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Warzone new top 5 best smg loadouts in season 2

Warzone new top 5 best smg loadouts in season 2

The SMG meta here in War Zone season 2 is easily the most competitive it's ever been. It is so hard to go in and say, Okay, this is clearly the best SMG, the second best SMG, the third, and so on and so forth. The competition in this category right now is insane, and that's awesome to see, but today I'm going to try my best to break down the top five best SMG loadouts you want to be running right now.

Warzone best wsp 9 loadout after update

We're starting first with number five, the WASP 99. This is honestly one of my favorite SMGs. In the game, it just got buffed a decent amount with season 2, and it's got really good mobility. It's relatively easy to use, and it's got a surprisingly good ttk in the close range and even the early mid-range.

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As well, and what I love about this setup is that it's also doing all of that while being extremely aggressive, so initially, because it is so easy to use. I'm just going for the shadow strike suppressor. It simply keeps me off the map. That's it if you want to make it even easier and you're okay with showing up on the radar with the Z35.

A compensator is a great choice here. It has better control and really minimal cons to your ad speed and velocity, so either way, it is going to work great. I've recently dropped the stock and gone on over to the short barrel here, helping out with the ad speed, the Sprint to fire speed, and your general Sprint speed as well, so just boosting it up a little bit, very minimal cons to the overall control there as well.

We're going for the DR6 hand stop for even better movement, Strafe ads, and Sprint of Fire speeds across the board, making this thing super agile and aggressive. We got the 50-round exmag, which is very basic there. I also don't really love the irons here; they're kind of bulky and can block some things, so I just go for your basic ELO site.

This thing's nice and clean, really visible in close range, and doesn't really slow you down. So this setup in general is very predictable in terms of control but also will fry and can hold its own with pretty much all the other SMGs in the game at varying distances.

Warzone 3 best striker 9 loadout in season 2

Warzone 3 best striker 9 loadout in season 2

And for my number four, I've got the striker nine. I especially love the feel of this thing too. This build in particular, I think, is so much fun because it is kind of a laser beam like an SMG.

But it also kills super quick, and you can fly around the map with this thing. This is a mobility-based setup that also has a pretty surprising range. At the same time, you're kind of getting the best of both worlds here, so in this case, I am using the Z35. The compensator helps out a lot with that vertical, a little bit of horizontal, minimal cons to your movement in VO, and I'm using that because I've got no stock on here to really boost up my mobility across the board.

crazy good strafe speed ads Speed Sprint of Fire, you're going to be flying around with this thing. I love that sort of aspect, but I don't love the irons here either all that much, so I go for Nidar 2023. Scope on here a pretty clean yellow Dot, and I feel very accurate with that 50-round drum basic accin mag, then I go for the Recon long barrel; it really doesn't hurt your mobility all that much.

3% to your ad strafe and then 5% to your sprint of fire is not a huge deal; we're still sitting at a 90-millisecond sprint of fire, which is really good for subs, and it helps out your range and your velocity a lot, giving this some versatility, aspects that other SMGs just don't have, so this setup in general can really do well.

Whether you're fighting at 5 MERS or, you know, 25 M, it's going to be a great option.

Warzone best amr9 loadout after update

Warzone best amr9 loadout after update

I love the feel of it now as we move into by far the most competitive, top three out of any weapon category. Drop a like on it; it is seriously appreciated, and it does really help the channel grow now. Like I said, picking out a top three was not easy, and quite frankly, all three of these next weapons, you could say, are the number one SMG, and on any given day, you'd be right at number three, though for me personally.

I've got the AR9. While this does have the best in-class range for an SMG and one of the best TTKs in the class, the downside is that it's Sprint to fire, even with a Max Mobility build like this, which is still really bad for an SMG. And that speed decrease that you get in comparison to others can honestly get you killed in some gunfights if you're playing a little bit more aggressive.

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That said, it's still so good at the same time, so long as you get your sights up and slide around consistently, so initially here I have changed the build up a little bit. I'm going for that Z35 compensator instead of a suppressor, while it only hurts my ad speed at that velocity. That's still really good for an SMG 593.

We can gain the ad speed back elsewhere; it'll help make it a little bit easier too, especially because I am using iron sights on this build in particular. The skeletal vertical grip is great here; it's helping out with some control but also gives you better ads and a better sprint to fire. More importantly, that's huge.

There's a basic 50-round extended mag, per usual. The Phantom rear grip I use instead of an optic is 24%. Your sprint of fire is huge; that's so clutch where we really need to get that sprint of fire down as fast as we can. I also go for the buffer tube stock; of course, it's doing a ton for Sprint of Fire as well.

General ads speed, general movement speed, and it is hurting that control a decent bit, and that's why we've got the compensator on there to make things a little bit easier, so this is about as fast of an amr9, build as you can make it's still going to be noticeable with that slower sprint of fire, but if you're just hitting shots with this thing, you will obliterate.

Every enemy you run into's ttk is just that good. Hey, everyone quickly wanted to give a shout out to my friends over at Gfuel.

Warzone 3 best ram-9 loadout for season 2

Warzone 3 best ram-9 loadout for season 2

We've got our in-game metas that we of course talk about all the time, but we also got to show some love to the out-of-game metas as well, and the most effective tactic available for staying focused and energized is picking up some G Fuel. The goat also just brought back watermelon mint, which is absolutely incredible, and lately I've also been loving the new Sage Mode hydration tub.

There's no cat fend in that; it's just perfect for staying hydrated. If you do want to pick up anything for yourself, be sure to throw in code Immortal at checkout for a nice little discount. Now at number two for me is our brand new Ram 9. The reason that I've got this at number two again is that Sprint of Fire is much like the AR9.

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