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New best smg loadouts in warzone after update

New best smg loadouts in warzone after update

ladies and gentlemen. The SMG category has obviously seen several updates recently, particularly with season 3. We saw some major meta changes to some of the top options. We got a new option with the fjx, Horus, and so with that, I wanted to go through and break down the new top five best SMG loadouts in The Meta right now, and we are going to be.

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the amr9, which we know has been a top-tier choice for several seasons now; the new Horus, as mentioned; the HRM 9; the mx9, which has actually seen some Buffs lately; the ram 9; another top-tier choice; and then those ones that have sort of been on the cusp on the edge lately: the striker; the striker; the Swarm; and the WASP.

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When we go through and look at 300 health, obviously Max Health in combination shot TK for the most accurate ttk. We get a pretty interesting graph here, and you can see there's a lot of parody in this general meta here in this category, but we can narrow this down to five and then go through and break them down one to five.

One thing that stands out right away is the mx9; it's got so much potential in the close range of those first 11 meters that it's actually competitive, but boy does it drop off partially in that mid-range then overrange, so unfortunately, this coinciding with the fact that it's only got 30 2 rounds.

I feel like you kind of have to knock that one out of there unfortunately. The fgx Horus is also so good, but only through about 7 to maybe 10 m, and then beyond that again, it's not really anything all that crazy. Now you can build this thing for a stand; it's still going to be a ton of fun, but it's kind of lacking in versatility.

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There's also the Swarm, an option that throws 6 m, potentially 8 m if you use the long barrel, so good, but then beyond that basically unusable slowest ttk in the category right, so it also drops off incredibly severely. On the inverse, the amr9. It stays really solid through the mid-range, but its close range is so much worse than everything else that I also feel like that's one that doesn't really do all that well in the true SMG meta of running and gunning because it is a lot slower, and suddenly that leaves us with five very competitive options.

The HRM obviously has a top ttk up to 11 m, even beyond that with certain attachments, and its mid-range is really good all the way up to about 30 m, which is what I would say is like the hard cut off for true SMG. Territory. Right, you look at the striker 9 also ridiculously. Good, great damage range, easy to use.

Wasp 9 phenomenal, damage range all the way out to 18 m without any attachments on there, so that's really holding strong through the mid-range as well. The Ram 9 is just competitive, enough. I would say, through those first couple of damage ranges there, then obviously the base Striker as well, pretty decent damage range and really solid in the mid-range too, so you got five really competitive options. Now that we've got that sorted, let's jump into the game and break down the best loadouts for these.

Warzone best ram-9 loadout after update

Warzone best ram-9 loadout after update

So firmly at number five. I would say we've got the Ram 9 again, which is really good in its first damage range and then just capable of competing, but in its second and third damage ranges, it's still pretty aggressive.

All Things Considered has certain builds on it, and it's relatively easy to use as well. Initially, I am still going for the Z35 compensator; you'll see this on a lot of my builds here today. Such a good compensator. For the close range, in general minimal continence here, speed velocity decrease doesn't matter here, then better control and better firing aim stability.

That's all really clutch for a close-range option. I still love the imperator light barrel speeding up your strafe, and then also the range extending that fast ttk out of it, which is obviously very important. The Dr6 hand stop is going to speed this thing up a lot with general movement strafe ads and Sprint of Fire, but most importantly, we got the 50 run exent mag on here very basic per usual, then the 3.4 pad stock firing aim stability some decent control benefits for very minimal movement cons here that we really already countered with all the other attachments that we've got on here, so still a really solid sub just not nearly as good as it was last season after that I've got the base Striker or the striker 45 again, just pretty versatile across the board, not super outstanding in any one specific area, just really consistent, first damage range, second damage range, and so on.

Warzone 3 best striker loadout in season 3

Warzone 3 best striker loadout in season 3

This setup is going to be like Max Aggression, kind of again. I've got this M35, compensator, same deal as before, Dr6 hand stop again speeding us up a ton, exin mag. I like the 48, but you could also jump up to 60 if you really wanted to. If those extra 12 bullets really do matter, it's not a bad choice.

I just prefer the slightly better movement to the 48, but that is totally preference-based. I don't love the irons here, especially when I'm running without stock for all the mobility benefits, and obviously this hurts your control, so I found myself to be way more accurate with no stock on here if I simply use an optic I like, like the Nidar glassless, the Slate, or the MK3 reflector.

Any optic that you're comfortable with can rock that on here, and it'll obviously be a lot more accurate if you can consistently see your target while you're shooting. This is a very fast mobility-based setup, but it's also got that really solid ttk too.

Warzone best wsp 9 loadout after update


At number three, I've got the WASP, and quite frankly, I feel like you could maybe argue this being number three or number two, and it'd be a really good argument either way.

This is again extremely reliable, very consistent across the board, pretty easy to use, and its fire rate is maybe a little bit more than giving them some other options here because it is a tad bit slower, but its ttk sort of speaks for itself: crazy good damage range. good mobility as well here. So initially, Z35, Compensator, yet again—who would have thought—and the Dr6 Hand Stop are making another return here too.

I do go for the short light. Barrel in this case just speeds things up a tad bit with your ads, and your Sprint of Fire only hurts your recoil control, a very minor amount, and let's be honest, this thing's not too difficult to use, especially in the close range. 50 runic cent mag Plenty of ammo here, especially for this not too crazy out forementioned fire rate, and then lastly, irons here are just a little bit too bulky for my liking, so I just go for a basic ELO sight in the MK3 reflector again.

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