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New warzone close range meta loadouts for season 3

New warzone close range meta loadouts for season 3

Season 3 is looking a little bit different, a little bit more competitive in some ways than others. I wanted to go through the newly updated close-range meta and give you guys the best weapons and builds to be using right now, starting first with one of my new personal favorites, the striker 9.

Warzone best striker 9 loadout after update

This thing actually caught a slight buff to its effective damage range with season 3; it was already a really competitive SMG. There are a lot of viable setups for this thing, and it's easy to use. It kills quick and moves quick, so it's checking all the right boxes. Initially, this setup is a little bit more aggressive than one that I've been using lately.

I am going for the Z35 compensator. I use this on a ton of my subs because it's really convenient for close-range fights, it keeps your gun super easy to use, and it doesn't really kill anything outside of your ad speed by 5%. Like, that's the only relevant thing here, and we gain that back so easily with other attachments, like, for instance, the Dr6 hand stop, which speeds up your movement, speeds up your strafe, and causes your Sprint to fire.

I've actually gone from using a long barrel on here to extend that effective damage range by a few meters to using the DR6 hand stop, and I just feel like I'm flying and frying. We got the 50-round exin mag there, pretty basic. I don't love the iron sights here, so I just go for a Nar model 2023, and then there is no stock here.

Even with the recoil cons, this thing is so easy to use in close range that the mobility benefits heavily outweigh the cons. In this case, like I said, I love the feel of this thing. It's just kind of doing it all; it's flying, it's frying, and it's feeling great. The WASP 9 is.

Warzone 3 best wsp 9 loadout

Warzone 3 best wsp 9 loadout

Also a great contender this season as well, sort of indirectly because we saw some Nerfs to some other top-tier subs, this now becomes even closer to being right there with the best of the best again, very easy to use, very reliable, crazy good damage range for an SMG. As well, here again we've got the Z35.

Compensator, and I also go for the Dr6 hand stop. Here once more, in this case, I go for the short light. Barrel just speeds things up a tad bit with your general Sprint speed. Your ads speed your Sprint to fire for very minimal recoil. The cons here are that 50 ronic cinam mag is plenty. The fire rate here does not go crazy, so you got all the ammo in the world basically for any kind of fight, then I go for the glassless optic again.

close range meta 3

The irons here are just a little bit too bulky. If you want to use, you know, a slate or a nidar, whatever optic you're most comfortable with and the most accurate with, always go for that here, and for me, it's glassless. I love that sight, and it also adds to some firing aim stability, which is never a bad thing.

Warzone best striker loadout

Now the base striker, or striker 45, is also a great choice this season. Again, its mobility is really, really good; it's also very easy to use; and it's a relatively reliable SMG, even through the mid-range. As well, I do like the irons here a little bit more than over on the striker 9, which displays the gun being invisible, so we do get an extra attachment out of that.

In this case, I'm going for the light stock, which speeds up the movement speed a little bit. Here, you could try no stock, but just with the iron side build and sort of how this weapon feels with its gun kick. I don't love killing the control in this case, but it's a viable option if you know what you're doing.

It's not the worst thing in the world; it's just a lot more difficult to use than something like the light stock would be, but you're also going to be faster, so just keep that in mind. We got the 48-round extend mag; you could also jump up to 60 if you want to no wrong answer there DR6, hand stop, and the Z35, Compensator.

Yet again, in this case. I do go for that long barrel; it extends that effective damage range out to 15 M, which is really impressive for a sub, so this thing is very versatile; it just has a base SMG. I love that now.

Warzone 3 best renetti loadout after update

Warzone 3 best renetti loadout after update

Of course, the retti has to be mentioned in the close-range meta. This thing is going crazy with its ttk in the close range. Its mobility is a little bit lacking compared to some of the faster subs, and that's why I think some players will still lean towards some of those SMGs instead, plus you can't buy this at a buy station, which is another drawback, but if you just got your sights up with this thing, very few things are going to be able to outgun you in that close range for sure, so the most important part here is this Verocity carbine kit turning it into a fully automatic SMG, pistol hybrid.

Basically, I go for the 50 runic cinemag very basic Z35. Compensator yet again really doesn't like the irons in this case, especially when you get out to 10 15 20 M, so a night R works great there, and then I go for the ravage 8 stock, which just makes the gun a little bit easier to use with some better control that is relatively minimal.

close range meta warzoone

Mobility Cons with that as well, so yeah, this thing is going Absol Ely nuts this season now the fjx Horus in terms of ttk.

Warzone best fjx horus tac stance loadout

Isn't really going to be anything all that crazy what this thing does have going for it though is movement and what I've done with this build is go all in on tax stance, your movement speed and ta stance with this goes absolutely, nuts and it really throws off players in gunfight so while it is a little bit more gimmicky than some other subs this does have a spot I think in a movement meta style situation if that's your thing this is such a fun gun so initially here the only nonack stance focus is going to be the basic 48 round exin mag there it's kind of a no-brainer, now the Ripper light stock goes pretty hard on mobility and decent tack stand spread we also go for the verd laser the vent hook it helps out attack stand spread and your Sprint to fire as well the ruse light 90 barrel is just simply there because I needed a fifth attachment and this helps out with some general movement speed and makes it a tad bit faster and then the Bastion angled grip also goes crazy on your tack stand spread too so this thing is incredibly accurate and it moves, in that tack stance scenario.

Warzone 3 best hrm9 loadout after update

Warzone 3 best hrm9 loadout after update

Is the HMR 9 This thing goes absolutely nuts as well: fast killing and incredibly fast moving, as well as the ability and the ttk combination. This is what makes this my personal favorite SMG in the game, so initially z35, compensator yet again, and the dr6 Hand stop that deadly duo. I go for the Thorn 90 barrel just for that.

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