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Warzone new top 5 best smg loadouts after update!

Warzone new top 5 best smg loadouts after update!

We've recently seen a handful of new changes go live that directly affect the SMG category in particular, both in the reloaded update a few weeks ago and also some recent minor meta updates as well. So with that, I wanted to break down the top five best SMG loadouts that you want to be running.

Warzone 3 best wsp 9 meta loadout

So first up here, I've got the WASP 9. This, in my opinion, is kind of like a do- It all style of SMG, and it does it all very well and is very reliable. This being at number five should just tell you how competitive this SMG category is in general, because this is a ridiculously good SMG. And it's number five out of five on the list, right, but it's really easy to use, it has really good mobility, and its ttk is incredibly competitive.

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It's got a great first damage range, so all around, this thing is just super reliable as far as the setup goes. Initially, I'm going for the Zen 35 compensator; this is such a good compensator. On close-range weapons, it's only hurting your ad speed by 5%. That's not a huge deal; we'll gain that back elsewhere, and it hurts your velocity by 5%, which is irrelevant in close range fights, but it gets you better control with vertical and horizontal, which makes the gun easier to use, gives you shorter radar pings, and adds in firing aim stability, so this is a great choice.

Like I said for the close range, I also go for the light barrel, which helps out with Sprint speed ads. Sprint-to-fire speed is just speeding it up in general, making it a lot more aggressive and agile. Dr6 hand stops are kind of doing more of the same general movement speed ads. speed Sprint to fire speed is all getting nice benefits; up there we got the 50 ronic cinemag, which is very basic, and then I just don't like the irons all that much; they're kind of clunky and a little bit obnoxious to look through.

I feel like I'm way more accurate when I use an optic, and the glassless is so good again—more firing aim stability. If you wanted to, you could also use something like a slate or a nidar. Any optic that you're comfortable with, go ahead and run that, and I mean, like I said, this thing is super consistent and reliable.

If you play in the close range, there's like no recoil; this thing can even extend into the mid-range pretty efficiently. As well, like I said, with that initial damage range being pretty extreme, overall, WASP 9 is putting in the work.

Warzone best striker 9 meta loadout

Warzone best striker 9 meta loadout

Now, the striker 9 is what I've got at number four, and this thing is also incredibly good. Its close-range TTK is actually extremely competitive; as you get into the mid-range, this one also holds its own.

Very well there too. While being incredibly agile at the same time, this has some of the best-in-class movement speeds across the board for various different areas. Whether it's sprint strafe or whatever the case may be, this thing is the true definition of flying and frying. Not to mention, it's also very easy to use, so initially, here's a surprise.

I've got this M35. Compensator, I love the feel of this thing once more. I do go for the Recon long barrel here; it only slows your strafe speed down in your Sprint to fire speed down a little bit, and it gives you really solid benefits for your range here up in that first damage range to 12.6. MERS is really nice, keeping it even more competitive.

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Out past that 10 m range, the velocity benefits don't really matter all that much, though at 50 you're on EX cinam mag here faster fire rate, so you definitely want to have 50. In this case, 40 would be a little bit too little. I go for the Nidar Model 2023, in this case that nice little yellow dot, one of my other favorite close-range optics, and lastly, no stock.

The gun is so easy to use here that those control cons don't really matter all that much in the close range, and you're getting insane mobility stats across the board with pretty much everything Sprint strafe general movement ads Sprint to fire. It all feels so good, so you are going to be very happy and very aggressive with this thing, and again, it's really easy to stay on target in those first couple of damage ranges—really not much control, not much bounce whatsoever.

And you can get around very quickly with this thing, one of my personal favorites. The feel of this across the board is just so nice, by the way, as we are going through all the setups here today. Patch notes, meta breakdowns—it's all right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. It does really help the channel grow in love with everyone who takes the time to do so.

Warzone 3 best ram-9 meta loadout after update

Warzone 3 best ram-9 meta loadout after update

Next up at number three. I've got the Ram 9, and quite frankly, the top three here are all so competitive that it's really hard to definitively say this is number three, this is number two, and this is number one.

Right, you could really make an argument for any of them. We did see some Nerfs to the Ram 9 here recently with its near to Mid damage and whatnot, so it'll be a little bit worse than it was, you know, a week or two ago, but it's still ridiculously aggressive. SMG's Sprinted Fire is a little bit lacking, but if you're hitting head shots, upper body shots, and gunfights, you're going to put down enemies with ease in close range.

Initially, I've got the Zen 35 compensator. I also go for the imperator light barrel; this was buffed back with season 2 reloaded, so the better damage range and bullet velocity benefits are even better here. You also get a little bit of strafe speed here too, which is nice to see the control benefits.

Not the end of the world because we are actually running the 3.4, Pad stock here, and it did gain some of that back then in the close range. Control is not the biggest deal just because your targets are obviously much larger, so it's way easier. To stay on target, there's a 50-round extended mag here as well, kind of the same old, same old.

Then, I do go for the DR6 hand stop once more for all those mobility benefits that make this thing feel very aggressive and agile. Really, anytime you can speed up the sprint of fire on this gun in particular, that's something you probably want to do again. Very easy, very clean iron sights here, for really anything you're going to be fighting with in the mid-range in the close range.

Obviously, it's a RAM platform, so it looks and behaves just like the RAM 7. It's all meant for close range, and I mean, it gets the job done very well.

Warzone best hrm-9 meta loadout

Warzone best hrm-9 meta loadout

Now, I won't lie. I am extremely torn between number one and number two here, if I'm being honest with you, but at number two, I've got the HRM. This is probably my favorite feeling of SMG in the game right now, especially with this build that I've switched over to recently.

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