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New attachment meta in warzone after new updates

New attachment meta in warzone after new updates

Ladies and gentlemen. Recently, we've seen a couple of various attachment updates within the war zone to adjust how certain ones behave and perform.

Warzone best muzzle attachments ␓ suppressors vs compensators

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Universal attachment categories so things like muzzles under barrels a lot of the rear grips some of the stocks Optics, things like that initially with the muzzle category obviously a couple of the main changes that we've seen over time are Nerfs to the Jack BFB and then also the spirit fire suppressor more recently, and initially with the Jack BFB this was nerfed several updates back and I still see a lot of questions about this one in general should I be using this you know it still offers insane control benefits but the deal here is that it's cons now are pretty extreme well it is giving you really solid control, the velocity penalty is huge because a lot of people were using this on Mid to Long Range Guns and that's just not good whatsoever but also killing your strafe speed your ads speed your Sprint of fire also means that it's not going to be great for close range options either because those are wildly important stats too so for the most part the Jack BFB is an attachment that is not really all that viable anymore, in very maybe situational Niche one-off instances it could be useful but for the most part this is one you'd want to replace with an alternative.

Like, for instance, the two most popular compensators now, the Cassus Break and the Zen 35 compensator. The cassus break is so important because horizontal recoil is much more difficult to predict than vertical, and this directly attacks horizontal recoil. It also helps out with firing aim stability, which makes your gun a lot easier to shoot just because it's going to be more accurate over time with less RNG factored in the z35.

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The compensator is great for close to mid-range-based options here just because it's giving you some decent control benefits of 15% vertical and 5% horizontal with minimal cons of only 5% to your ad speed, which is very minimal. You can often get that back with other attachments on close range options, and then velocity decreases again to only 5% for close to mid-range.

That is not going to be a huge deal, so those are going to be the main two here. I do see a lot of questions about other certain compensators, particularly some MW2 ones that have been popular over the course of time, but something you're going to notice with a lot of these is that they are hurting aiming idle sway, which is not something you want to do really whenever an attachment is actually, you know, decreasing your aiming idle sway or your firing aim stability.

You're essentially adding RNG to your recoil pattern for no real reason. That's just something that I don't really ever envision being worth the trade-off, and you'll see that a lot of different compensators end up hurting the aiming idle sway here, so while there are some good pros to these, like Koto Heavy does a lot for your control, it's actually going to end up hurting it some too at the same time, so that is something you definitely want to take note of in the compensator and muzzle category in particular.

Obviously, with suppressors, the spirit fire is still going to be one of the main ones here, while it was nerfed to a tad bit slower, still getting this 3 in one of range velocity, and control is incredibly important. And without taking away one of those pros, I still think this is going to be the default for the vast majority of players.

Warzone 3 best barrel attachments explained

Warzone 3 best barrel attachments explained


Now the barrel category is going to be one that's largely weapon-specific, so we don't really have to spend a ton of time on this; it's just about the type of weapon you're using. If you're using a mid- to long-range gun, obviously you want to use a barrel that excels. In the mid to long range and increases the efficiency there so something that's going to extend, the range and or the velocity and or the control there if you're using a close-range based weapon you probably want something that's going to increase your general movement speed or your ads or your Sprint to fire or your strafe and you just build that to enhance its play style a little bit more so that one's a bit more straightforward, laser sights also pretty straightforward if you're looking for a gun with a fast ads and Sprint fire the cura the Razer Hawk things like that are going to be ideal if you want a tack stance one you just look through and see whichever is going to have the best Tack stance spread stats and select that one once more very straightforward .

Warzone 3 best optic attachments ␓ close & long range

Now we are consistently seeing a lot of updates to the optic category, particularly with things like aftermarket parts and whatnot, and so through that, we've actually seen a lot of new options enter the mix here for mid- to long-range. My go-to is always going to be the 2.5-time Eagle ey, and you guys see me spamming this on so many different builds, but the close range and even the mid-range have a lot of versatility.

In terms of just what you want out of an optic if you want a blue dot looking optic the glassless works great this is also going to be one that adds in some firing aim stability which other Optics won't do that's a huge benefit that this has if you still want to stick on that blue dot sort of theme there you can also go for something like the MK3 reflector so that's really good too the nidar 2023, is are very clean just yellow dot option obviously the Slate reflector which we passed a little bit ago is pretty good as well Slimline would be an option SZ mini would be an option and then of course the basic slate too but really while there are I think a few standouts here these ones that I just mentioned, when it comes to Optics it's all about what you are comfortable with so say for instance I'm just going to scroll to a random one here for the sake of the example, you love the Hol craft op IC for whatever reason you find yourself to be super accurate with this, use this if you think you're better off using this than you would a slate or an MK3.

Always use the one you are most comfortable with; that's the default answer to any question about which optic is the best. There's really no true best; it's just comfortability.

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