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New update patch notes are live in warzone & mw3

New update patch notes are live in warzone & mw3

Of course, we saw the launch of season 3 in War Zone in Modern Warfare 3 yesterday, and per usual, with a major seasonal update, while it did introduce Rebirth Island and new weapons and new maps and modes, it also introduced several new bugs, glitches, and some gamebreaking things. So over the course of the past 24 hours or so, we've seen a handful of new updates go live, some of them more so, like emergency updates because it was making the game borderline unplayable, so we got a lot of sort of mini patch notes to break down a couple of other things.

New warzone & mw3 updates ␓ fixes & changes


I wanted to point out the update, but Pretty much all the info that we have here today stems from Call of Duty updates over on Twitter or X, and initially here they did post saying new updates out for MW3, and War Zone. We're aware that preloads on Battl Net are not working as intended, or just general downloads on Battl Net were not working yesterday, resulting in the full download for the update being required.

The important thing here is that you should now be able to go through. There were a lot of issues on Battl Net yesterday where the download would get stuck at 100%. And then you just have to wait and wait and wait for it to actually go through, but what's important, like I said, is that they say we are investigating the cause to address this for future updates, so when we get to season 3 Reloaded, season 4 Reloaded, potentially any random one-off title updates that we might be able to download, in between then, there should not be the same issue here, which is obviously It's good if they can actually get that fixed because I know there were a lot of downloading issues yesterday, specifically with Battl Net, which usually always seems to have trouble when there's a major seasonal update because of how many people are downloading it at once.

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I would guess, but anyway, moving on to COD updates, it also says new updates are out for War Zone. We are investigating an issue preventing match and weapon data from tracking properly in the in-match stats, panel, and after-action report. So you might have seen that yesterday in the patch notes they said hey New Quality of Life update new feature in game you can now go through and actually see your in-game stats but per usual it's a brand new feature and it did not launch seamlessly, that tab does not work correctly right now so they are looking into that and that should be updated and actually fully functioning at some point here in the relatively near future.

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They also say a new update for MW3, ranked play. The new season 3 perks and equipment are unintentionally available in ranked play and will be restricted in a further update, so for those already on that season 3 ranked Play Grind for multiplayer, you'll notice that some of the new things that were introduced to a season 3 might pop up here and there that's not supposed to happen and they are going to fully restrict that stuff so it just won't be usable, whatsoever, so just a heads up if you're wondering why that's in there and you're not liking how it feels in like the competitive meta that they've got going on for multiplayer specifically, there's a good chance that if it's from season 3 it's not going to last very long.

They also say new updates are out for Modern Warfare—not zombies but zomes. The successful xfill end of match flow mentions the unreleased xfill schematic cool down mechanic, so if you've gone through and done some X fills, you might notice that it's popping up saying. Hey, you're getting a cool down here, but this is not actually in the game yet.

When I was a part of the dev call for season 3 a couple of days back, they did mention some new features coming with Modern Warfare Zombies, including the ability to actually cool down on various different schematics when you go through an xfill and also an expansion of the stash from 10 slots to 20 slots.

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But those features are not yet in the game; it was just an accident that part of the code for them was obviously included in the season 3 update, and that's why you're seeing references to them now when you do go through that end of the match, you know, segment there. I guess you could say where at list Hey, you did this, you did this x filling with this, this this.

That is not something that's actually working yet, but it will be part of a future update. I would imagine probably season 3 Reloaded. Much love to everyone who takes the time to do so. Now this is a very important one, probably the most urgent one, like an update for the day because, well, it was basically stopping players from playing the game in general.

Initially, Cod updates posted saying, Hey, we're aware of Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone. We're investigating a fix for an issue that is causing players to encounter a black screen when attempting to launch the game or while navigating the menu, so you just straight up cannot get into the game. You'd boot up, and the black screen would just never go away.

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It didn't matter if you uninstalled, then reinstalled, or rebooted. Anything like that, it was super problematic and happening across all platforms, some on PC, some on consoles, so on and so forth, but good news here: late last night, they did post a new update that is now out for Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone.

We've deployed an update to address an issue causing some players to be stuck on a black screen. Impacted players are encouraged to restart the game in order to download the update and resolve this issue. So if you were having this problem yesterday and you couldn't actually get on to the game and you just kind of gave up for the day, as of today, you should boot it up and you'll get the update, which requires a restart.

Or if it's anything like yesterday, you'll get seven different updates that require restarts in the span of like five minutes, but then you'll be good; you'll be able to play the game, and it won't be stuck on that continuous black screen. You can actually get into the menus, and things will function as intended, so it wasn't nearly as bad of a gamebreaking issue as some of the other seasonal updates, you know, where the servers are offline and showing up as a level one, but still something that was impacting a ton of players and not allowing them to actually play the game, so it's really nice to see that they got that fix out relatively quickly.

Missing meta update changes for warzone season 3

Missing meta update changes for warzone season 3

Now, alongside some of the in-game updates obviously stemming directly from Call of Duty themselves, we've actually discovered that some of the updates mentioned in yesterday's patch notes aren't fully live, it would seem, true game data. Tony is the man, the myth, the legend, and the war zone wizard when it comes to data and information.

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