News - Warzone: Full New Update Patch Notes & Gameplay Changes. Warzone 2 New Update

New mw3 update & warzone update patch notes & changes!

New mw3 update & warzone update patch notes & changes!

It is, of course, Wednesday, and that means it is update day here in War Zone in Modern Warfare 3. However, in the past 24 hours, we've actually seen a decent amount of new patch notes end up dropping. We saw some gameplay changes obviously with today's update and some of the usual routine and stuff as well, so we're diving right into the update patch notes.

Full modern warfare 3 & warzone patch notes explained

Like I said, these actually dropped yesterday early on in the day, but overall weren't enough to have their own separate article, so I figured we'll just throw them in with the general update for this week, so we've got our Tuesday. April 23rd, patch notes, so initially global updates of the supplies to zombies war zone multiplayer resolved an exploit involving rear grips on handguns.

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Allowing players to gain an unfair advantage it was only like two or 3 days ago maybe that they disabled the rear grips on handguns, because of some exploits here so they ended up fixing that pretty quick which is always nice to see of course, challenges that require quick scope kills are now more lenient in detection, when using weapons that cannot one-hot kills so like lmg quick scope kills or SMG quick scope kills so on and so forth those will be a little bit easier to track now, on six-star they added collision near the garden to prevent players from reaching an exploitable, area on grow house added collision near the container to prevent an exploitable area and on tanks they added collision near the entrance for the same reason as well in One in the Chamber that corrected the wind conditions to prevent the last standing player from incurring A Loss with which obviously would be a bummer there so they've gone through updated a couple of maps and modes there also in ranked play you may recall that a few days back they ended up changing around the restrictions for ranked play and allowing the bp50, the hogar and the MTZ.

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Alongside the Swarm HRM 9 and the ram 9 to be used they were previously banned in multiplayer ranked, but that test is now done so those weapons are back to restricted and most people will be running the same weapons that they were before this update so they've gathered their data on this and at some point in the future maybe with season 3 Reloaded maybe later on past that they're going to give out an official statement and say hey we found, this is really good for the game so we're going to include this gun but this wasn't as great it was a little bit too dominant or whatever so we're going to keep that restricted, curious to see what the actual information that comes out of that is like because it was pretty cool seeing, actual different weapons used in multiplayer ranked for once and we do also have our Tuesday April 23rd.

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Update as well on the war zone side of things and quick reminders as we're ding into these notes and the remainder of all the changes and updates today. If you're new to the channel, every day I get you covered with news updates. It's always really appreciated, but as far as the war zone side of things goes, well, there's not a ton to be honest, so they fixed additional collision issues on Rebirth Island that allowed players to exploit geography.

Hopefully, this includes some of the new underground bunkers. I know there's one in that sort of semicircle ring. Just you know, underneath the prison Courtyard area, players were able to get under the map there and start shooting through the floor, so there's definitely a lot of different, like little exploitable areas like that.

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They'd previously fixed one over by; I think it was chem, so hopefully this solves all of that nonsense. They also fixed an issue preventing the gas mask animation from playing, leading to it functioning improperly. So hopefully this has to do with it taking damage while you're in the gas and then also you taking damage while you're in the gas, but gas mask obviously still has a long ways to go to be fully functioning and Flawless if you will and then lastly here they fixed an issue preventing players in a passenger seat from using uavs, which is crazy because this was something from like day one of War Zone 3 that that's been on again off again working so that should be fully updated there now too we also have a new update from Sledge on a pretty big thing going on in game as well so you may recall a couple of days back they did officially confirm that yes there is a memory leak or a RAM usage, issue going on PC that's causing your game to stutter like crazy and like lag.

At insane amounts. And they actually now have an update on this. They were getting a lot of responses saying. Please let us know if you're still complaining about poor performance and high usage. If so, can you give us more details? But for some users, this memory leak issue should be fixed now.

It's not a global fix, and that's why they haven't fully posted anything on the Cod Updates account or anything like that, but it's partially fixed for some players, so it's worth checking if you were running into that issue.

New aftermarket update in warzone & mw3

New aftermarket update in warzone & mw3

Previously, another part of today's update was going to be our next set of weekly challenges. This week's reward is going to be the Jack Revenger kit for the BP50, which turns it into a 9mm. SMG-like sort of hybrid weapon there, you also get another tick towards your allegiances. Mastery camo for the season, but per usual, any five challenges between multiplayer, zombies, and Battle Royale you complete those, you're good to go, so for multiplayer this week, get 30 operator kills with alternative ammo equipped to a recommended weapon.

20 operators kill while aiming down sights with suppressed recommended SMGs. 10 long-shot kills with recommended assault rifles Get 20 operator kills shortly after sprinting with a recommended assault rifle equipped with all five attachments. To be very specific, get 20 operator hipfire kills while moving with the recommended SMGs.

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15 operator kills while sliding or midair with a recommended weapon, and get three operator kills with one magazine. 10 times with recommended assault rifles, zombies destroy 25 vehicles with a recommended weapon. Get 150 cryofreeze kills with a recommended sub and 300 kills with a recommended assault rifle in the medium threat zone.

250 kills with a recommended assault rifle, while four Cola perks are active. 300 hipfire kills with a recommended SMG 750, kills with a recommended pack-a-punched SMG, and five rapid kills 20 times with a recommended assault rifle, and then lastly, for Battle Royale, the first four are going to be very standard; it's going to be opening different loot caches, so chests or different bags in the various different regions of Urzikstan, so the northwest region, the eastern region, the central region, and the southern region.

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