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Final mw3 & warzone season 2 update is live!

Final mw3 & warzone season 2 update is live!

ladies and gentlemen. It is, of course. Wednesday, and that means it is actually the final update day here in the war zone in Modern Warfare 3, and today is actually the final update day before we move into season 3 next week. By this time next week, we'll be in the midst of season 3. We'll have new maps in the form of rebirths and some new multiplayer maps.

We're going to have new weapons and plenty of changes live then, but in the final week of season 2, we've actually got a pretty significant amount of changes to go over when it comes to our final in-season.

New gameplay updates & ricochet update in warzone & mw3

Update starting first with a couple of things that have happened in the past couple of days in regards to in-game updates, the first of which directly affects multiplayer, ranked play, so initially here Cod updates posted saying an update is live for Modern Warfare 3 ranked play.

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Vista and departures have been temporarily added to the competitive map pool, and then Treyarch, who obviously leads the ranked play mode here, quoted it and said the MW3 ranked play map evaluation has begun. Vista and departures have been added to all competitive game modes in Modern Warfare 3 ranked play until Friday, March 29th.

Your feedback and data during this time will help the Call of Duty league and our teams decide if they are added to the official pool, so it's kind of a cool thing to have here. They're just adding in some new maps for multiplayer and ranking, and if players seem to enjoy them, if you know control plays really well on one of them and search plays really well on the other, we could actually have that as a map.

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The pool in the official CDL competition knows when it's a major, and they're going through the maps. We could have these, so it's just a cool way to sort of involve the community and see what exactly people think of these maps, especially in a competitive setting. On top of that, we also got a brand new Ricochet update, kind of a surprising one here, but CAU updates posted saying the new Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone update is live team.

Ricochet has implemented multiple band waves across several detections, resulting in 29, 000. New bans on boosting lobbies and artificially inflating seniors will not be permitted. Accounts engaging in this behavior will be banned, and we will consider all available technical and legal options for shutting these illicit services down.

So if you're unaware, basically it's come to light in the past week or so that players are somehow getting bot lobbies or just straight-up boosted lobbies in ranked play. Within the war zone, you can go in and you're going to run into, you know, 40 players that are AFK, so you just get a ton of kills and get to win the game for free and boost up your SR like crazy.

I'm not going to lie; I think it might be the corniest thing possible to pay for a service like that and try to make it into the top 250. Just so you can get a calling card and an emblem and a little skin that's got some gold on it, like. I'm not going to lie, that is some absolute loser mentality stuff there, but yeah, they actually were pretty quick on recognizing this as an exploit.

There were a lot of articles going around, and then they obviously put out this update, and they'll be able to see exactly when this is happening because it's very obvious if you're going into a match minus 200 Sr and you come out positive 400. If clearly something's going on there, then that will result in a ban, as they said.

It's nice to see that they're also going after more things legally now that I've seen recently that a couple of other cheap providers have gotten cease-and-desist orders, and that kind of forces them to shut down operations, which is definitely a good thing as well. Ricochet is still extremely underwhelming, but at least they are making some positive progress here and there.

New warzone & mw3 weekly update (new mastery camo)

New warzone & mw3 weekly update (new mastery camo)

Now we also got several new content updates and gameplay updates with today's patch as well, so as we get into this portion of the conversation, a quick reminder: if you are new to the channel, this is your one-stop shop for all things going on in Call of Duty. So, of course, it being Wednesday means that we do have a new set of weekly challenges and our final set of weekly challenges for season 2, which means that if you've gone through and completed all the previous seven weeks with the week eight challenges now live, you can actually go through and get the rotten Inferno Camo: This is a universal camo; it is animated.

I have to admit, I think it's one of the best-looking ones in the game right now. I think it's super clean, so I'm definitely excited to get my hands on this, but all you have to do for this is now complete the week eight challenges. The base weekly reward is going to be the Rook blueprint for the HMR 9.

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I mean, it's all right, it's nothing too crazy, but per usual, you got your seven challenges between multiplayer and zombies in Battle Royale. If you complete any five of them, you can mix and match the modes, and you'll get the weekly reward for multiplayer. Get three operator-long shot kills with the Jack glassless optic equipped with a recommended weapon.

Get three operator long shot kills with the Tyrant 762, Kit equipped to the Longbow. Get three operator double kills with the Jack Magift mod equipped to the Haymaker. Get operator first blood or King Slayer kills; that's the enemy who has the most kills with a recommended handgun. Get five operator kills while sliding or midairing with a recommended weapon.

Get three operator melee double kills and seven operator tack stance kills with the backsaw conversion kit equipped with the Hoger 556. For zombies, get 300 toxic kills with a recommended weapon. Get 250 critical kills with the longbow. Get 250 fire damage kills with the hay. I'm pretty sure that's supposed to say Hey Maker, but Hey makes Get five rapid kills 15 times with a recommended handgun.

Get 350 kills while moving with a recommended SMG; get 50 kills without dying 10 times with a recommended weapon; get 500 kills with a pack-a-punched hoger, 556. Then Battle Royale, the first Flo pretty standard Per usual, it's just going to be to open 20 loot caches in the various different regions of Ekhan, so Northwest.

Eastern central and Southern; place in the top 10 five times; or complete a covert Get four 40 operator kills or kill assists with a recommended weapon and complete 15 contracts again. You can mix and match any of the modes here. Overall, not too difficult this week, but if you care about getting this, of course, the rotten Inferno. You'll only have through the remainder of this week the next 6 days and 23 hours, and whatever the timer is when you get on to get this, otherwise it'll be locked permanently.

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