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More new updates now live in warzone & modern warfare 3

More new updates now live in warzone & modern warfare 3

We've got some more new updates live in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. We've seen a lot of little updates, like mini updates, since the launch of season 3 a couple of days ago. We also have some new content live with today's patch as well. There are lots to break down, starting first with the current free trial experience.

New free access event for modern warfare 3

I guess you could say going on with Modern Warfare 3 this actually started yesterday and is going through this weekend but right now from the 4th through the 8th we are having a free trial available for Modern Warfare 3 and the premium experience there so if you are a free-to-play player on War Zone you can currently jump in and experience a handful of the multiplayer, maps some of the multiplayer modes then also the full Modern Warfare Zombies experience so if you're trying to maybe level up some weapons a bit quicker playing some kill confirmed and spamming decoys and stuff like that or trying to get some camo challenges done in zombies or multiplayer.

Prime time to jump on and experience this, they say, for a limited time from April 4th until the 8th play multiplayer and Modern Warfare zombies in MW3. For free, dive into multiplayer and check out the brand new 6v6 map Emergency, along with five more 6v6 maps such as Doss House. Stash House and Rust are playable across five core modes, including CTF, which is new in season 3, plus the free access offering includes not only Modern Warfare Zombies but also the MW3, mode horde points playable on reskinned maps like Tetanus.

Satan's Quarry, and Skid Grow. It's time to rally the squad and leave no friend behind. So yeah, pretty basic free trial event, but always nice to have these, especially at the launch of a season if you're trying to grind out some battle pass tokens or, like I said, level up those new weapons.

New anti-cheat update in warzone & modern warfare 3

New anti-cheat update in warzone & modern warfare 3

As well, we've also seen several new updates drop over the past 24 hours. Of course, yesterday we covered some of the new updates going out, but it's been a busy week for sure.

Initially, though, here we did actually have a new anti-che update drop just alongside the launch of season 3, and they actually go pretty in depth with some of the changes that were made here, so they say a new update is out for MW3. Zone for Ricochet, ranked play progression boosting is in violation of the Cod security and enforcement policy.

Ahead of the launch of season 3, we have taken action against all detected accounts that engaged in any form of boosting behavior within our competitive environment across ranked play for multiplayer and War Zone. The accounts flagged for such activities will undergo a reset of their account Sr progression, serving as an initial measure as we investigate the severity of their misconduct for potential further consequences.

We have placed a high priority on the integrity of our ranked play leaderboards. By clearing them with the accounts in question, it's really nice to see they're actually going through and banning the obvious boosters and cheaters from the leaderboard, so if you're fighting for the top 250, you're not fighting against players that are obviously and actively boosting their SR.

Fostering a fair and competitive environment is a top priority. We'll continue to monitor leaderboards with new detections to identify boosted accounts and may fully reset Sr on detected accounts periodically to ensure our leaderboards reflect good gameplay so nice that they're really, you know, cracking down on a lot of the boosting and, you know, free Sr lobbies and stuff cheese like that going on in ranked play across the board. We always appreciate the communication here; just wish.

New warzone & modern warfare 3 patch notes & changes revealed

New warzone & modern warfare 3 patch notes & changes revealed

It was more frequent, and by the way, as we are going through all the different patch notes mini updates and changes like that, if you are new to the channel every day, this is your one-stop shop for all things going on in COD, whether it is news updates or patch notes meta breakdowns.

I got you covered with it all, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. It is always really appreciated. Next up here, the Cod update says for MW3, and in the season 3 update, we address an issue causing custom mods to corrupt the appearance of blueprints. This was an ongoing thing where you'd save a custom blueprint with a certain camo, and then you'd go into the game, and it just wouldn't look anything like that.

modern warfare 3

To apply this fix, players must delete and remake any custom mods before this update that you have created. This is a bit of an obnoxious way to actually fix this, but if you are someone who really cares about the look of your custom guns, with your blueprints, you are going to have to go through and read in all your attachments and whatever camo you want to use, and then just make that custom blueprint.

Again, there's a fix for it. It's just kind of an annoying one, but at least it is fixed. Another one they've got going on here for Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare zombies, and I guess also kind of a war zone as well. If you're just actually cracked at the game, we're aware of an issue preventing the interstellar, Borealis, and Camos from being equipped on the brand new FJX Horus.

We have a scheduled fix for this issue, and it'll be released in a future game. So good news there. I've seen a lot of you guys asking, Hey, what's going on with Borealis? It says that I should be able to get it on my Horus, but it's not unlocking. Same deal with Interstellar. They are fully aware of this.

I would imagine, probably in the next couple of days. Also speaking of updates in the next couple of days, PlayStation game size did post yesterday that the 1.42. Title update is already planned for War Zone in MW3; we just had 1.41 with season 3, so this might be like a major gameplay fix or hot fix style update that does require a title update.

I'll keep you guys posted. Obviously, if it drops and there are any changes associated with this, but it might be coming here again in the next couple of days as well, we'll have to keep our eyes out for another new development here that has sort of gone under the radar with the launch of season 3 but is also very exciting.

Lobby disbanding update in modern warfare 3

Lobby disbanding update in modern warfare 3

Charlie Intel posted, saying Sledgehammer Games appears to have started to test persistent lobbies in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. The developers said back in December that they would test this feature at some point, and some players are now seeing an option at the end of a match screen to enable it.

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