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Warzone top 5 best meta smg loadouts explained

Warzone top 5 best meta smg loadouts explained

ladies and gentlemen. The SMG category here in War Zone right now is probably one of the most competitive ones we have in the entire game. There are a lot of really solid options. Whether you're looking for a more mobility-based setup with really snappy ads and movement speeds or a decent sniper support style.

Warzone best striker 9 loadout

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The striker 9's close-range ttk, Is decent for sure, but this thing especially shines once you get into the 15-20, 25-30 m range, which is sort of mid-range if you will for SMGs. It's actually really standing out there more than anything, as opposed to some of the other choices here, so it's quick, easy, fun to use, and definitely has that versatility.

Initially, admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of the iron sights on this Striker. They just seem a little bit bulky and especially kind of awkward in the mid-range, so I go for the ELO site. The MK3 reflector feels nice and consistent there, but this is all preference. If you like the iron sights, you know you could drop this and throw on a laser or a stock for better mobility.

All up to you, there I got the 40 round. To me, this is a little bit better than the 50. Just for mobility purposes, the 50 is going to slow you down a little bit more across the board, and the 40 is totally sufficient with this fire rate. I've got the choke-angled grip; this does actually increase my vertical control a tad bit, but it's giving me decently better horizontal control.

Control, which to me is clutch, especially on a gun like this where there is some side-to-side bounce, just makes it a lot more predictable and also makes it faster at the same time, which is nice to see. Now, because that mid-range is so efficient, I actually use the long barrel here, which extends that range and gives me better velocity, so it's going to be more consistent in that style of play.

Then, lastly, I go for the basic Shadow Strike suppressor. No pros, no cons here; it's just keeping me off the mini map, which is nice to see. SMGs are always kind of awkward with suppressors, as you'll see throughout the article. Obviously, it's great to stay off the mini map, but you don't want to hurt certain things like control, or, you know, in certain cases, range, or something like that by using other ones or ad speed in some cases, so you got to be careful there for sure, but overall, this thing is really solid.

If we head on into the firing range of this thing, we'll see that, up close, it doesn't really move. It's kind of a laser beam, so for that sniper-support style of SMG gameplay or for an SMG that just has some extended range, this is a great choice.

Warzone best striker loadout

Warzone best striker loadout

Now coming into number four, I've got just the basic striker. To me, this one is a little bit more reliable and a little bit more consistent because of its ease of use factor, but it's going to behave similar to the Striker 9 in a lot of ways as well. Obviously, they're very similar guns, one to one here.

This thing, though, is also super forgiving with your aim; the ttk doesn't really change much depending on if you're, you know, hitting extremities compared to some of the main body shots there, which is nice to see as well, so anyone can pick this thing up and do well with it. I like the irons in this case, which is, I know, weird going from one to the other, so instead I go for the MK2 light stock here.

Better movement straight up; it hurts your control a decent bit, but this weapon's pretty easy to use. I got the 48-round extended mag with all these specifics there, but it's that nice middle ground; it's not nearly as slow as the 60-round drum. 7-meter laser for the snappier ads and Sprint of Fire always clutch where you could use that the MSP 98 hand stop actually hurts my horizontal.

A little bit, which in this case is like one of the few instances where I would use something that hurts horizontal control, just because this gun is so easy to use and the engagements we were using are not vitally important for horizontal recoil, and you're getting really good mobility benefits out of this and some decent control back vertically.

Then, lastly, of course, I go for the shadow strike suppressor as well. No pros, no cons, just simply keeping me off the radar, and as we can see in terms of recoil, it is very easy to use and not hard to stay on target with the iron sights here. Very straightforward forward gun and a ton of fun that rhymed after.

Warzone best wsp-9 loadout after update

Warzone best wsp-9 loadout after update

We've got one that I think a lot of people are going to start to come around to because of its versatility as well as its reliability. It's the WASP 9, and this thing is very easy to use. It reminds me a lot of the Milano from the Cold War in that era of the war zone, so it's just a fun, reliable one as well as great mobility, very straightforward.

Surprise, surprise. I've got the shadow strike suppressor on here yet again. Luckily, these SMGs are all easy enough that going for a suppressor that's not giving you better control, or, you know, having to use a compensator for better control, is not absolutely necessary by any means again. I got the MSP 98 hand stop here.

If you wanted to go for DR6 and go all in on mobility, you could absolutely do so on the Edge bw4. Is really good for that as well, so you certainly have some choices there depending on how you want the gun to feel. The 40-round exin mag here is totally sufficient to me because the fire rate's not crazy; if you wanted to jump up to 50, just keep in mind it's going to be a tad bit slower.

Across the board, there is a 7-meter laser because I do think the irons here are decent enough, and then I also go for the classics. Factory stock here helps out a ton with control, just makes this so easy to use, and only hurts your ads by 4%. So 20% control for a 4% ad increase is a great trade-off, in my opinion, if you want better mobility, though the factory stock could be decent as well.

This thing is nice; it's really fun, and like I said, I get huge Milano vibes from this thing when you actually jump in a game and use it for gunfights.

Warzone best iso 9mm loadout

Warzone best iso 9mm loadout

It feels almost one-to-one now; surprise surprise, it's not just MW3. SMGs that are really solid right now—the ISO 9 mm is by far the best W2 SMG in my opinion—you can run and gun with this thing, and its ttk is incredibly, incredibly quick in those first 10 meters there, so this thing's definitely a banger for those purposes.

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