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New warzone & mw3 update changes revealed

New warzone & mw3 update changes revealed

It is, of course, Wednesday, and that means it is update day here in Modern Warfare 3: War Zone. Today we got some new changes live in the game, featuring some brand new content. There's actually sort of a secretive, free content update you can take advantage of as well, and we've got some new details on the future of cod to break down.

That is pretty exciting in one regard, so .

New mini update patch notes in mw3 & warzone

diving right in Initially, with Cod updates, we always try to check out the Twitter account through the X account, week to week, because they're pretty consistently posting about new patch notes that are out in game or previewing other things. the past couple of days they really haven't posted all that much that we haven't already covered in previous articles but a slight update that they did tweet out in regards to an issue from earlier on this week is that the whole gas up weapon Vault bundle that was in the store it was listed at 3, 400 Cod points a, more than it should have been or so they say, but if you ended up buying that bundle at 3, 400.

Cod points they have now refunded 1, 000 Cod points to you and then the correct price of that bundle is 400. Cod points so if you see that in the store now it should be the correct price still a little overpriced in my opinion like most bundles in this game but anyways I digress Let's talk about some free stuff because that's way better than paid bundles, right?.

New secret free reward in warzone & modern warfare 3

New secret free reward in warzone & modern warfare 3

It's a Monster Energy-themed one. It looks all right.

It's free, though, at the end of the day, and who doesn't like free stuff ?.

New call of duty game pass update

right, and then another slight sort of out-of-game update that we've gotten over the past couple of days is in regards to the future of Call of Duty: Game Pass. There's been a lot of talk about this recently obviously with the whole Microsoft, acquisition and they've been talking more and more about introducing Activision Blizzard games to Game Pass since they're all going to be first party titles now and earlier on this week Phil Spencer did say that their intent is for all Xbox games including Call of Duty to be available on Game Pass day one and then he also says that they are still working through updates for the back catalog of Call of Duty games so like all the old Cod games bo1 BO2.

MW3 advanced Warfare ghosts, etc to get all of those on Game Pass as well and I think conveniently enough just the other day Black Ops 2 actually did see a slight update that like worked on theater mode and stuff so that's probably them going through and making sure that the games are functioning as intended and getting them ready to debut them on Game Pass so if you are a Game Pass subscriber, that's fantastic news You'll be able to take advantage of the promo, which is Game Pass with Call of Duty.

If you're not sure if you play on a PC or a PlayStation, it's going to be no different. Going forward, you're still going to have all the same access to Call of Duty on day one; it just won't be through Game Pass for you; it'll be as standard, but there's definitely some cool news there regardless.

New aftermarket update in warzone & modern warfare 3

New aftermarket update in warzone & modern warfare 3

But as you can see, week three challenges are now live, and the reward for this week is going to be the Jack Magift kit for the Haymaker.

This is a super-extended mag for the Haymaker. Basically. I believe this does disable the various different ammo types, like incendiary and whatnot, so you're not going to be able to spam that like crazy, but it is still a pretty solid aftermarket part if you are looking for just even more spam. To go on with the Ham Maker, it's the right kind of niche setup, but it's still there, so per usual, you just have to complete any five challenges between multiplayer, zombies, or battle royale, so you can do two from multiplayer, one from zombies, and two from battle royale, and you'll get it.

modern warfare 3

You can do all five in any given mode, so for multiplayer, this week we got 30 operator barebones, kills with the haym maker, we got to get 20 operator hipfire kills with recommended pistols. I'd probably put on some Kimbo pistols. If I were you to get 10 operator point blank kills with recommended shotguns, pretty basic play some of the small maps like Stash House or shipment, you'll get that done pretty quickly.

Get five oper, triple kills with recommended shotguns, so just three kills back to back to back, and then get two operator kills with one magazine 10 times with a recommended lmg. Pretty straightforward get two operator kills with one magazine 20 times with a recommended Marksman rifle, and then get seven operator long shot kills with recommended shotguns.

Obviously, shotguns do have a shorter long shot range, so that is definitely doable on a variety of maps or in hardcore. For zombies this week, get 250 critical kills with a recommended shotgun; get 100 critical mercenary kills with a recommended Marksman rifle; get 10 kills without being hit 20 times with a recommended shotgun; get 25 hellhound kills with a Haymaker, so just do certain contracts for that one; get 50 mercenary kills with a recommended pistol.

modern warfare 3 new update

Get 300 kills in full auto-fire mode with a recommended weapon, and get 150 kills with a recommended shotgun at a legendary or orange rarity. Then lastly, for Battle Royale, we do have seven challenges here this week. It's going to be to get 10 operator kills initially for four of them in various parts of the map, so the North West region, the Eastern region, the central region, and/or the southern region, and then place in the top 10 five times, open 50 loot caches, and complete 15 contracts.

These ones are great because, keep in mind, you can do this in any Battle Royale mode on Zikan. Basically, for these bottom ones, place them in the top 10–50 caches and then complete contracts. You just have to do that in any mode, so you could play Resurgence for that if you wanted to, and plunder would also be applicable for these top four twos. so pretty straightforward across the board this week, and of course if you do unlock this new aftermarket part, you get another tier towards getting the rotten Inferno camo, which again got to say this looks absolutely phenomenal, so this will be three out of eight.

New event updates live in modern warfare iii & warzone

New event updates live in modern warfare iii & warzone

done for that, and now we also saw a new event update, or actually multiple sorts of event updates, go out today initially.

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