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Top 5 best assault rifle loadouts in warzone after update

Top 5 best assault rifle loadouts in warzone after update

ladies and gentlemen. Season 3 is extremely competitive, probably the most competitive that it's been since launch, obviously for the past couple of seasons. If you weren't using the Ram 7, you were probably losing the gunfight, but that's not the case here in season 3, and in fact, picking out the five best rifles from really any given list of the category is incredibly difficult, but we're going to try our best to do it exactly that today, so we're starting here first on true game data, and as always, a huge shout out to Tony for helping everyone out by making all this information so easily accessible and digestible.

Best assault rifle ttk stats explained


We can only have nine weapons. We compare with one another; we've got the BP50, and we know this one's been a top choice for some time. The Guist has been good for a little bit, even before season 3. This was a top choice that we talked about. We were sort of ahead of the curve with that one. SVA has always been a constant STB that has been sort of slept on.

I wanted to include Ram 7 just for the sake of conversation. Here the mtz's kind of been slept on Lockman 5.56, just caught a buff. I've seen a lot of questions about whether the 545 is pretty good. The Hoger 556 is as well; we've got 300 health, so full plates, full health there combination shot ttk for the most accurate depiction of this graph, and we get a seriously competitive meta, especially in the mid-range.

Here, the close range is nuts; it definitely separates itself out some over the long range, which is going to help in figuring out our true top five, but as we go through here now, what are some standouts right away? The buffed lockman was 5.56. The buff primarily affected its close to mid-range You can see our bright pink line here is still not that crazy; it's not substantially better than anything in the close range, then it drops off very harshly, so I think it's safe to say we can knock the lockman 556 out for now, the ram 7.

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While it is really good in those first 24 M or so and it's right in the mix of things in the close range, it does start to fall off a little bit more, especially over range. It's not going to be anything all that crazy. Yes, I would say that as of right now, the Ram 7's are probably knocked out of the top five.

The stb is like, right there in the close range in the mid-range, it's pretty good, and over the long range, it's especially good, but its ammo is just so limited, and that to me. I think it probably knocks that out of the top five; this is probably my number six, if I'm being honest. It's so close, but that damage per mag to me is a pretty huge deal, and especially with accuracy involved there, that limited ammo is very noticeable.

And then the 545. While it is so good in the mid-range, it also drops off very harshly, especially over longer ranges, so that to me is a bit of a drawback as well, and then we're left with five. The BP50 is an obvious one. The Guist is just so good through the mid-range there, and it's also incredibly low recoil close range mid-range.

It's just dominant, as can be the sbaa, super easy and reliable across the board; the MTZ, very quick killing, especially over range; and then the hoger, by which I mean that, and the stb are so similar to one another, of course, with their DPM and whatnot. The hogre is just a tad bit easier to use in my opinion, so I got to go with that there, but that is a really competitive top five and even beyond that top 6 7 8 9 10 so on and so forth, but now that we've sort of got this deciphered sum, let's go through and break down the loadouts.

Warzone best holger 556 loadout

Warzone best holger 556 loadout

So for the hogre 556, like I said, its real only drawback here is that this 40-round mag is a little bit less than the stb, but the accuracy here I find to be a little bit more favorable.

This thing is really, really easy to use, and you know, for Resurgence or big map gameplay, this thing is going to be able to hold its own just fine, but we got that 40-round mag on there. I like the glassless optic if you want to go more long-range with the 2.5 times that's viable or more mid-range with an ELO sight that's viable as well.

All preferences are based there. The angled underbarrel here, I think, is solid just because this gun is so easy to use. You don't really have to slow it down by using something heavy, like a brew. This is still going to attack horizontal control really, really well. Crow's six matches Barrel has better range velocity and control, obviously, just making it even more lethal where it's used the most.

Then I go for the Spirit Fire suppressor, which is nice on there with that added velocity, especially getting us up into the 800s. That's not crazy, but it's definitely better than if we didn't have that on there, for sure, so this thing is very reliable and very straightforward, and it definitely can hold its own across the board now.

Warzone 3 best sva 545 loadout

Warzone 3 best sva 545 loadout

The SVA has been a constant option throughout all the seasons, and so far it's incredibly easy to use if you want to use it in semi-auto hyperburst mode or in full auto.

Conveniently enough, you'd be using the same ideal setup for both of those modes. You can kind of flip back and forth if you want to 2.5 times. Eagle eye optics on here The 60-round extended mag, of course, ruin heavy support, is good for the full auto mode because it's going to attack the horizontal control of the gun kick and give you idle sway and firing aim stability, and then in hyper burst or semi-auto mode, it's great because it's going to help out the rec centering and is keeping you accurate as you're spamming, so kind of The Best of Both Worlds there.


Precision heavy barrel on here, better range velocity control, and a little bit of aiming idle sway in there too, so that's a nice added benefit, and then again, we got the spirit fire suppressor here, which is pretty self-explanatory. Per usual, but this thing really is the definition of old reliable.

If the M4 of MW2, and like MW 2019, were to have a comp, this would be it; it's always going to be constantly good and a good fallback if you're ever looking for something there.

Warzone 3 best tr-76 geist loadout

Now the gist, as we've talked about before, is crazy, crazy good, especially in its first damage range and its second damage range; that's where it's going to thrive the most, and it's got a really good ttk.

As we saw initially, for you know, standard gameplay 2.5 times Eagle Eye would work; a glass less would work here as well, just all preferences. 45 running cin mags are the max here. Luckily, this fire rate is not crazy fast or anything; you're not going to burn through ammo, so while this is not a 50 or a 60, it's still going to be sufficient for the vast majority of fights you're getting into.

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