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New warzone weapon update leaks revealed

New warzone weapon update leaks revealed

Ladies and gentlemen.

New seasonal weapons & aftermarket parts coming to warzone & mw3

It's all right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. Now, as far as the sourcing goes, all this material, all these leaks, and all this information stem from the Bob network over on Twitter, where he's actively data mining and always posting about new leaks and rumors.

Over there and throughout these Season 2 game files, we've seen a lot of updates now, as mentioned for specific aftermarket parts and new weapons, so a couple of aftermarket parts are standing out right now to apparently start things off for the Brewin MK9. At some point here, we're going to see a 300 ammo conversion aftermarket part added in that obviously would probably make it a lot more aggressive and very different from a typical LMG style of play, so it basically turns it into a brand new weapon.

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Also, I should mention that, as we're going through all these different aftermarket parts, there's no exact release time frame for these because these are season 2 reloaded. Based on leaks from that update and from that title update, you can assume that a good amount of these could be for season 3 here in just a couple of weeks, but it's also possible some of these get pushed back even further, so I should have mentioned that at the start I apologized for that, but yeah, there's no exact time frame for these, but a 300 conversion is coming for the Bruan MK9.

Apparently, this one is particularly interesting for the M4. Yes, with a Modern Warfare 2 gun, we could be seeing a 50-cal aftermarket part basically taking the M4 and turning it into a fullon. Sniper. Completely changing its weapon class, and the fact that it's an MW2 weapon getting an aftermarket part is also particularly interesting.

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We did just talk a few days back in our overall leaks article about how apparently the Lockwood MK2, which is the next weapon that I have listed down here, is going to see an aftermarket part that turns it into the model 1887. Shotgun, so it's very interesting that it's not just Modern Warfare 3 guns presumably going forward that are going to receive aftermarket part updates, and personally.

I'm a big fan of that because I think it's pretty objective to say right now. MW2, guns don't really have all that much going for them; they don't have much time in the spotlight anymore; they're underwhelming in terms of their behavior with their visual recoil, their weapon smoke, and their damage.

Profiles really, for the most part, are not all that good in multiplayer. You can get by using some of them in War Zone, though it's predominantly MW3 guns. However, you suddenly get a lot more attention on some MW2 guns if you get some very nostalgic, aftermarket parts like a model 1887 for the Lockwood MK2.

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Or just crazy aftermarket parts turning the M4 into a 50-cal sniper, so those are two that I'm particularly interested in. For sure, it's not just aftermarket parts, though they ended up getting leaked with season 2 reloaded. We also saw several updates to various different weapons that are up and coming here with some seasonal launches, so we talked about this one a little bit before, but the ARX 160 assault rifle is supposedly going to be a new gun dropping in a future season, but in game it's going to be known as the SOA Constrictor, which would likely mean it's going to be a part of that whole family tree with the SOA subverters, so they'll share a couple of different attachments, and you'll be able to go back and forth and mix and match some builds with certain things you unlock throughout each of those.

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We also have even more confirmation that within season 3, we should be seeing a new sniper debut that is a part of the seasonal weapons, in the form of the Moors. From advanced warfare, apparently there's going to be various different ammo types for the Moors. As well, it won't just be one standard thing, so you'll be able to switch it up quite a bit and make it feel a little bit different and perform a little bit differently across the board.

You may recall that a while back, you know, before MW3. Actually, curiously enough, there were leaks saying that season 3 was going to be an advanced Warfare-themed season with the ball 27 and the Moors being two of the main weapons, and again, with season 2 reloaded, you know, updating the game files, we saw more references to the Moors, so that seems to be on track for now.

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Another leaked weapon that we've brought up in the past is actually the compound bow, which will have all sorts of different bow ammo types. There will be explosives, you know, tip arrows, gas or poison arrows, normal ones, tribal ones, all sorts of stuff like that. It was originally leaked as a rumored season 3 weapon, but now, according to the game files, it seems to have been pushed back to season 4, so that's one we could potentially use much further down the road and not so much in the near future, so for those looking forward to that, you might unfortunately have to wait a little bit longer getting back to some aftermarket parts.

We have a few more things to discuss with these Apparently, another season 4 update is going to be an aftermarket part for the RG80. I can't say I would have expected aftermarket parts for a launcher, but according to the game files, there's going to be an RG80 aftermarket part that introduces different grenade types, so I imagine you could have the base grenade launcher that it is now, which is obviously explosive.

Maybe it changes to a smoke grenade launcher or, you know, a thermal barrack grenade launcher, some crazy stuff like that again, very gimmicky, and certainly not as competitive as maybe the model 1887 would be or a 50 calm4 would be, but it's something that maybe switches things up nicely for the RGL and gives you more of a purpose to use it in other scenarios, rather than just spamming it and spraying and praying because that's the only ground loot you found early game, right?


This one is a little bit less descriptive. We don't have the exact conversion here, but apparently the KV broadside is going to receive some kind of aftermarket part update in the future. Maybe it's going to be something like the Haymaker where it gets a binary trigger where it shoots like a burst essentially or something like that, or just has a crazy big extended mag that obviously behaves and performs a lot like the Haymaker does in its base.

State as is, so perhaps we see a similar aftermarket part for that kind of curious one here. The amr9, an SMG that can function well as an SMG but also as an assault rifle, is apparently going to function even better as an assault rifle because a 5.56 Ammo conversion aftermarket part is apparently scheduled for that, so you're already building out an amr9 as like an AR SMG hybrid, and it's doing really well; it's got a fast mid-range ttk.

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