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Warzone new best assault rifle meta loadouts explained!

Warzone new best assault rifle meta loadouts explained!

The rifle category within the war zone right now is honestly extremely competitive. We've seen certain buffs and certain Nerfs made to several rifles over the past couple of meta updates that really have things very tight across the board, whether you're looking at rifle number five or rifle number one, but today I want to.

All best assault rifle stats in warzone after update

Go through and break down the top five best assault rifle meta loadouts to be using right now. We are starting here first on true game data, and we've got a handful of rifles selected. As always, shout out to Tony for putting in the work and getting us all this information, making it so easy to digest, but we've got the brand new Batt 27, which is actually surprisingly good.

modern warfare 3

As you'll see, the BP50, which we know is solid, has been in the conversation, as has the Casta 545 from MW2. The MCW's got some buffs. I wanted to see how that compares to the MTZ, the SVA, and the RAM 7, and when we go through, we look at 300 health and combination shots. As I said, you get a wildly competitive graph here, which is very fun to see.

First things first stand out to me: the ram 7. We know this has been in the meta conversation for rifles pretty much since it was added in. Well, it's been Nerfs recently. It drops off hard at its first range. TTK stinks in the mid-range. ttk is so slow that one's getting kicked out very quickly.

Keep in mind that we're just trying to narrow this down to five in general. Now the rest of this is very competitive. The battle is slow to begin with, but then overrange really brings itself up, which is nice to see. So, honestly, while it's a little bit inconsistent, it's pretty competitive over the range, which is definitely worth noting for the BP50.

Is solid throughout, so that's also very convenient; the hoger is one that. I'm not going to lie, is very tricky to go through and determine if it is in the top five or not because its ttk is actually super competitive throughout. But its ammo capacity is just so limited, only having a 40-round mag.

I think it's pretty clear the MCW is better than it has been in the past, but I feel like it's ttk, especially like over range falls off a little bit too harshly there, so leaving us down to six here now, to me it's an honorable mention between the hoger and the batt 27 and the 545. It's not good over range, but it's so good through its mid-range here, through the first 40 MERS or so, that's got to be a mainstay.

The SVA is too easy; we know that's a mainstay. As for the MTZ, to me, the hogers' damage per mag versus the bow's consistency over range is the differentiator. There, and so I'd say Hoger is probably a close number six, and the bow makes it into the top five, along with the BP50, the COV, the MTZ, and the SVA. Let's jump into the game and break down these setups for all of these as the new top five best rifles.

Warzone best bal-27 meta loadout

Warzone best bal-27 meta loadout

So at number five, we've got ballot number 27. Like I said, it's really close between this and the hoger. Keep in mind that when this thing gets the first four bullet shots, it's a little bit slower than the preceding shots, and those preceding shots go really fast, and that actually increases that ttk a little bit more, so depending on when you're landing your shots, the ttk could be even faster.

From what we saw on the graph, this is a setup, though, that I feel works well in the mid-range and through the long range, and it's an iron-side build because I find them to be pretty clean. Here we have the spirit fire suppressor with a better range. Better velocity, better control, and it's of course keeping us off the map.

The Crown H3 Barrel. I feel, is really the only good barrel on this thing; it helps out the range and the velocity, then a little bit of movement and strafe speed here, which is like a nice little double bonus there that you don't usually see. I go for the angle under Barrel because it helps out with firing stability and your horizontal control just to make the pattern a little bit more predictable, and it's not going to really slow you down all that much.

60 runic mag is pretty basic there, then I also go for the Ardent tack stock, which helps out with firing aim control, and then also just general recoil. As well, making the weapon a lot easier to use and pretty versatile for a rifle, and then, like I said, changing up the fire rate can be really, really crazy at the same time.

Warzone 3 best kastov 545 meta loadout

Warzone 3 best kastov 545 meta loadout

Number four, we got the COV 545. As we saw, it falls off really harshly in the long range, but it's mid-range; it's even close range as well, for like, resur style.

GamePlayer sniper support is pretty crazy for an MW2, gun, and it's also incredibly easy to use as well, so here we got the 2.5-time Eagle ey optic. If you wanted to use this more like sniper support, you could even drop this down to a slate, a glassless, a nidar, or something like that. We got the 60r extend mag here perfectly fine for an extend mag with his fire rate ruin heavy support for the better control horizontal, obviously being the main focus there, the better firing aim stability and idle sway are in there too.

The K30 barrel is going to help out with range velocity and control and, for once, not actually hurt our idle sway like so many MW2. Barrels do so; that's a nice change of pace, then Spirit Fire suppressor yet again to close things out.

Warzone best sva 545 meta loadout


For this one, by the way, we are going through all the weapons here today.

Drop a like on it; it's always really appreciated, and if you're new to the channel, every single day I get you covered with news patch notes and meta breakdowns. I've got the SBAA 545. It's just so consistent and reliable throughout. Really, you could use this build in hyperburst mode, or if you're very comfortable with it, even using full auto.

Hyperburst obviously has no recoil, but you have to tap consistently. Full auto has a little bit more recoil, but it's also a tad bit easier in terms of just the consistency and not having to spam your trigger. We do have a spirit fire suppressor here yet again. The precision barrel on here is helping out with idol sway, range velocity, and control, so there are plenty of very crucial benefits there.


25 times Eli optic and the 60-round extended magon are pretty standard, and then it really just depends on if you're using this largely in full auto or largely in Hyper Burst SL semi-auto. Because there's no recoil in hyper burst and semi-auto, I swap out an under barrel for high grain rounds, and I get even better range and even better velocity.

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