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New best lmg meta loadouts in warzone after update!

New best lmg meta loadouts in warzone after update!

The lmg category here in War Zone 3 has been one of the most competitive categories that we've had, dating all the way back to launch pretty much from day one. A bunch of different LMG options have been super competitive, and over the course of the past couple of updates, we've seen some pretty significant changes to the category in general.

So today I wanted to break down the new top five best LMG loadouts, and quite frankly,.

Warzone best taq eradicator meta loadout

All of these are super narrowing this down. 5 4 3 2 1 is not super easy, but at number five I've got the tack eradicator; this thing is extremely versatile, especially with this build-on here. I love the feel of this thing; it's one of my personal favorite weapons in the game; it's, you know, mid-range.

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Phenomenal, it does drop off a little bit more over the longer ranges, which is why I do have this at five, but for a more aggressive lmg that's also ridiculously easy to use, this is a phenomenal choice, so initially here I do have the cast sprak compensator on here attack in that horizontal control, also giving me slightly better firing stability for only a 4% decrease in ad speed, which is a bargain for sure.

I also go for the Conquer 70-long barrel, which helps out with range velocity. It also has a little bit of aiming ID, so you'll notice it doesn't do anything for your control, but that's okay because this gun is so easy to use, especially when we do have a break, and the brewing and heavy support under the barrel on here are so good with the firing aim stability, and the Idol S Plus has more horizontal control and general gun kick as well.

I do go for the high-grain ammo here because, personally, I love the iron sights on this thing; they are super clean. If you wanted an optic, I would just drop these, but this is going to enhance your range and your velocity even more yet again, but if you want to use a 2.5. Times eagle eye or, you know, a slate, whatever the case may be here, whatever optic you love, you could always swap out the ammo for that lastly I do go for the core stock, which just helps out even more with control and makes this thing super easy to use, so we're not really slowing this thing down all that much. It's going to be laser, accurate, and have a pretty decent TT DK across the board.

Warzone 3 best holger 26 meta loadout

Warzone 3 best holger 26 meta loadout

The next one that we've talked about a lot this year is Hoger 26. Again, for an LMG, this really sort of bridges the gap between assault rifles and LMG-style gameplay. Being very aggressive across the board doesn't really feel like an LMG all that much when you have this out as your primary, as opposed to some other options, which you can definitely feel.

This is slow. This is heavy on the bogg, which is not necessarily the case with this again. It's a very easy lmg to use as well as one of the lowest recoil options in the entire game, so relatively basic set up here. I got the Brewing Heavy Support on here yet again; no surprises, no changes there.

I do go for the spirit fire in this case, extending that range velocity and giving us better control while also keeping us off the mini map. Of course, that's always solid. I go for the factory barrel range velocity and control benefits here as well; we're up over 900 vo, which is totally sufficient for any mid- to long-range-based fights.

25, times eagley my optic of choice here, but as always, if there is one that's more comfortable for you, go for that, 100% of the time, and lastly, the ascent Lord stock for better control, idle sway, and firing aim stability. 60 rounds is the default mag, which is plenty, so you don't really need a magazine. We got a good V here, so like we're chilling, this is a super fun and really reliable LMG that has a great TTK over range.

Warzone best rapp h meta loadout

Warzone best rapp h meta loadout

It really does help the channel grow next up at number three. I've got the rap H yes, an MW2, lmg, this actually has the best ttk. In the lmg category right now, pretty much at every single range, the reason it's not number one is, yeah, this is one of those lmgs that boy, do you feel it being an lmg?

It is slow, it is heavy, it is not super aggressive, and the reload takes nine centuries. But when you have ammo and you're putting it into enemies, they are going to drop like crazy because this thing's ttk, which is nuts. We've talked about this obviously a lot in the past couple of weeks, 2.5 times.

Eagle eye optics are there for me. I do go for the 100-round extended mag. It's not necessary, but one of all these other attachment categories because this is an MW2, weapon they suck, they end up hurting the weapon more than they help, and if I don't have to reload as often. I'm going to do that, so 100 rounds works fine; there's high grain ammo on here; better range; better velocity only hurts our control a little bit; plus, we gain that back because we've got that brewing and heavy support on here; and the cast is a break compensator, yet again, so don't be sleeping on the wrap. Yes, it's not ideal for those who like to run and gun like crazy, but if you want a quick ttk, this is the lmg for.

Warzone 3 best dg-58 lsw meta loadout

Warzone 3 best dg-58 lsw meta loadout

That, and at number two, I've got the incredibly off-center DG58. LSW is, again, a ridiculously easy language to use across the board. It also rivals rap and our other top options for some of the best long-range ttks in the game.

Whether you're fighting at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or M, you're going to be able to hit shots consistently, and it's putting out good damage, so that's a deadly combination. There's definitely something worth taking advantage of, for sure, with the standard setup here, with one exception. I do have the spirit fire suppressor on here; we're up over 1, 000 Vos, so that's obviously great.

We've got the Brewing heavy support yet again, which I think is actually really ideal because it's going to help out with range velocity and control pretty standard for a long barrel, but then also give us better Idol sway too, so that's going to make this weapon more consistent in the mid- to long range.

We got the two-point five-time Eagle ey optic, and then, because this is such an easy gun to use, we've got our default 60-round exin mag, which again, I think, is plenty viable. I don't feel like we need to jump up to 100. I don't really need more velocity or more range; this thing's already so good, so I actually go for the rubber butt plate, which is mobility-based.

The butt plate gives me better strafe, which I really like, some better base general movement speed, and a better ad speed, so it just makes it a tad bit more aggressive and a little bit more versatile for, you know, running and gunning with this thing as an LMG again. Just like the hoger, for instance, more like an AR lmg hybrid than it is purely an lmg, but it does fry super easy to use very well, rounded lmg.

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