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Ladies and gentlemen. Since the launch of season 3, it has been pretty competitive but also pretty obvious at the same time, and there hasn't been much change since. However, with the update that we got yesterday, we ended up seeing a brand new aftermarket part drop something that we see pretty much every single week, this time though it was an aftermarket part for the BP50.

It's called the Jack Revenger, and it turns it into an SMG AR sort of hybrid build, and this SMG bp50 build actually has some pretty surprising stats when it comes to competing in the close range meta, so I've been testing some builds. I've been messing around with some things; it's kind of awkward how limited it is once you put on the conversion kit and what it takes away from attachments, but we have our full stats now.

As always, a huge shout out to Tony for putting in the work and getting us this information so quickly so we can easily compare things and really find out what is the most optimal. But we got a lot of the close-range meta dominators, if you will, over the past couple of weeks: the striker 9, the WASP 9, the Swarm is up there, of course Ram 9 HRM 9, and of course the BP50 and onset BP50.

jak revenger

I've gone ahead and applied the Jack Revenger kit when we go through, and we look at 300 health and combination shots for the most accurate stats here. We honestly get a pretty interesting graph here, so our yellow line is going to be our main focus here because this is our BP50. With that SMG kit on it and right away what stands out well this thing just so happens to be right up there through its first damage range which is about 12 M now you can adjust this with certain attachments like high grain or something extend it out a little bit more, but yes we actually right now have something that is going you know pound-for-pound with, the HRM 9 which is not really been done since the start of the season when we saw Nerfs to things like the amr9 or the ram 9 for instance it's kind of just been HRM constantly that was the obvious go-to close range SLB SMG in the game well the bp50 changes things however there's an asterisk here Yes, that first damage range that ttk goes crazy.


It's very apparent though that beyond that first damage range, this thing is really not all that good; it drops off super harshly after that 12-meter range and ends up having the worst ttk out of this selection, then overrange slowly catches up with the other ones, but this is really exclusive. A close range meta weapon here, but there's some things that really play into that quite nicely while you are extremely limited in your range, and like clearly, the HRM would take over a lot in the mid-range and the WASP 9 would take over a lot in the mid-range.

Same deal with striker 9. We can also look at some of the base stats across the board with these weapons and really see where this BP50 is going to shine a lot as well when it comes to mobility because this thing is crazy fast, so general speed right up there with the other SMGs. Keep in mind that these are all the base stats.

If you add on certain attachments, it'll change these values accordingly, obviously, but the base stats are right up there with the speed. It's ADS time is actually the second best, only just behind the Swarm, so that's really impressive, as is the fact that this has a faster ad time than a lot of the more aggressive subs.

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In the game, it's V, which is great, but it's not super relevant to where we're going to be using it to begin with, so not really a huge deal there. It's Crouch movement speed, for whatever reason, is crazy good. You're probably not crouching all that much, but it's solid. I guess the fire rate's pretty basic.

There we go down to the hip fire; it's going to be a little bit different than the subs because it is still a rifle turned into an SMG, so it'll be a little bit more Awkward there but not awful end of the world, you can still transition nicely. Its general movement speed is actually the fastest here, but its reload time is one of its main drawbacks again.

super fast, great mobility. As we're going through its reload, it's noticeably slower than everything else, which is another way of sort of balancing it out. But back to Mobility's general sprint speed. Absolutely, the best out of all these is Sprint to Fire Speed, which is right up there with some others.

warzone 3 best loadout

It's technically the second slowest here, but you can speed that up obviously, and it's not drastically bad in any way shape or form. Swap Speed's going to be a tad bit slower, but if you have it out, it'll be fine, and then it's tack. Sprint speed is also the best out of all these options, so this thing's got an incredible, close-range TTK that's also phenomenal, Phenomenal movement as well.

So we do have a new contender here in the close-range meta, something that arguably is better than the HRM 9, just in very specific ways, so let's go through it. Let's break down a loadout for this thing so you guys can try it out and hopefully fry with it as we dive into the loadout. So when you've got your base BP50 here, obviously, you're going to go down.

warzone 3 best loadouts

The first step of this class setup is going to be this Revenger kit, which, as we see, adjusts the dam. Dage adjusts the range but gives it crazy mobility and ups that fire rate some now. Right away, the massive thing with this conversion kit is that we go from having a ton of attachment options on a standard BP50 to no longer having any barrel choices, no underbarrel choices, no magazine choices, no comb choices, and no stock choices, so you are very limited in what you can run on this thing, which is somewhat of a downside for sure now.

Right away, you'll notice that we do have a 60-runic cinam mag, so that's going to be fine for what it is initially. I'm going for a muzzle here, and you have a lot of different options if you want to stay off the radar. Something like a Spirit Fire Shadow Strike or even something like the Sonic suppressor could be pretty good here, personally.

I prefer using a compensator, either the Cassis Breake just for straight-up horizontal control or the Z35 compensator for a little bit of horizontal and a little bit of vertical. You can test between these two and see which one works the best for you personally. I lean more towards the M35 compensator.

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