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New mw3 update & warzone update is now live!

New mw3 update & warzone update is now live!

ladies and gentlemen. It's, of course, Wednesday, and that means it's update day here in the war zone in Modern Warfare 3.

New warzone update general details

It is our standard routine weekly update, so for this one there's no major download or anything associated with it; you'll just get hit with the whole update, which requires a restart screen.

As long as you go through that cycle, you're good to go. All the changes in today's update will be automatically applied. As far as when we can expect that next major title update, it should be happening on May 1st. That's when season 3 Reloaded should be happening, so we're just a couple of weeks out from that, so be prepared.

New patch notes & changes in warzone & mw3

But as for today, just more of a routine, hot fix style Update: Now that said, we do have a couple of new things that Call of Duty has announced. They are investigating some things that have changed in the past 24 hours, so the first bit of information actually stems from Sledgehammer's Reddit account.


They've also confirmed this several times on Twitter to various different users in responses to them, but I know several of you are going to be very happy to hear this. When they initially posted their Reddit thread about the patch notes that dropped yesterday, they were getting hounded. With comments saying, Hey, what about the memory leak on the PC?

What's going on with the RAM issues on the PC? Definitely a pretty impactful issue, not a fun one to have to run into. We also have a couple of new updates from Cod over on Twitter. They do say that they are investigating an issue for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone preventing players from customizing their emblems.

If you go through and try to add in a custom emblem or change your custom emblem, it just kicks you back to the main menu, so you're not even able to adjust it. It's definitely not the most major bug ever, but it's definitely annoying nonetheless. If you're actively trying to do that, then so is the war zone.

They say a new update is out. This is another big one. Here we've deployed a fix to address a collision issue on rebirth islands that allowed players to exploit geography, so you might have seen if you've been actively playing some rebirth since launch that there are some certain spots on the map that players were cheesing to actually get, basically inside of the map inside of machinery and stuff to a point where they could then shoot outside.

Of it and take you out; they were stuck inside in a place that you couldn't actually see; they were just exploding into the map, and they were able to win games or take out players from that super obnoxious bug, but they do say they have fixed those collision issues, so hopefully we don't run into any more of those situations.

New aftermarket update & weekly challenges in modern warfare 3/warzone

New aftermarket update & weekly challenges in modern warfare 3/warzone

Unrivaled speed and stability while aiming down sights, and per usual, you have to complete any five challenges between multiplayer zombies. In Battle Royale for multiplayer this week, you're going to need to get 15 operator kills after reloading with recommended SMGs. Five operators kill with the gun butt of a recommended weapon placed on the top of the leaderboard.

Three times, they get five kills while using lethal weapons on operators who are affected by a shock stick. Get eight operator headshot kills with recommended handguns; get 15 kills against operators who are blinded or stunned with recommended subs; and get two operator kills in a row without taking damage with recommended SMGs, five times for zombies.

Get five rapid kills. 20 times with a recommended sub. Get 50 melee mercenary kills with a recommended weapon. Get 10 mangler kills with a recommended weapon. 50 hellhound kills with a recommended weapon 100 kills in a single deployment five different times with a recommended weapon Get 200 fire damage kills with a recommended sub and 150 critical kills with a recommended pistol, and then for Battle Royale this week, it's going to be pretty standard for the first four; as always, this one's going to be taking place on Rebirth Island, and it's to get kills in the various different areas, so Northeast and Northwest.

They also the central region as well they also want you to place in the top 10 seven times, revive a teammate 15 times, and open its 75 loot caches. If you do any five of those, you'll get the Jack Cutthroat stock, then also one more tier of progression towards the allegiances. Camo as well, which obviously won't be available to earn until week eight.

New aftermarket stock stats explained

New aftermarket stock stats explained

Now, as far as this Jack Cutthroat stock goes, based on the description, you probably think it's going to be like some crazy new meta attachment. It does have some very fun pros, although its limitations are, I think, worth noting, so initially, this is not universal.

Available stock By that. I mean according to the blog. Sledgehammer has detailed the aftermarket parts; this is only available on the MCW. MTZ M4, and AR9 platforms, so it's pretty specific on what guns you can actually use it on, and then when it comes to its pros and cons, it gives you absolutely insane strafe speed.

So if you're going for a build that's really just focused on that, this would definitely be the go-to option for that, but outside of that, it is going to come with a decent cost of control and also it's going to hurt your aiming idle sway as well, so for like range-based builds, this wouldn't really be an option; it's definitely more so meant for like the close range exclusively, really.

I would say.

New xp event in warzone & modern warfare 3

Also, we obviously do have one more week left of the blaze-up and high-trip event going on within War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, but new as of today is the fact that a double XP weekend is going to kick off this weekend on Friday, so we've also got that to look forward to.

New playlist update in modern warfare 3

New playlist update in modern warfare 3

To wrap things up, we do have a new playlist update live, at least on the multiplayer side of things, so per usual, we've got our quickplay stuff available for core and hardcore.

We've got the 10 V10 Mosh Pit, the small mat Mosh Pit featuring Doss House emergency now Stash House rust shipment, and meat. We've also got one in the chamber here, the season 3 Mosh Pit, which features a six-star emergency grow house in Tanked. We've got the war mode: cutthroat, gunfight, ground war, and invasion.

On the war zone side of things, we know that our playlist updates here are always kind of awkward because they're like partially staggered, so while an update could be dropping later today for a playlist here, we also could see one happen tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific time as well, but I wouldn't expect too many changes here, at least with the main featured stuff.

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