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Warzone new most broken/overpowered loadouts to use!

Warzone new most broken/overpowered loadouts to use!

Ladies and gentlemen. We are taking a look at five of the most broken and/or overpowered weapons and loadouts that we've got currently in War Zone, and these are, you know, incredibly ridiculous for a handful of different reasons. Sometimes it's because they have a crazy fast ttk; others it's because certain stats on them just go absolutely nuts.

Warzone best ram-9 tac stance loadout

All of them, though, are extremely effective in their own specific way, and we're starting first with an incredibly fun one. In my opinion, this is the Ram 9, which we already know is a top-tier SMG. But this is the tack stance version of this where you're obviously in that hybrid ads in hipfire mode, and this thing's mobility and ability to just absolutely finesse in the close range are insane.

broken meta

Obviously, tax stands are a close range exclusive option. I mean, you can try and use it at 30 40 50 m, you're just never going to hit a bullet or, you know, actually take somebody out, but for close range, your ability to strike with this thing but also be really accurate because the build we have here is just nuts, so really we're just going all in on our tax stance spread here, so first up the brew and bastion angle, the underbarrel is so good for this, we're getting a 25%.

In addition to that, I also go for the Grim Line Laser, which offers an 8% increase across the board. There are some other good lasers that are going to help out as well, but this also helps with the Sprint of Fire, which is nice and convenient. There are 50 runs, and obviously, when you are tax-sty, you'll never be 100%.

So having that extra safety net in that accend mag is obviously going to be very clutched there. We've got the haste rear grip, which is again going to help out with that tack stance spread, and then the motion tack pad stock does even more of the same, and when we go ahead and jump into the firing range here, obviously, we go through and flip into attack stance mode, and you can see.

I mean, this thing is just an absolute laser beam even in the mid-range dummy. That's pretty crazy I want to try just on the long range for my own sanity okay yeah so see I figured it wouldn't be that accurate, long range it's not applicable with this but obviously close range I mean look at the speed that you're able to strafe along with this thing is pretty nuts and obviously you got all the ammo the world so players aren't going to be expecting you to be moving at basically the same speed as you would if you're just generally strafing in a gunfight that's going to throw off their aim and you're going to be able to finesse obviously like I said close range, and just fry them so this is definitely, a broken tack stance build if there ever was one now another SMG that's ridiculously.

Warzone 3 best amr9 assault rifle loadout

Warzone 3 best amr9 assault rifle loadout

Right now is actually the AR9, built to be an assault rifle, and we've actually talked about this one before in a previous overpowered loadout article. Quite frankly i'm surprised this hasn't been adjusted. Because, as it stands,. Is by far the best SMG when you get out into the mid-range area; its ttk is so much faster than everything else in that range, but this is also outgunning other mid-range options, some lmgs.

modern warfare 3

Some rifles but it's got the mobility somewhat of an SMG still we're obviously focused on making this more lethal at range which does hurt our Mobility some but for Sniper support or just for like an AR SMG, hybrid build this is by far the best choice in the game so first up here I do like using the integrated suppressor keeps me off the radar but it also extends that velocity and that range out a decent amount there just makes it more lethal and more effective, in that mid-range area I do go for the Bruin heavy support here helps make the gun more predictable with the horizontal recoil and gun kick benefits but also gives you better Sway and firing aame stability and just makes it a lot more accurate in the mid-range there we do hurt our control, in some cases here and when you're firing an SMG out at ranges you're going to notice it's got some bounce so obviously that's going to help out some I do go for the high grain rounds here which say they're 556.

Like rifle ammo on the SMG to begin with again helping out with that range and that velocity, the 50 run cinemag if you wanted to jump all the way up to 100 on this build I mean you absolutely could you're going to be even slower than you already are, but I'd say it's a viable option for sure I feel like 50 is pretty sufficient in most cases but just depends on what you're looking for there then lastly I go for the glassless optic again better getting better firing aim stability there that's pretty clutch and it's a clean Blue Dot here you can see like when we go into the firing range it's going to be relatively easy to use across the board and it's actually got an ability to take out dummies, at a pretty significant range pretty easy to control even when you're firing, there's not much visual bounce there you're going to be accurate, and it's still capable of holding its own in those close range fights if you got your sights up and someone's pushing you in 5 m 10 m, it's still going to fry them there because the amr's got the best ttk in the close range too so this thing's versatility.

Warzone broken hitscan mcw 6.8 meta loadout

Warzone broken hitscan mcw 6.8 meta loadout

It's off the charts , and by the way, as we're going through all the setups here today, if you are new to the channel every single day, this is your one-stop shop for all things going on in Call of Duty news updates, patch notes, and meta breakdowns. And next up here is another weapon that we've just talked about recently, but in terms of its comparison to everything else that's capable of reaching these distances.

The MCW 6.8 hit scan build is absolutely insane. This thing's velocity numbers are like none other, and that's what's broken about it. It's essentially a hit-scan Marksman rifle that you can fight with at 20 M, and it'll knock players incredibly quickly because it's got insane damage, or knock players at 100 M because so long as your optic is centered on them and you press the trigger, it's going to hit them almost instantaneously.

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