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New warzone update & mw3 update now live!

New warzone update & mw3 update now live!

ladies and gentlemen. It's, of course, Wednesday, which means it's update day here in War Zone in Modern Warfare 3, and today we actually have a pretty significant update in terms of general content. We got a lot of new in-game changes to break down various different in-game patch notes as well, so as we get into.

New aftermarket update & weekly challenges in warzone & mw3

If you're new here, you want to guarantee that every single day you are up to date with news updates, patch notes, meta breakdowns, and, of course, all the best loadouts. Week five is now live, and this means we have yet another new aftermarket, part live. We're still sort of waiting on that Tac evolver, lmg.

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What week exactly is this going to drop and be an actual new weapon update within the aftermarket parts? But that said, we do have the Jack signal burst, which actually takes the Hoger 556. And turns it into a burst weapon instead of a obviously fully automatic one so kind of an interesting change there but as always for this you need to complete any five weekly challenges now we of course have seven for multiplayer, we've got seven for zombies and six for Battle Royale so you can go between any of these modes and do any five that you want to do you just have to do five and of course if you do five and you unlock that Jack signal burst, after market part you get another tier up towards the coherence, camo which won't be fully available until week eight obviously but as far as this week's challenges go for week five they're all pretty straightforward and pretty standard week to week for multiplayer, get 30 operator kills while aiming down sights with a recommended weapon, which really is any weapon in the game.

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Basically, it's a Modern Warfare 3 gun. get 30 operator kills with the hoger 556; that is a recommended weapon, so you could get both of those done at the same time and get 30 operator headshot kills with the hoger 556. Get five operator Fury kills if they recommend the battle rifle. Fury kills, I believe, are three or four streaks, like back-to-back, like a triple kill or a quad kill, essentially.

Get 30 operator kills with a recommended battle rifle. Pretty straightforward: 30 operators kill with sights equipped with a recommended assault rifle. If you do the hoger again, you could get that done and the basic ones done all at the same time, and then also get 10 operator-long shot kills with the hoger at 5.56.

Pretty straightforward if you do that in hardcore so not too bad at all there if you just simply use the hoger 556 you can get a ton of progress just outright, for zombies this week get 750 kills while aiming down sides with a recommended weapon again very basic 250 kills with the hoger so you can knock that out 250 critical kills with a hoger 556 again you could do all of that at the same time as well get three mimic kills with a recomended battle rifle Just spamming the bounty is pretty straightforward compared to going for infested strongholds.

There are 300 kills with a recommended battle rifle and 250 scoped kills. If they recommend assault rifle throwing on any scope on your hoger, you'll get those done at the same time, and then 250 kills with a pack-a-punched hoger 556. Just simply bring in a pat Crystal, and you can again knock out like four at once if you really wanted to, and then for Battle Royale, these are kind of the same week over week this time around; it's basically operator kills, so for four of these, you need to get 10 operator kills in the various different regions: the northwest region, the southern region, the central region, and then the eastern region.

You can do this all-in plunder as well, even though it does say Battle Royale completes 15 contracts, which is very straightforward. Then, open 50 loot caches. You can just spam those. These are all very basic, and they all happen naturally just by playing so many easy and straightforward challenges.

New update previews & fixes revealed

New update previews & fixes revealed

Yet again, for the Jack signal burst aftermarket part, it does also seem that with today's update, the developers are at least somewhat back in office, at least for Raven here, because we do have a couple of new updates on the Trello board in regards to some future updates and some future fixes that'll be coming here as soon as possible and some new issues they are looking into.

Post break now, so the first update here is for a kicked-inactivity bug. Whatever the case may be, there is an issue with inactivity on all platforms. We are investigating an issue causing players to be kicked due to inactivity. Despite being active in the game. They are looking into that one, as well as the squad heads-up display.

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They are investigating an issue where the squad widget displays the incorrect number of players in your squad. Another one that I've seen you guys talking about a lot is that I get this one all the time in my gameplay as well, where sometimes your squad just doesn't show up in the bottom left. It says you have two players on your squad when you really have four, and their names don't show up in the game.

Above their heads isn't a name; it's just like a DOT, and so it makes it really confusing, especially if, like Squad filling with somebody, you don't actually know who's there and who isn't, who might be friendly and who's not so really annoying sort of you know. UI and UX Bug their heads-up display bug obviously, and so it's nice that they're already actively looking into these issues on day one of being back, and you can't make this timing up the literal second that I just stopped recording that last clip, they added another new bug here with armor plates they're investigating, this one we're investigating an issue causing inconsistencies.

equipping armor plates. I think sometimes if you're automatically plating up and you go over new plates, it's not applying them correctly. There's all sorts of quirky issues with that, so that's another one they're also investigating now that should be updated here shortly.

New playlist update for warzone & modern warfare 3 multiplayer

New playlist update for warzone & modern warfare 3 multiplayer

Next up, being that it is Wednesday and our routine weekly update day, we did see a playlist update go live between War Zone and Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

Admittedly, this week is a bit more focused on the multiplayer side of things. War Zone's playlist update really just consisted of removing Slay Ride. Resurgence I won't lie, I'm a bit bummed about that really fun mode. Also, the BMM was not as strict in that it was very apparent, but this week the featured stuff will be quads on Ekhan.

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