recommended rifles.

Get 30 operator kills with alternate ammo equipped to a recommended assault rifle, Get 20 operator-tack stance kills with recommended assault rifles. Get three operator triple kills with recommended battle rifles for zombies this week. Get 100 kills with a recommended LMG with toxic damage. Get 20 kills with a recommended LMG without reloading 10 times.

Get 100 kills with a recommended battle rifle. Get 200 kills with an akimbo-recommended weapon. 300 kills with a pack-a-punched lmg, 250 kills with a recommended assault rifle while Speed Cola is active, and 10 mercenary Sergeant kills with a recommended lmg, so you could do several of these in one game if you're using an lmg.

Then, lastly, for Battle Royale, per usual, the first four are always the same; it's going to be to open 20 different loot caches in the various regions of the Northwest. Eastern, Southern, and then Central; you also have to complete 15 general contracts. Place in the top 10 five times, then get 40 operator kills or kill assists.

Keep in mind that you can do these outside of just the specific Battle Royale playlist; they work in any playlist as long as you're on the correct map for some of them as well. There are a handful of new challenges to go through and complete again—nothing too tedious or too difficult, just, you know, pretty basic and straightforward ones that should require a couple of games.

New walking dead event update in warzone & modern warfare 3

New walking dead event update in warzone & modern warfare 3

Then our next part of today's update is, of course, our new event update, and today we got the debut of The Walking Dead: Fear the Living Event, which the Michael operator did drop earlier this week, but this is a brand new event that's only lasting one week, so you'll definitely want to jump on and get these rewards if you're interested in them.

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