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New best sniper support meta loadouts in warzone 3!

New best sniper support meta loadouts in warzone 3!

ladies and gentlemen. The sniper support meta within War Zone has definitely been evolving since launch, but more recently, it has really changed up, and we have a lot of really solid options to pair with something like the meta cat setup or the metamor setup, whatever your favorite sniper might be, and so today I wanted to break down the top five best sniper support guns in the game.

Warzone best sva 545 sniper support meta loadout

At the moment, start first with one you might not have realized is actually incredibly efficient in the close range and especially in the midrange, which is the SVA 545. Now you can use this thing either in the full auto mode, where it's pretty reliable and straightforward, or in the hyper burst mode, which is like no recoil, maybe a little bit more high skill just because you have to consistently tap your trigger and stay on target, but regardless of how you want to use it.

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I'd recommend basically the same setup here and this thing for that mid-range and even some close range, as mentioned. Really, really good, so initially for more sniper support style setups. I love the Jack glassless optic as opposed to like a 2.5 times or something; this is a bit more versatile; a slate would also work; a nidar something like that; but if it's something you're comfortable with in the close range in the mid-range, it's obviously going to be a good one.

Jack Glassless obviously just offers a little bit of extra stability in there. I do go for the 60r exin pretty basic all things considered; the angled underbarrel here is going to help out with our horizontal control, give us some better idle sway and whatnot, and not really hurt our ad speed or slow us down all that much, which is obviously great for Sniper support.

I do still use the Precision Barrel for better range velocity and control, just to keep that versatility. Then I go for the Cast as Break minimal ads for better control, making the gun even easier to use so you can be laser accurate. Run and gun with this thing, and it's going to be phenomenal to pair with any sniper of your choice, and then, in a pretty similar situation and with a pretty similar build and number four.

Warzone 3 best kastov 545 sniper support meta loadout

Warzone 3 best kastov 545 sniper support meta loadout

I've got the COV, 545. Yes, an MW2 gun is actually very good with sniper support here. The COV is just a super aggressive rifle; we've talked about this one before on the channel, and its close range and mid-range are also incredibly competitive across the board.

Yet again, I've got the glassless optic on here and the 60-ric cinam mag just like over on the SVA. I also have the FTE angled under the barrel, and I've got the castes really broken. The only difference here is going to be our barrel, in which case I go for the Covia 406, which is going to have better range and better velocity.

It doesn't really add any control, but this gun is so easy to use, so that's okay. Also, it's got a lesser con for ad speed than the 406 would. If we wanted to better control it, it's going to hurt our mobility a lot more, but this is going to obviously extend our range and our VLO decently. while also keeping us super aggressive so personally.


I find that to be a pretty nice balance there, and I really like the feel of this thing.

Warzone best bp50 sniper support meta loadout

Next up here, we have what might be my personal favorite weapon in the entire game, the BP50. This thing is one of the most well-rounded rifles in the game; it's kind of able to just do it all if you want to fight it long range; it's got one of the best ttks there; if you want to build it more aggressive, it's still phenomenal; there too, so this setup is actually one that you can kind of use wherever you want, and it's going to be really, really good.

So initially, 45-round accend mag is the maximum option here, so of course we're going for that. I love the Moe 40 stock, especially for a sniper support style build, because it's going to help out with control but also some mobility, general movement, speed, and ad speed—those are three pretty clutch things, all things considered.

I do go for the Dr6 hand stop here, which speeds it up again across the board; Strafe ads Sprint to fire Cassis break just to keep me accurate and pretty straightforward, there with my aim; and then lastly, for the barrels, you got a couple of options. I like the lower 9 heavy; it is going to slow you down a little bit, but you're also getting a good range extension, decent vlo, and decent control as well.

However, if you want to go more mobility-based, the LH200 is not a terrible choice. The short bear, I probably wouldn't use all that much. I don't really find the pros to be worth it in this case, but between the LT200 and the L9 Heavy, it really just comes down to how you want the gun to field. Do you want it to be easier but maybe a little bit slower or a little bit less effective at range but also a tad bit more aggressive?

Personally, I lean towards the low 9 heavy, but I don't think there's necessarily a wrong option across the board, though like I said, the BP50 just gets it done. This thing is super versatile and so good for sniper support.

Warzone 3 best striker 9 sniper support meta loadout

Warzone 3 best striker 9 sniper support meta loadout

I've been using control freak thumb sticks on my controllers for years now, and honestly, I feel like I can't play without them at this point. Getting that better grip on your thumb sticks extends your range of motion, making it easier to be accurate and to stay accurate. Truly, it is a game changer, so if you ever want to pick up a pair for yourself, toss code Immortal at checkout, and you'll get a nice little discount.

Another option that I'm especially loving after the season 3 update is the striker 9 as our SMG option here for Sniper support. This thing is so good; it's got a phenomenal range for SMGs. You know, a lot of them drop off pretty harshly; at 10 m, they start to dip and dip and dip more and more as you get to 15 or 20.

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This thing stays pretty consistent all the way through about 30 m in terms of its ttk. It is extremely agile, especially with this build here, which is relatively easy to use as well. So initially, I did go for the Z35. The compensator only hurts my vlo a tad bit, but that's not a big deal because this is already a really good V for a sub.

It helps with control and just makes the gun easier. Obviously, I do go for the Recon Long Barrel, which in this case extends my lethal damage range and my V out some, so it's even better in the mid-range. Obviously, that's the clutch for Sniper Support's basic 50-round extendag. I found myself to be more accurate in the mid-range with an Opticon here as opposed to the irons.

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