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New renetti nerf seriously impacts the close range meta in warzone!

New renetti nerf seriously impacts the close range meta in warzone!

ladies and gentlemen. Today we, of course, finally got the Retti Nerf within the war zone. Obviously, since the season 3 update last week, Renetti has been dominating the game. It's the only weapon anyone's been using, but today it caught a pretty heavy Nerf. But that said, there's been some data that's been out there for some time with a handful of different weapons that have had pretty, pretty broken ttks.

And obviously, with retti causing a commotion with its ttk.

New potential broken ttk weapons in warzone after update (stats breakdown)

I wanted to point out that while yes, the retti was nerfed, and we'll talk about what its damage is like post-nerf and if it's even worth using, there are some other weapons in the game right now that if you wanted to try and replicate or duplicate that renetti ttk, you potentially could.


In some different ways, but I wanted to start here first on true game data. Huge shout out to Tony for putting in the work and getting us this information so quickly after the update today so we can easily go through and break this down. I love the fact that Tony allows us to see what the damage is like, like prf, which is what I have here and then the currently updated one, and you can see that the pre-nerf line is our orange line here, vastly.

Greater than the post Nerf our red line here, so yes, this was a significant Nerf to the retti. Across the board, this is very important. Obviously, it's going to balance out the retti a lot, but let's take a look at this post Nerf retti versus some of those other top-tier close-range options first just to see if it's even worth using the post Nerf one.

So here we're going to have our pre-nerf retti and our post-nerf fornetti. We're also going to have the other top-tier close-range options: the AR9, the HRM, the Swarm, the WASP, and the striker. We could even go through here and add in the RAM 9 as well, and we would go ahead and look at all weapons with a combination shot.

modern warfare 3

As you can see clearly before we've got our orange line, it was the broken redti, absolutely busted. And it was better than absolutely everything in the game we go ahead and hide that now though and this is the post Nerf renetti meta and as you can see our red line here really with the retti all it's doing now is blending in a lot more with the other close-range meta options so this is a Nerf that balances it out but it is still very competitive so if you wanted to continue to use the retti and you like the feel of it you can get away with it and it'll actually be decently competitive, up till about 12 M after that damage range drop off though not really worth using anymore other SMGs you're going to easily overtake it but for the super close-range meta it's still viable, but let's talk the busted ttks.


Now the broken ttks and see just how much we can get a weapon to resemble the prf retti so again we've got our pre and post Nerf foret Orange Line being pre-Nerf red being post-Nerf now the HRM we just saw really competitive now and honestly it's going to be the better choice than the nerfed retti if you're looking for an absolute close-range meta that's an SMG It is HRM.

9 but with a couple other weapons, you might want to experiment around with the wasp stinger, particularly when you go through and add the akimbo attachment to it. It kind of goes crazy. Remember, our orange line is our pre-nerf retti. And in the close range up through 17 M, which is probably the maximum you'd be using in a Kimbo weapon anyways, the wasp stinger of a Kimbo can actually be really, really close to that initial renetti, ttk.


However, there's an asterisk here. This isn't a Kimbo weapon, so you are gambling on accuracy here using a Kimbo even when we go through, and I'll break down a load out for it even when we go through and we max out accuracy. You're not going to hit every shot like you would if you were simply advertising weapons, so that level of RNG is incredibly important and does mean that while this ttk on paper is super close, if you got lucky with your shots or you're like Barrel stuffing an enemy, you could absolutely mimic this close-range ttk in like the 0 to 10 m range, it's going to be a lot more of a gamble.

What's not as much of a gamble though is actually the Core 45, with its conversion kit on it, and this has been this like ttk, super broken, super fast for a long time now. There is also. I would say, an asterisk here, and its overall feel in the game of the retti being so broken and so busted is bumped up because it's ttk, which is obviously crazy, but it's also ridiculously easy to use.

The control is easy, and the movement is good. The core 45 with this conversion kit gives it a binary trigger, so it's almost like a two-round burst and the ttk. As we can see here again, it's not going to be as busted in the close range to those first 17 M, but you know, from 17 to 30, if you want to try and use a pistol in that range, it's also possible, and technically speaking, right now, the core 45 does have a faster close-range ttk than any SMG in the game as well, so it's not nearly as broken but close to being a viable option in the close range as opposed to just using a standard SMG, with this though the more you spam the core 45.

The more you're going to see that its recoil does kind of go crazy with the binary trigger on there, so it has a much higher skill gap than the retti would whatsoever, but clearly it laps the SMGs, especially out of their first damage range. You know, in the 11 to 15 meter range, it starts to take over a lot more there, so there are some viable broken ttk options here; they're just not going to be as smooth as the NY, but that said, let's jump in game, and I'll break down some setups for these new top three viable ttk options in the close range.

Warzone best hrm-9 loadout after update

Warzone best hrm-9 loadout after update

Of course, there's an update that requires a restart. Why wouldn't there be one? As we break down some setups here. So with the HRM, what I would consider probably to be the true number one realistic, close-range meta Now it's going to be the same setup we've been talking about for some time. Honestly, the Z-35 compensator—minimal, you know, mobility cons here—is going to make the gun easier to use in general.

Thorn 90 barrel speeds it up a ton, making it even more aggressive. Dr 6 hand stops better. Mobility across the board with movement strafe 80 s Sprint to fire 50 runic cinim mag Hatchet light stock on here as well, very basic, We know all about this setup by now.

Warzone best akimbo wsp stinger loadout

warzone 3

Now for the Aikido Stinger, you are a little bit limited on attachments here, ultimately just because of how this weapon functions with Aikido on it, so obviously, you're going to be using the akimbo rear grip option here, the 32-round mag option, and that's going to be the maximum magazine capacity here.

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