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Ladies and gentlemen. With the launch of War Zone Mobile, there's obviously a lot of discussion about Mobile versus Standard War Zone. Obviously. Veran and Rebirth being back on mobile is a huge talking point, whereas with the general version of War Zone on console and PC, we know Rebirth is rumored for season 3.

Verdansk is rumored for Cod 2024's, and big map integration is potentially in December or January. But recently. Of Duty has done an interview with IGN where they give us a little bit more insight into Mobile versus General War Zone, and some of the answers in particular lead us to some very interesting talking points.

I would say that with some of the design directions, they've gone with Standard War Zone, so here we are on the article itself. I'm not going to lie. I installed a night mode Chrome extension specifically for this because I was reading it all in bright white. I was blinding myself, but anyways, that's besides the points Activision explains why War Zone Mobile has 120 player verdance and PC and console; do not, that's the subject.

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Of this article, there's a lot more questions that have already been asked about it within it as well, so we'll have a lot to break down, but that being the subject line probably gives you a good indication of what we're talking about here today: the player count and the map rotation. The initial intro here is IGN.

Just going through and talking about War Zone Mobile, clearly, Activision is betting big on War Zone Mobile, which launches globally. By the time you guys are seeing this article, while mobile gamers will no doubt get stuck into its impressive reaction or Recreation rather than Battle Royale, some PC and console Cod players have expressed concern that the active engine is going to focus more on mobile rather than MW3.

Or War Zone in general, because Mobile absolutely has the largest player base out of everything that Cod is doing right now. There are good reasons for concern. War Zone Mobile launches with Verdance, a map that fans have wanted to see re-released on PC and console. War Zone Mobile for Dan, meanwhile, supports up to 120 players, whereas War Zone on PC and console is currently limited to 100.

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How can that be if the mobile version has more players? But it's just for mobile and not for, you know, huge, insanely upgraded PCs on the current generation of consoles, right? That question, among many others, was put to Chris Plumber, senior vice president and co-head of mobile at Activision Publishing, in an interview, so let's get into it.

Why did Activision decide to make a war zone-specific mobile game when it's already got a very successful Call of Duty mobile game? When we launched War Zone on console and PC, which was a few months after mobile came out, what we observed was a real positive change in our community, which was the shared consciousness that came from having the same content, the shared progression.


That's leveling up your progress on any platform, that requires our own engine to really start it there and with this desire to connect our community when we talked to the players after the launch of both of those titles and asked them what is it that you want their desire to have access to that content was a really big driver cross progression was by far the top of the list and so that started it all but as we progress towards taking the super high fidelity high performance console and PC engine and adapting it to function on mobile that work ended up being a quite, big amount of work once we got there it started to open up the floodgates to all kinds of new capabilities and innovations.


That we haven't done before, so they're basically saying. Yeah, when we first started to do this, we realized it needed to be its own thing. Was a huge driving Factor there and that makes sense that's probably one of the biggest W takeaways from war zone mobile is that say you need to log on to get a daily reward but you just don't have time to boot up the PC or boot up your console, open it up on your phone while you're out and about you know eating lunch or something get that daily reward you're good to go need to check up on how much time you have left in an event open it up on your phone or on your TBL, you can see okay I've got two days I'll have plenty of time once I'm back and I've finished my work or finished my school or whatever the case is that's a cool thing to have integrated there Chris plumber goes on to say Battle Royale really took off on COD mobile it is a massive Market on mobile now but it's just a prototype.

If you drop in Battle Royale games on mobile, you're basically dropping in with 100 bots, or a lot of bots, mostly bots. It's just not the real thing, and so when we got that onto Cod Tech and that was working, we now have access to the demonware back end and all this kind of optimization. That's happened in COD for years, and all of a sudden we can get 120 humans in the same match, and it's like, Wait, this is the Battle Royale for the first time on mobile.

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It's not only Call of Duty; it's got the real COD systems. It's got the real controls, physics handling, responsiveness, all that stuff that makes Call of Duty weapons and everything feel great, but now that we've got over 100 people in a lobby, you can go into Ver Dank with real humans, and I think that's a game changer, so yes, you are playing with 120 real players in War Zone Mobile.

It's not like other potential BRS on the market or even Cod Mobile for Inance, where there could be a lot of bots filling up those spots. Nice rhyme, so these things kind of started to really define the experience; it wasn't just about the content anymore in the shared progression; it was now about the actual gameplay experience, which is radically different from anything you can get anywhere else.

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