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New best mw2 loadouts in warzone 3 after update!

New best mw2 loadouts in warzone 3 after update!

With the past couple of updates here within the war zone, they've made a pretty decent effort to buff some MW2 guns. They did a couple of overhauls across the board in multiplayer and War Zone to make it so that the MW2 weapons perform and behave a little bit more like MW3, weapons with lower visual recoil, muzzles, smoke screens, flashes, and all sorts of stuff like that.

They're going to continue to update that over time, as they've stated previously, but with some of these recent updates, a couple of MW2 weapons are actually creeping up more and more in the overall meta conversation, so today I wanted to go through and break down the top five best MW2 meta weapons we've currently got.

Warzone best vaznev 9k loadout

modern warfare 2 loadout

So initially, for the most part, MW2 weapons are much more prevalent in the mid- to long-range meta; the close-range meta is still pretty much just dominated by MW3 guns. There is one MW2, SMG, though, that is close to being right there, and that is the Vasnev. This thing's initial couple of damage ranges are right there with some of the MW3, Options, so you know a couple of buffs here and there, maybe a couple of Nerfs with some MW3 guns.

This is one that truly could be in the direct mix of the top SMG choices, but for a Clos range option, I did want to include at least one in this article. The Vasnev has got to be my go-to, so initially, for this setup. I am going for the true Tac rear grip, which helps out that ad speed, and that Sprint to Fire just makes it a tad bit more aggressive, which only hurts.

The recoil control a little bit, which is not a huge deal in the close range, and this is also a decently easy weapon to use as well. I also go for the 45-round accin mag, which is very basic here; it's also the only accin mag option, so of course that's a no-brainer. I'm going for the DR6 hand stop as well.

Movement benefits across the board here in general movement. Strafe ads for Sprint to Fire are really helping out with mobility. The Sonic suppressor extends our effective damage range, which is very clutch, and helps get that faster TK out to a further range. Also, the cast one barrel is going to do more of the same there as well, so those two are pretty important for really allowing the thing to compete. In the 10 to 15 M range as opposed to maybe just the 5 to 10 M range, so as an MW2, sub, it's about as good as it gets.

Warzone 3 best fr avancer loadout

Warzone 3 best fr avancer loadout

Now, MW2 rifles actually have quite a few contenders in the overall meta conversation right now, including the FR Advancer, built more so for some snipers to support some mid-range, primarily.

It's usable over long range, but it's ttk does start to drop off a little bit there, whereas in the close range and mid-range it does really thrive, unfortunately. There is still the whole thing going on where a lot of MW2 attachments just aren't that helpful; they end up hurting. You know, pretty important parts of a class setup, whether it be firing aim stability or aiming idle sway stuff like that, so we're kind of limited in how we can build this out.

modern warfare 3

I do end up going for a basic 60-round ex-cinm mag; you can try 45 if you want a slightly speedier build, but just keep in mind that this thing's got a decent fire rate, so you'll be reloading a lot more with just 45 on there ruin heavy support, which I feel is somewhat necessary here, especially for the aiming idle Sway and firing aim stability benefits that it offers.

The spirit fire suppressor is pretty basic for any mid-range-based gun you could also use, you know. Swap this out though for a Cassis break or even a Z35. If you wanted more control based here rather than staying off the map and increasing that range a little bit totally up to how you want the gun to perform there,.

Barrel helps out with control, general velocity, and then, like I said, MW2, attachments are just super limiting. I like the iron sights on this thing a lot, but if I wanted to drop the glass list and use something like a stock, well, this hurts aiming idle sway, and this one hurts recoil control.

I don't really need to speed it up all that much, but maybe this would be an option if you really know focusing on pushing the close range more on the Combs, not all that great hurting aiming out way across the board, or they're not really all that important. Rear grip again if you want better control; hurting aiming idle sway, or you're going to end up hurting control.

With some better movement there, it's just kind of all right to me. I have five attachments. I could use a laser if I wanted to, or I could use an optic, so I'll just go for that.

Warzone best stb 556 loadout

Warzone best stb 556 loadout

Guess by the ways we are going through all the weapons here today. Next up here, we've got the STB, 556. We've talked about this one a handful of times in the past because it's actually a really competitive rifle; it's just severely limited by its ammo capacity. It's phenomenal really at all ranges, but having 42 rounds on a weapon that fires decently quick is just unfortunate; it means you're stopping mid-gunfight a lot to reload.

Maybe you knock the first player; the second one is super low health, and you have to stop to reload. That is a drawback here; that's really why it's not number one on this list, but it is sufficient, and especially if you're like a solo or a duo player, this is a really, really good option. 2.5, times Eagle Eye optics are pretty standard per usual, with the rear guard Barrel just helping out with velocity and range; it's already a very easy weapon to use, so it's not a huge deal that we don't get control here plus ruin heavy support's going to offer up some control and some aiming Idol sway some firing aim stability, and then I like to go for CIS break as well.

If you wanted slightly better velocity, you could jump up to the spirit fire suppressor; that'd be an option too, but either or here is going to work well for mid- to long-range engagements. Straightforward weapon, quick ttk. The only real downside, like I said, is that mag capacity; otherwise, this is a phenomenal rifle, following that I've got the Tr76.

Warzone 3 best tr-76 geist loadout

Warzone 3 best tr-76 geist loadout

Gist, especially for like resurgent style gameplay, this is a great rifle choice, too relatively easy to use yet again, and it's close to mid-range ttk, which is insane.

Whether you're using it for sniper support or just more like a well-rounded rifle build here for really any type of engagement, some maybe close, some maybe mid, some maybe far, it's going to be checking all the boxes here. It's really surprising just how reliable the guy is across the boat. It has seen some buffs over a couple of updates, so of course that's nice there initially.

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